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Studio album by Elastic No-No Band
Released January 2010
Recorded Olive Juice Music, New York City
Genre Antifolk
Label Weemayk Music
Producer Major Matt Mason USA
Elastic No-No Band chronology
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Fustercluck!!! is the sixth official release from antifolk music group Elastic No-No Band, their second studio album, and their first double album. It is due for release in January 2010.

It is their first studio album to feature cover songs, and it includes many collaborations with fellow antifolk artists, such as Toby Goodshank of The Moldy Peaches, Nan Turner of Schwervon!, Dave End, and Brook Pridemore. It includes three songs previously featured on the download-only stopgap EP The Meow Bits: "Emotional Tourism," "I'd Love Just Once To See You," and "Hangover Dial."[1]


"A NEW interactive album"

The band's lead singer and songwriter Justin Remer has been creating a blog about the album, "Fustercluck!!!: A NEW interactive album,"[1] which is intended as a sequel to the blog he wrote about the band's previous album My 3 Addictions. Whereas the entries in the first blog are track-specific and feature the entire album as an audio stream, this new blog follows a more standard chronological format. Both blogs feature mp3 music downloads of album tracks and outtakes.



Disc One

  1. Good Evening, Anybody/(Theme From) Elastic No-No Band
  2. (The Shame About) Manboobs
  3. Imaginary Girlfriend
  4. It's Different For Girls (Joe Jackson cover, feat. Nan Turner of Schwervon!)
  5. Poor Jenny (Everly Brothers cover, feat. Toby Goodshank)
  6. Daddy's Song (Harry Nilsson cover, feat. Liv Carrow)
  7. Zaftig
  8. I Bought Me a Cat (feat. Debe Dalton)
  9. The Color Machine (feat. Brook Pridemore)
  10. Mouth
  11. Hangover Dial
  12. Hey 2-Eyes (feat. Dave End)
  13. There's A Hole In The Bucket (feat. Debe Dalton)
  14. (Re-) Run-DMC (feat. Joe Crow Ryan)
  15. Goodnight Irene (Lead Belly cover)
  16. Let's Fuck (Differently)
  17. No F Words
  18. The Congregation (feat. Thomas Patrick Maguire)
  19. Abilene, Abilene
  20. Don't Neglect Your Hands, Students
  21. Red (Mellow, Shouty Version, feat. Chris Andersen of The Christian Pirate Puppets)
  22. And Then There's Me
  23. Go Away (Goodbye Southern Death Swing) (Major Matt Mason USA cover)
  24. The End of Disc 1 As We Know It

Disc 2

  1. Emotional Tourism
  2. Making Out At Work (Don't Work) (feat. Toby Goodshank)
  3. Oh Magali
  4. Go Tell Aunt Rhody (feat. Debe Dalton)
  5. Something You Should Know
  6. No Elephant Likes Cheese, Baby (Homage To Brion Gysin)
  7. Hot As I Are
  8. Another Day, Another Night (feat. Octavio Lafuentes)
  9. I Wonder How Many People Are Screwing Tonight
  10. I'd Love Just Once To See You (Beach Boys cover, feat. Toby Goodshank)
  11. You Make Me Sick
  12. The Worst Thing On My Resume
  13. Turn Out Right Rock
  14. New River Train (feat. Debe Dalton)
  15. Snap Snap Goes The Mousetrap
  16. I'm Gonna Treat This Room
  17. Frankfurt, Frankfurt
  18. Red (Ramshackle, Live Version)
  19. Ode To Omar (feat. Thomas Patrick Maguire)
  20. Americana Feg Meloxany
  21. A Boy Named Snommit (feat. Debe Dalton)


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