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Fuel TV
Fuel TV.svg
Launched July 1, 2003
Owned by Fox Cable Networks
(News Corporation)
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
720p (HDTV)
Headquarters Los Angeles, California
Sister channel(s) Fox
Fox Sports Net
Big Ten Network
Fox Reality Channel
Fox College Sports
DirecTV 618 (SD/HD)
1618 VOD
Dish Network 156
Verizon FiOs 198
Available on many systems Check local listings HERE

Fuel TV is a U.S. cable and satellite specialty channel that launched on July 1, 2003.[1] It focuses on the cultures of such extreme sports as skateboarding, snowboarding, motocross, surfing, BMX and FMX. It is a unit of Fox Cable Networks and is currently available to 26-million American households. Additionally, Fuel TV has full networks in Australia and some Fuel TV content aired on the U.K. FX channel and Portugal as well as content available to another 100+ countries around the world.[1]

Fuel TV features programming from original series, exclusive events, licensed films, and creative interstitials. Extreme sports programming can be seen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a diverse combination of sports, music, reality programming, extreme sports news, and other content from extreme sports events around the world.[2][3]





Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards: The Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards is the culmination of the yearly "big wave" surf competition, crowning the best male and female big wave surfers in the world.[4]

Blue Carpet Special: This special focuses on some of the biggest movie premieres in extreme sports, getting behind-the-scenes with directors, producers and extreme sports athletes. Film highlights and interviews have included top surfers Andy Irons and Taj Burrow (Billabong's Trilogy), wakeboarder Andrew Adkison (Oakley's Push Process [5]), and skateboarder Paul Rodriguez (Nike's Nothing But the Truth).

Surfer Poll Awards: An inside look at Surfer Magazine's prestigious award show, which honors the top men's and women's surfers in the world. The Surfer Poll Awards are considered very prestigious in the surfing community, as the winners are selected by fan's votes—rather than simply style points. Fuel TV's special covers this esteemed event, featuring interviews and backstage highlights with the biggest names in surfing[6].


The Fuel TV Experiment: A year-long filmmaking program that provided ten aspiring extreme sports filmmakers the opportunity to fulfill their cinematic dreams. Each contestant was given $100,000 to make the extreme sports film of their choosing. The competition culminated with a $1 million production budget awarded to the winning producer, Cory Adams, as well as an additional year to complete his film. The winning film is set to air on Fuel TV in 2010[7].

Fuel TV broadcasts some of the most prestigious extreme sports events world, including the Association of Surfing Professionals World Championship Tour, Vans Triple Crown, US Snowboarding, LG Action Sports World Tour, King of Wake[8], JoMoPro [9], Mavericks, Maloof Money Cup, Red Bull X-Fighters, Tampa Pro, and others[10].


Along with extreme sports programming, Fuel TV also offers a range of music programming, including indie rock, alternative metal, underground hip-hop, punk rock, to name a few. Fuel TV highlights up-and-coming new artists and music to their viewers, showcasing music videos that are not available on other channels.

Exclusive live performances are aired on The Daily Habit and NuMuTu, along with other programming focused on music and artists. In addition to music featured in other Fuel TV programming, Fuel TV also has its own music series, Check 1, 2,[11] a half-hour music series that features hot new artists as well as popular bands, such as MGMT, Common, Motorhead, and Against Me!. Along with the bands, members of the extreme sports world join the recording artists to perform live sets together. Performances in the past have included pro snowboarder Jamie Lynn and Valient Thorr, Ozzie Wright and his Goons of Doom, Ray Barbee and Mike Watt, Rob Machado with G Love, Matt Hensley performing with Flogging Molly, The Cool Kids, and The Bravery[12].

Other programming

TV Shows

Built To Shred  : Make obstacles and ramps out of garbage to "Shred" on them. Usually show has a theme such as be "Green" where they take solar panels and use them to make ramps and power their tools or where they go up to the Sequoia's to a skate camp and build stuff out of the beds and boats in the area. At the beginning of each show they have an advisory not to try any of the stunts they do at home. In expection to that rule they do show you how to make ramps out of wood instead of the insane things they make it out of. (i.e. tanks, rocks, rugs, electronic devices, etc.) Throughout the show the team takes "skate breaks" even though that's what they do through the whole show. The shows time slot is sometimes in the morning and varies throughout the day

New Pollution  : Where they show kids in their youth who seem to be heading towards having a career with the extreme sport. (i.e. Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Surfing, etc.) Often kids from age 9-18. The shows host is an adult seemingly in his early 20's. Most kids are very relaxed on the show, yet some other are very anxious. When they introduce the person to you they put a small biography normally with the categories of their name, age, what they do, and some miscellaneous questions. (i.e. faveorite bands, subject, movies, websites, and games) At the end of each show they have bloopers of the host who is very immature but his immaturity makes the show what it is. The show has a time slot in the morning and the mid-day

Camp Woodward  : A show about a camp in central Pennsylvania were kids skate, bike, and other activities. Some kids are always on the show while others are just other campers. They hold contests at these camps and usually give away prizes. (i.e. Playstation, Money, etc.) Most kids in the show overcome problems they have with the sport like no confidence, over confidence, and many others. At night campers sneak about just for the fun of it, but they end up getting caught by the night shift kids who watch for the other that snuck out. There are many age groups in the camp from 8 to 15. The camp counselors vary from age by much more than the campers. The show has a time slot in morning

Thrillbilles  : The show features professional stunt men that do things like sand-wakeboarding, extreme trycicling and more. On the show they have ranks like true thrillbilies, mini thrillbillies, etc. The announcer is a man with a beared and a jump suit and has a southern accent. The show is new on the channel and is only in its first season. The show has a warning on it to not do any of the stunts on the show. the time slot is at night.

Fins  : For FiNS, veteran surf producer Ira Opper, surf writer Brad Melekian and director Todd Saunders have teamed up to produce a series that not only showcases progressive surfing, but also takes the viewer on an exploration of the driving forces behind today’s surf culture. Filmed on location in Australia, Hawaii, Indonesia and California, the show is punctuated by Mike Carter’s upbeat narration. The show has a time slot of morning and various throughout the day

Stupid Face  : a show were 3 guys mess around. The comedy series has many reacurring gags such as nature brake, were animated animals have stupid conversations then they end up dying. The shows time slot is at night


Fuel TV's Insane Cinema: films from extreme sports' most illustrious filmmakers.[13]

F-stop: short interstitial program that showcases extreme sports photos as well as the photographers themselves.

First Aid: Thirty-second spots showcasing some of the most brutal wipeouts and other extreme sports mishaps when boarders and riders alike attempt daring feats or make mistakes during their stunts[14].

NuMuTu: a short program featuring new music every week from emerging and influential bands.

Signature Series: 30-second spots that offer a new creative outlet to extreme sports artists [15] to showcase their talents [16].

Tony Hawk's Trick Tips: skateboarding tips from skate icon Tony Hawk, accompanied by some of his famous pro-skater friends.[17]

Word: extreme sports athletes and musicians speak their mind in an uncensored look at what's important to them and their community, condensed into short interstitial programs.[18]

Skuff TV's Weekly Skid: Fuel TV Australia offers "the weekly skid" a short form, weekly extreme sports and music news round up of the latest extreme sports and music from the team.[19]

Digital media

Web site

Fuel TV's website includes extreme sports events listings, full-length episodes of many of their programs, and live event broadcasts. Most recently, Fuel TV has begun to broadcast live events and selected Fuel TV series episodes in HD (high definition)[20].

Besides video, Fuel TV's website also provides extreme sports news and current events, as well as an interactive forum for users. The website has a social media function, allowing users to create a name and profile to interact with other fans through blogs, forums, videos, photos and other content shared.

Recently FUEL.TV's Web site was redesigned, redeployed and the sports that FUEL covers were broken out into individual hubs. This change makes it easier to navigate directly to the sport you want to read about without guessing where content & stories are. Now all of the sports get fair & equal treatment on the site in general; from the home page and the main flash rotating feature all the way down the line.

FUEL.TV Web site Editorial Staff

Adam Sullivan
Former editor-in-chief of Skateboarder magazine, Senior Skate Editor at Transworld Business, and programs manager at the Tony Hawk Foundation

Robbie Sell
Former pro snowboarder for Quiksilver, Santa Cruz Snowboards, Coal Headwear, Electric Visual, Flux Bindings, Nixon, now a professional photographer, and blogger for Active Ride Shop

Wakeboarding & Wakeskating
Erik Jernberg
Founder & editor of The Wakeboard Report, founder of boating community site, and Community Manager at

Motocross & FMX
Colin Bane
Freelance writer and photographer for Alli Sports and Vans.

Andrew Brady
Web designer for Vinyl BMX, video production expert, and professional photographer.

Paulo Dias
Former Online Editor of and Video Playback for Windowseat Pictures

FUEL.TV is also home to one of the largest libraries of extreme sports videos on the Web, including clips from Fuel TV shows, extreme sports news, interviews, event highlights, comedic and musical performances, behind-the-scenes interaction with extreme sports personalities[21].

Digital Partnerships

Fuel TV has partnered with leading online video providers to distribute extreme sports programming across the Web, including iTunes, Metacafe, MySpace, Hulu, Facebook, or through cable or telco provider's Web sites[22]. In addition, select Fuel TV programming has recently become available on-demand for Time Warner Cable and Cox customers[23].[24]


In early 2009 Fuel TV became mobile, allowing users to watch Fuel TV videos via their mobile phones[25]. Wireless carriers in the U.S. have begun to offer a number of TV channels directly to customer's mobile phones, recently adding Fuel TV to the listing[26]. Mobile content can be ordered via text message, and becomes immediately available for viewing on a mobile device. Future plans for Fuel TV include its own WAP site and iPhone application to further enhance mobile capabilities.

Fuel TV HD

Fuel TV HD is a 720p high definition simulcast of Fuel TV. Currently, no programming is actually presented in full 16:9 HD; the 4:3 video is upconverted to 720p resolution, however.

Select programming is broadcast in HD via Fuel TV's official website, but is not yet available for television subscribers.[27]

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