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The Fundamentals of Marxism-Leninism is considered to be one of the fundemental works on Dialectical Materialism and Leninist Communism. The Book remains an important in understanding the Philosophy and Politics of the Soviet Union, by consolodating the work of important contributions to marxist theorists.



The First Edition of The Fundementals, was published in 1961. a Second Edition was published in 1963. The Text Draws heavily on the Works on Marx and Lenin, with additional References to Engels, Stalin and Khrushchev.

Part One: The Philosophical Foundations of The Marxist-Leninist World Outlook

Part One of Fundementals covers Materialist and Idealist Philosophy, the use of Dialectics within Materialist Philosophy and it's opposition to Metaphysics, and develops a Theory of Knowledge, Truth, Nessecity and Human Freedom.

the text argues that only a consistently materialist approach to philosophy can be truely scientific, since it requires the recognition of the objective existence of matter, as outside and independent of the human mind.

Part Two: The Materialist Conception of History

Part Two covers marxist theories of history, or historical materialism, by outlining the role of the mode of production, class, class struggles, the state and the individual in social development.

Part Three: Political Economy of Capitalism

Part Three summaries Marx's Capital and Lenin's theory of Imperialism.

Part Four: Theory and Tactics of the International Communist Movement

Part Five: Socialism and Communism

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