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Twin Princesses of the Wonder Planet
Fushigiboshi no Futagohime 001.jpg
Front Row: Poomo (top-left), Rein (left), Fine (bottom-right). Top Row: Shade (left), Bright (right).
(Fushigi-boshi no Futago-hime)
Genre Comedy, Magical girl, Romance, Fantasy
TV anime
Director Junichi Sato
Studio Nihon Ad Systems
Network Japan TV Tokyo
Republic of China ETTV Yoyo
Toei Network
South Korea Tooniverse
Hong Kong TVB
Original run April 2, 2005March 25, 2006
Episodes 51
Fushigiboshi No Futagohime: Lovely Kingdom
Author Mayuki Anan
Publisher Japan Shogakukan
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine Ciao
Original run March 2005January 2006
Volumes 2
Stylebook: Fushigiboshi No Futagohime Gyu!
Publisher Bandai
Genre Productivity
Rating CERO: All Ages
Platform Nintendo DS, PlayStation
Released Japan March 23, 2006
TV anime
Fushigiboshi No Futagohime Gyu!
Director Junichi Sato
Studio Nihon Ad Systems
Network Japan TV Tokyo
Republic of China ETTV Yoyo
South Korea Tooniverse
Hong Kong TVB
Original run April 1, 2006March 31, 2007
Episodes 52
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Twin Princesses of the Wonder Planet (ふしぎ星の☆ふたご姫 Fushigiboshi no Futagohime?) is a magical girl series by Mayuki Anan. This story is about the adventures of the twin princesses of Wonder Planet (a mysterious planet shaped like a hollow earth). It is based on a concept by "Birthday"" and produced by Nihon Ad Systems and TV Tokyo. In the sequel, Fushigiboshi no Futagohime Gyu!, premiered in April 1, 2006 and ended on March 31, 2007.



Series 1: The Mysterious Star

The Mysterious Star (ふしぎ星の☆ふたご姫, Fushigi-boshi in Japanese) is a fictional world that serves as the main setting of the first Fushigoboshi no Futagohime series. It is a hollow planet between 1000 and 2000 kilometers in diameter. The exterior is barren, and the inhabitants live inside. The interior is divided into seven countries, each headed by a European-style monarchy. Each of these countries contributes to maintaining the habitable environment of the interior.

  • The Sunny Kingdom (おひさまの国, Ohisama no Kuni) governs the floating sun at the center of the planet called "Blessing of the Sun" (Ohisama no Megumi). The Sunny Kingdom is rotated periodically to bring day and night to the inhabitants of the Mysterious Star. The Sunny Kingdom monitors weather conditions across the Mysterious Star as a way of gauging the health of the Blessing of the Sun.
  • The Moon Kingdom (月の国, Tsuki no Kuni) is a desert country on the southeast corner of the continent. It governs the artificial moon known as the "Full Moon" and holds the "Spring of Stars" that serves as the only access point to outer space.
  • The Flame Kingdom (メラメラの国, Mera-Mera no Kuni) is a tropical country in the southwest corner. It changes light from the Blessing of the Sun to into heat to keep the temperature constant.
  • The Waterdrop Kingdom (しずくの国, Shizuku no Kuni) is a temperate country in the northeast corner. It generates clouds that bring rains across the planet.
  • The Windmill Kingdom (かざぐるまの国, Kazaguruma no Kuni) is a rugged country in the west. It generates winds that carry clouds and seeds across the Mysterious Star.
  • Seed Kingdom (タネタネの国 Tane-Tane, no Kuni) is a wooded country in the east. It raises plants from the seeds released by the Mother Tree.
  • The Jewelry Kingdom (宝石の国, Hoseki no Kuni) is a mineral rich country in the northwest. It makes ornaments from its wealth of gems and precious metals.

The Original concept by "Birthday" includes further ideas and places that were never incorporated into the series.

Although "Wonder Planet" is the official translation, "Mysterious Planet" or "Mysterious Star" have been more commonly used by fans.

Series 2: Royal Wonder Academy

The Royal Wonder Academy is a specialized, prestigious institution for princesses and princes from all over the universe. If they complete their schooling and earn their diploma here, they earn the right to become the kings and queens of their planets. It is a boarding school with very strict rules and tough guidelines that all students must follow. Student evaluation is based on a point scale system. If the student's point value reaches 100, he or she is promoted to the next level. If the student's point value reaches -100, he or she is expelled from school. Point records are kept in little notebooks, and first year students start with 10 points.


Futago Hime

Seven royal families reign over each of the seven kingdoms, prospering inside the planet for many years. Ohisama no Megumi (the internal star) is beginning to die, and it has been forecast that it will disappear in one year. If it disappears, all of the planet will be covered in darkness. Twin princesses Fine and Rein receive a secret mission from Grace to investigate the reason for the star's decline. Using the power of the Prominence, they hope to rescue the Ohisama no Megumi. An evil chancellor named Roman steals the Prominence for his own purposes. After he unleashes the ultimate enemy, evil begins to spread.

The evil power possesses Prince Bright. Under evil power, he attempts to rule the entire Fushigi-boshi. Fine and Rein, along with others, try to investigate and defeat the powers of evil that possessed Bright.

Futago Hime Gyu!

Fine and Rein, along with other princesses, leave FushigiBoshi to attend the Royal Wonder Academy of Education. This prestigious institution is the school where Princes and Princesses from all of the planets come to receive their certification to become Kings and Queens. Upon arrival at the school, Fine and Rein's unprincess-like actions cause them to violate school regulations and lose points. During the orientation of first year students, the vice-principal presents a legendary bell that will only ring when a certain person touches it. If the bell rings, the person is classified to be the "Universal Princess". No princess had ever rung the bell before. But Fine and Rein rang it, and they transformed.

Strange situations have also been occurring in school. A dark entity comes out and forces everyone to become depressed. When someone resists, the dark entity sends monsters that cause extensive damage. One of the first people to become possessed under this entity was Toma, the new president of the student advisory.



Fushigiboshi no Futagohime

  1. Sweetest Smiles ☆ Twin Princesses
  2. Flame Kingdom ☆ Prominence on Empty Stomachs
  3. Get Rid of the Dragon ☆ Totally Impossible?
  4. Lovely Décor ☆ Let’s Do Our Best
  5. First Place This Time ☆ Princess Party
  6. Ask the Fortune Teller ☆ The Secret of Eclipse
  7. We Can’t Return to the Castle! ☆ Dig Here-rabirabi
  8. Make It Gorgeous ☆ Battle of the Décor
  9. Jewelry Kingdom ☆ Come to the Town of Toys
  10. Let’s Make Sweets ☆ Princess Party
  11. Training Really Hard ☆ Become Better Princesses
  12. Seed Kingdom ☆ Being Small Is Hard
  13. Scary Forest ☆ Little Romantic Experiences
  14. Poomo’s Training ☆ Argument Between the Twins
  15. Moon Kingdom ☆ The Mysterious Invitation
  16. Milky in Big Trouble ☆ The True Identity of Eclipse
  17. Athletes, Be Passionate! ☆ Princess Party
  18. Windmill Kingdom vs. Jewelry Kingdom ☆ Balloon Battle
  19. Waterdrop Kingdom ☆ Mirlo Will Marry?
  20. Shooting Stars in the Sea ☆ Another Country That No One Knows
  21. The Haunted House ☆ Screamed Prominence
  22. Haughty Altezza ☆ We’re in a Pinch, I Hate It~
  23. Seeds of Destiny ☆ The Princesses Are Good Friends?!
  24. Windmill Kingdom ☆ Don’t Take Our Luchés~
  25. Surprised by Locusts ☆ Princess Party
  26. Oh My God ☆ We Can’t Prominence~
  27. Dark Poomo ☆ Fortune Princesses
  28. Fortune Princesses at Last ☆ This Sounds Awesome
  29. Cheer Up ☆ Altezza
  30. Waterdrop Kingdom ☆ Fake Twin Princesses ?!
  31. The Treasure Map ☆ Dig,Dig,And Dig Some More
  32. Do Your Best, Tio ☆ The Flame Country's Samba Festival
  33. Bumo Bumo Bumo ☆ Pumo Pumo Puumo
  34. Shine! Rainbow Springs ☆ Mirlo's Wish
  35. Close Call ☆ Princess Summit
  36. Dark Bright ☆ Stormy Princess Party

Fushigiboshi no Futagohime Gyu!

  1. A New School☆Aim For Making Friends With A Million People
  2. The Making Friends at the Academy Plan☆The Kigurumi Dance
  3. The Smiling Older Brother and Younger Sister☆Lemon and Melon
  4. Suddenly Dropping Out of School!?☆The First Lesson
  5. Academy News☆Rein's Becoming a Lady Strategy
  6. Club Activity☆Fine's Big Fart Experiment
  7. Mischievous Angels☆The Town's in an Uproar!?
  8. Small Solo's☆Huge Determination
  9. Crossing Over the Cosmos☆Field Trip Survival
  10. Cut Off Friendship☆Lione's Sincerity
  11. Heating Up!☆The Décor of First Love
  12. The Twins in a Pinch!☆Heart-Pounding Presentation to the Public Lesson
  13. The Angels and the Quarrel☆Pyupyu's Running Away From Home
  14. Mystery Tour☆The Puzzle of the Non-Opening Door
  15. Toma's Conspiracy☆The Stage's Sweet Trap
  16. The Truth About Toma☆True Companion
  17. More and More Summer Vacation!☆The Test's Big Panic?
  18. It's Summer! Take Care in Camp
  19. We're Home!☆The Mysterious Planet
  20. Rein, In a Pinch!☆The Uproar Over Empty Love
  21. Holidays at the Beach☆Fango and the Making Friends Plan
  22. It's Already the New School Term☆Chiffon is Targeted
  23. No Choice But to Do It!☆The Point Up Strategy
  24. Jump, Fine!☆The Sweat and Tears of Puribauaa
  25. Aim for Victory!☆The Dance Concert
  26. Congratulations!☆The Angels' Half Birthday
  27. Rescue the Angels!☆The Prince of Darkness
  28. The Evil Honor Student☆Bibin Appears
  29. Leave It to Rein☆The Heart-Pounding Love Letter
  30. Revival☆The Prince of Darkness
  31. The Heart With Sand☆Happy Date!?
  32. Pyupyu and Kyukyu☆First Time Using
  33. Great Detective Twin Princesses☆Who Is the Criminal!?
  34. Toma's Patience♨Unreasonably Hot Water on the Field Trip
  35. Toma's Kindness☆Memories of Protecting the Forest
  36. Who is the Bride?☆The Super Celeb Princess Party
  37. What Will You Do, Bibin!?☆The Twins' Tea Party
  38. Do Your Best, Noche♪The New Melody
  39. Happy Christmas☆Bibin and the Making Friends Plan
  40. The New Year Cart Race☆Who Will Get Their Hands on the New Year's Present!?
  41. Pyupyu's First Love♥Bibin's Trap
  42. Fine is a Wife?☆Noche's Pounding Heart
  43. Subtraction Paradise☆March's Recklessness
  44. Clash!☆Fango and Fingo
  45. Elizabeth in Love♥The Hand-Made Valentine
  46. Divided Tears☆Breakup!? Team Celeb
  47. The Three Samurai☆Do Your Best, Bright
  48. The Flower of Happiness☆Shade's Treasure
  49. The Twins VS Bibin☆The Final Confrontation!
  50. The Black Crystal King Appears☆The Academy's Crisis
  51. Reach For It!☆The Miracle of Prominence
  52. Ring Out the Sound!☆The Bell of Peace


Futago Hime

  • Prominence Dress Up! (Princess Levels 1-3)

Fine and Rein take rotate the wheel on their Sunny Luches while saying their names. Fine and Rein transform into well-dressed Princesses.

  • Prominence Fortune Pretty Up! (Princess Level 4)

This is the 2nd transformation. Fine and Rein hold hands together and use their Sunny Luches to call out the Crystal Fortulatte. The fortulatte spins and Fine and Rein and transform together. The girls are beautified and dressed up.

  • Prominence Eternal Miracle Change! (Princess Level 5)

This is the 3rd transformation. This transformation is similar to the Prominence Fortune Pretty Up transformation. The fortulatte spins longer and colorful lights shine out. Fine and Rein receive all-white dresses and modified crowns.

Futago Hime Gyu!

  • Universal Princess!

The transformation is activated by KyuKyu and PyuPyu. PyuPyu touches Fine's heart-shaped necklace and KyuKyu touches Rein's. Next, the angels turn into spiritual balls and go inside their necklaces. Their rods appear and Fine and Rein change into elegant dresses.

  • Grand Universal Princess!

This transformation is similar to Universal Princess except that PyuPyu and KyuKyu touch their rods instead of their necklaces. Fine and Rein's dresses have more details than the dresses from Universal Princess.

  • Grand Universal Princess! (Final Form)

Similar to the Grand Universal Princess dresses, but both princesses also have angel wings. "Subete no Happy o mamoru, Grand Universal Princess!".

Princess Levels

These levels measure the amount of experience Fine and Rein have obtained using the Prominence. Their main goal is to level up so that they can reach Level 5: Eternal Solar Princess. Fine and Rein receive a Level Up when the Star Vial fills to the top and turns gold (Princess Levels 1-4). They obtain the final level up (Princess Levels 4-5) directly from Princess Grace.

In Futago Hime Gyu! Fine and Rein are Universal Princesses through episode 26 and Grand Universal Princesses from episode 27 until the end of the series.

Futago Hime

  • Level 1: Shobotto Princess

The first Princess Level. Fine and Rein only have 10% of the Princesses' power at this stage. It is featured from Episode 1-5.

  • Level 2: Chika-Chika Princess

The second level. This Princess Level is featured from Episode 6-9.

  • Level 3: Kira-Kira Princess

Fine and Rein stay at this level for the majority of the first half of the series. This is also the level when the power of the Prominence is stolen. It is occurred from Episode 10-27.

  • Level 4: Fortune Princess

This is the level with that brings the most change. Fine and Rein gain the Crystal Fortulatte and lose the Star Vial. Also, their transformation sequence and attacks change. This Level is in Episode 28-36.

  • Level 5: Eternal Solar Princess

This is the final level. At this level, Fine and Rein wear white dresses at the end of their transformation. The transformation sequence and attacks are also different. At this level, Fine and Rein have completed their training and are working towards their main mission. This level is featured in Episode 36-51.


Futago Hime

  • Décor Maker

This family heirloom of the Sunny Kingdom allows Fine and Rein to make pretty decorations and jewelry from plain leaves and acorns. When they are placed inside the Décor Maker, they become nice beads and pendants. The elegance and complexity of the accessories depend on the user's skill level.

  • Sunny Luche

These round devices allow Fine and Rein to transform into their Prominence forms. In level 1-3, the twins spin the dials and call out short phrases with their names.

  • Sunny Charge

This device sits in Fine and Rein's bedroom. After they have used the Prominence, they use this device to recharge their Sunny Luches.

  • Sunny Rod

These magical wands allow Fine and Rein to use the Prominence.

  • Crystal Fortulatte (Princess Levels 4 and 5)

This is an important item that Princess Grace gives to Fine and Rein. In addition to being used for their Prominence Fortune Pretty Up and Prominence Eternal Miracle transformations, it also tells them the fortune of the day.

  • Poomo's Box

Poomo rests in this box most of the time. This is also the port for Telepoomotion.

  • Star Vial (Princess Levels 1-3)

This crystal ball shows the amount of experience Fine and Rein have obtained. Once the vial fills, Fine and Rein level up to the next level. It disappears when Princess Grace introduces the Crystal Fortulatte.

  • Bo Dragon Stone

This precious stone tells the condition of Bo Dragon.

  • Eclipse's Whip

Eclipse uses this item to grab onto things, knock items out of people's hands, and keeps people away from certain objects.

  • Boomo's Box

This box serves the same purpose as Poomo's Box. Princess Grace once sealed the power of the Black Crystal and Boomo in here.

  • Black Luche

This device is used for the same purpose as the Sunny Luche, but is made with dark powers instead of the Prominence.

  • Mugram Feather

This instrumental device forces people to dance.

  • Grace Stones

These stones contain a tremendous amount of power. In order to maximize their effectiveness, all seven stones must be used together or otherwise they'll drain the user's energy.

Futago Hime Gyu!

  • Soleil Bell

This legendary bell rings when the prince/princess chosen to become the next Universal Prince/Princess.

  • Happy Bellun (ハッピーベルン)

This new and shorter rod replaces the Sunny Rod. Fine and Rein can destroy messenger spirits with short burst attacks before settling in for a stronger attack.

List of characters and seiyū

Fushigiboshi no Futago Hime (Series 1)

Sunny Kingdom
Moon Kingdom
Flame Kingdom
Water Drop Kingdom
Seed Kingdom
  • 11 Seed Princesses
    • Ichele (Masu Nozomi)
    • Gorchel (Misato Suzuki)
    • Harney (Kazuko Kojima; also voiced Milky)
  • The "King" (Toshitaka Hirono)
  • Flower (Yumiko Hori)
Windmill Kingdom
Jewelry Kingdom

Fushigiboshi no Futago Hime Gyu! (Series 2)


Futago Hime

Opening themes
# Transcription/Translation Performed by Episodes
Princess wa akiramenai
Flip-Flap All
Ending themes
# Transcription/Translation Performed by Episodes
1 Oshare fantasy (おしゃれファンタジー) Fine☆Rein (ファイン☆レイン) 1-28
2 Patatata Run (パタタタ・ルン♪) Fine☆Rein (ファイン☆レイン) 29-51 [1]

Futago Hime Gyu!

Opening themes
# Transcription/Translation Performed by Episodes
Kimi no Ashita
Flip-Flap All
Ending themes
# Transcription/Translation Performed by Episodes
1 Gakuen Tengoku (学園天国) Fine☆Rein (ファイン☆レイン)
2 Churuchu Rock (チュルッチュ☆ロック!) Wonder☆5 (ワンダー☆5)


  1. ^ Fushigiboshi no Futagohime (anime) at Anime News Network's Encyclopedia. Accessed 2006-12-06.

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