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Funaho Masaki Jurai
Tenchi Muyo! character
Funaho jurai.JPG
Created by Masaki Kajishima
Voiced by Rei Sakuma (Japanese)
Grace Zandarski (English)
Age Over 750 years old (appears 30-40 years old)
Gender Female
Species Half Juraian/Half Terran
Occupation Director, Juraian Intelligence
Title First Empress of Jurai
Known relatives Azusa Masaki Jurai (husband)
Kazuki Yotsuga (father-in-law)
Amame Yotsuga (mother-in-law)
Misaki Kamiki Jurai (second wife of Azusa)
Seto Kamiki Jurai (mother-in-law)
Yosho Masaki Jurai (son)
Ayeka Masaki Jurai (stepdaughter)
Sasami Masaki Jurai (stepdaughter)
Airi Masaki (common law daughter-in-law)
Minaho Masaki (granddaughter)
Kiyone Masaki (granddaughter, deceased)
Tenchi Masaki (great-grandson)
Tennyo Masaki (great-granddaughter)
Mayuka Masaki (great-great-granddaughter, 2nd movie)
Royal Tree Mizuho (2nd Gen)

Funaho Masaki Jurai (柾木 船穂 樹雷 Masaki Funaho Jurai ?) is a fictional character in the anime Tenchi Muyo!, an empress of the planet Jurai. She is canon to the Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki OVAs, also appearing in its television spinoff Tenchi Muyo! GXP.

Funaho is Azusa Masaki Jurai's first wife, and the mother of Yosho. She also serves as Jurai's Minister of Intelligence, and sees right through Yosho's "Katsuhito" disguise. She is a distant descendant of Masaki, the sister of the first ruler of Jurai, but considers herself to be human since she was born on Earth.

Her main reason for coming to Earth, in OVA Episode 13 is that other than to see Yosho, and to check up on Ayeka and Sasami, was to ask Washu if she would assist Jurai by mass producing Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki for their defenses. However, Washu already knew about this reason and refused because, to Washu, not only would she not betray Tenchi's trust by accepting the offer, she also felt there should only be one Ryoko and Ryo-ohki. Washu then assured a worried Funaho that she won't mass produce Ryoko or Ryo-ohki for any of Jurai's enemies, because she has no interest in helping anyone. (Washu does eventually create a "sister" of Ryo-ohki named Fuku.)

Funaho is paired with the second-generation tree Mizuho, a twin of 2nd Empress Misaki's Karin, both ships have the ability to join together as well. The relationship being a parallel to Funaho and Misaki considering each other sisters married to the same husband.



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