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Future GPX Cyber Formula
(Future Grand Prix Cyber Formula)
Genre Auto racing, Drama
TV anime
Director Mitsuo Fukuda
Studio Sunrise
Licensor United States Bandai Entertainment
Network Nippon Television
Original run March 15, 1991December 20, 1991
Episodes 37
Original video animation
Director Mitsuo Fukuda
Studio Sunrise
Released April, June 1996
Episodes 2
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Future GPX Cyber Formula (新世紀GPXサイバーフォーミュラ Shinseiki GPX Cyber Formula?, lit. New Century Grand Prix Cyber Formula) is a 37-episode anime television series by Sunrise (Hajime Yatate). It originally aired in Japan between March 15, 1991 and December 20, 1991. It was then followed by 4 more OVA sequels, making it one of longest running original anime franchises that was not originated from a manga or novel.[citation needed]

Directed by Mitsuo Fukuda, Cyber Formula is a show about Formula racing in the future, when race cars are equipped with computer support systems called 'Cyber Systems'.



In the future, special AI computer called "Cyber Systems" has been used in racing as to help racers improve his ability and reduce accidents, one of them is a machine called "Asurada", a super-intelligent AI developed by Sugo Corporation, which is being targeted by Smith, who wants to use it as a military weapon. As the system is built for racing, Sugo puts Asurada in a machine called GSX and delivers it to the Cyber Formula GPX's qualifying round in Fukuoka, however, during the delivery, the machine is attacked.

The story focuses on a young 14-year-old boy, Hayato Kazami, the son of the designer of the car, who activates Asurada GSX in order to escape from Smith's men. But because of the machine has locked Hayato's driver data, he has no choice but to become a racer for the Sugo Team. In the first qualifier, he races heatly with Naoki Shinjyo from Aoi and ends up in third place. In the second qualifying round, Hayato meets Johji Ohtomo, a racer from Albatross DDT and become good friends. During Hayato's training at night, he's attacked by Smith's men. In the race, Asurada's tire blows up, Hayato barely wins the race in third place.

Hayato made it into the Final 10 rounds of Cyber GPX mainly with Asurada's ability and luck, still that makes him impetuous. In the first race he starts to quick and get a 60-second time penalty. Hayato over pushing Asurada and is forced to retire. This make him realized that he has no skill at all. Hayato has gone through a desperation for while but makes a comeback after he makes more friends and he gets a fourth place in the second race.

In the third race, one of the racer, Knight Schumacher, crashed his car into Edelhi Bootsvorz's Missionel to protect Asurada from being attacked by him. Smith is killed after that, and Knight Schumacher is revealed to be Osamu Sugō, Asuka's brother, and Hayato learns that his father is already dead.

With his shock, Hayato lose his control in the fourth race by pulling a boost in the dangerous spot, resulting Asurada GSX totally wrecked up. The team then leave to Japan to find Hayato's father's last gift, a new machine called Super Asurada 01. Hayato successfully unlocks Asurasda's code and install Asurada into that machine and preparing for the next Grand Prix.

In the fifth race however, Super Asurada is suffering a problem that it can't change modes and will blow up if the machine races after sometime. But with Hayato and Asurada's trust toward each other, they finishes the race in the first place safely. Shinjyo overpushes his car in the race against Hayato and get his engine blown up right before the finish line.

Entering Karl Richter von Randoll, a prince and a racing genius who falls in love with Asuka, and therefore, building his rivalry with Hayato, after having a race duel, Randoll enters the Cyber GPX's sixth race and win the first place. Shinjyo, even with a new car, loses in this race.

In the seventh race, Hayato's friend, Bleed Kaga shows up and race for Shinjyo's team, while he is forced into a secondary team. Shinjyo, though, work up with his new team almost win this race, but because of overuse of gas, his car stops right before the finish line. Shinjyo walked out and pushes the car to the finish line in the fourth place.

8th race's mostly like a duel between Hayato and Randoll, Hayato win by the end and Randoll get pushed into the sea.

In the ninth race, Hayato start losing his trust with his Asurada. He crashes with Othomo in this race, forcing Ottomo to retire the final race. Hayato, filled with rage, tries to destroy Asurada, but Asurada and his team mates snap some sense into him.

With Super Asurada's badly damaged, Sugo Team decides to use the old GSX until the repair is finished. Hayato swaps his car during the middle of the race and catches up with Shinjyo and Randoll. After the heat race, Hayato wins the race and the Grand Prix in the end.

TV Series

Orginally written by Hiroyuki Hoshiyama[citation needed] and directed by Mitsuo Fukuda, Future GPX Cyber Formula ran from March 15, 1991 to December 20, 1991 airing on Nippon Television. The series has since aired in the Philippines by GMA for Hero TV. In 2003 the series was released in english by Bandai.[1]

OVA series

There are four OVA sequels to the series:

Future GPX Cyber Formula 11(Double One)
1992 - 1993, 6 episodes. The sequel to the TV series. Hayato Kazami competes in the 11th Grand Prix in 2016 to defend his championship. However, he faces problems as the Super Asurada has already begun to show its age and his skills as a racer are falling beyond. Knight Schmacher returns to the forefront and challenges Hayato, pushing him to limits beyond everything he has seen up until this point. In this series, the Super Asurada upgrades to the Super Asurada Double One (hence the series name; also the title for 2 consecutive championship wins). Hayato also develops an inertial drift run that he uses for the rest of the OVAs
Future GPX Cyber Formula ZERO
1994 - 1995, 8 episodes. Hayato continues his career as a top racer in the 12th Grand Prix in 2017 . However, a severe accident caused by the "Zero Zone", forces him to reevaluate his career and retire, propose, and promise to never race again. However, Hayato yearns to race and eventually comes out of retirement to compete in the 13th Grand Prix in 2018. He must now deal with an enraged Asuka and master the "Zero Zone" to compete with everyone else's upgraded cars.
Future GPX Cyber Formula SAGA
1996 - 1997, 8 episodes. A disappointing showing in the 14th Grand Prix in 2019 pushes Hayato to switch machines to the Sugo Garland SF-03 in the 15th Grand prix in 2020. A major restructuring at Aoi Zip Formula brings in a new team president in Kyoshiro Nagumo. Nagumo brings a new, almost unbeatable precision machine driven by Phil Fritz into the fold causes major waves in the Cyber Formula world. Hayato eventually returns to using the upgraded Super Asurada AKF-0. He dominates the competition with a newly invented "Lifting Turn" which incorporates his own drift style with Asurada's fan control.
Future GPX Cyber Formula SIN
1998 - 2000, 5 episodes. An extra series. Hayato vs. Kaga in 2022. Kaga is depressed by his race record in comparison with Hayato. He is accosted by Nagumo who offers him the powerful uncontrollable prototype of Asurada with a bio computer, the Ogre. Kaga strives to master this wild machine and finally defeat Hayato. A bonus ending video is included with the DVD edition of episode 5, which provides a glimpse of the future for all of the major & new characters as they continue on in life and move into the 2023 grand prix.

Main characters


Hayato Kazami Junichi Kanemaru
Naoki Shinjyo Hikaru Midorikawa
Karl Richter von Randoll Youko Matsuoka
Bleed Kaga / Jōtarō Kaga Toshihiko Seki
Osamu Sugō / Knight Schumacher Show Hayami
Jackie Gudelhian Bin Shimada
Franz Heinel Ryōtarō Okiayu
Edelhi Bootsvorz Naoki Tatsuta
Pitalia Lope Tomomichi Nishimura
Henri Claytor Hiro Yūki
Phill Fritz Atsushi Kisaichi
Leon Earnhardt Nobutoshi Hayashi
Johji Ohtomo Kousuke Tomita
Akira Hiyoshi Bin Shimada
Marie Arbert Luisa Masako Katsuki *voice only for CD drama and videogames
Seiichirō Shiba Akira Ishida *voice only for videogames


Asurada Kenichi Ono
Asuka Sugō Kotono Mitsuishi
Tetsuichirou Kurumada Shōzō Iizuka
Miki Jounouchi Shinobu Adachi
Ryōhei Sumi Shinya Matsuda (TV-ZERO), Naoki Tatsuta (SAGA-SIN)
Shinsuke Maki Taku Takemura
Clair Fortran Yumi Touma
Megumi Shinohara Mifuyu Hiiragi
Satsuki Nanase Yuri Amano
Daisuke Amagi Kazuya Ichijō
Kyōko Aoi Yuri Amano
Kyōshirō Nagumo Shūichi Ikeda
Makoto Katagiri Nobutoshi Hayashi
Gray Steinbeck Takeshi Watabe
George Grayson Motomu Kiyokawa
Smith Masato Hirano
Checker Sugimoto Kōzō Shioya
Jun Nakazawa Motomu Kiyokawa
Dave Lombard Kiyomitsu Mizuuchi
Aya Stanford Aya Hisakawa
Lisa Heinel Akemi Okamura *voice only for CD drama and videogames
Rena Yuuki Ayako Kawasumi *voice only for videogames

Cyber Machines

Name Year Entrant(s)
Asurada GSX 2015 Sugo Asurada
Super Asurada 01 2015–2016 Sugo Asurada
Super Asurada AKF-11 2016–2019 Sugo Asurada, Sugo Winners
Garland SF-01 2018 Sugo Grand Prix
Garland SF-02 2019 Sugo Grand Prix
Garland SF-03 2020–2021 Sugo Grand Prix
ν-Asurada AKF-0 2020–2021 Sugo Grand Prix
AKF-0/1B Nemesis 2020 Sugo Winners
ν-Asurada AKF-0/G 2022–2023 Sugo GIO Grand Prix
Garland SF-03/G 2022– Sugo GIO Grand Prix
ν-Asurada II AKF-0/G II 2023– Sugo GIO Grand Prix
Superion GT 2015 Aoi Formula
Fire Superion G.T.R 2015 Aoi Formula
Stealth Jaguar Z-7 2015–2016 Aoi ZIP Formula
Fire Superion GTO-15B 2016 Aoi Formula
Ex-Superion Z/A-8 2016–2019 Aoi Formula, Aoi ZIP Formula
Al-Zard NP-1 2020 Aoi ZIP Formula
Ex-Superion Z/A-10 2022 Aoi ZIP Formula
Ogre AN-21 2022 Aoi ZIP Formula
Al-Zard NP-2 2023 Aoi ZIP Formula
Ex-Zard Z/A-11 2023– Aoi ZIP Formula
Union Saviour
Knight Saber 005 2015 Union Sabre
Issuxark 007 2015 Union Sabre
Issuxark 008 2016–2017 Union Sabre
Knight Saber 006R 2017 Union Sabre
Issuxark 00-X1 2018–2019 Union Sabre
Issuxark 00-X3 2020 Union Sabre
Issuxark 00-X3/II 2020– Union Sabre
Stil HG-161 2016 Sturozech Project
Stil HG-162 2017–2018 Sturozech Project, Stormzender
Stil HG-164 2018–2019 Sturozech Project, Stormzender
Stil HG-165 2019–2021 Sturozech Project, Stormzender
Spiegel HP-022 2022– Stormzender
Missing Link
Missioner VR-4 2015 Missing Link
Neo Missioner VR-40 2015 Missing Link
Missioner VR-50/1 2016 Missing Link
Strat Missioner MS-1 2017–2019 Missing Link
Strat Missioner MS-3/B 2020– Missing Link
A·G·S (Aurum General Staff)
El Condor B-15 2015 A.G.S
El Condor B-16A 2016 A.G.S
El Condor B-17 2017–2018 A.G.S
El Condor B-19 2019– A.G.S
S·G·M (Silent German Mind)
Silent Screamer β 2015 S.G.M
Silent Screamer β/2 2016 S.G.M
Silent Screamer γ-2 2020– S.G.M
K·A·M Stampede
Stampede RS 2015 Star Stampede
Star Saber RS 2016–2019 Star Stampede
Stampede J-1001 2020– KAM Stampede
Albatrander 602 2015 Albatross DDT
Albatrander 603 2016–2019 Albatross DDT
Corundum 50P 2016–2017 Theodolite T.T
KOH-I-NOOR Formula
Counterarrow T.O.S 2015 Kohinoor Formula
Counterarrow T.O.S.R 2016–2019 Kohinoor Formula
Counterarrow T.O.S.X-R 2020– Kohinoor Formula


Original Creator Hajime Yatate
Director Mitsuo Fukuda
Series Writer Hiroyuki Hoshiyama (TV)
Writer TV - ZERO: Hiroyuki Hoshiyama, Michiru Shimada, Tsunehisa Ito, Mitsuo Fukuda, etc.
SAGA - SIN: Chiaki Morosawa
Character Concept Design Mutsumi Inomata (All series)
Character Design Takahiro Yoshimatsu (TV - ZERO)
Hirokazu Hisayuki (SAGA - SIN, videogame)
Machines' Design Shōji Kawamori
Mechanical Art Director Satoshi Shigeta (SIN)
Music Kō Ōtani (TV - ZERO), Mari Konishi (11)
Toshihiko Sahashi (SAGA - SIN)


  • Future GPX Cyber Formula
    Game Boy, Barie
    Released: February 28, 1992
  • Future GPX Cyber Formula
    Super Famicom, Takara
    Released: March 19, 1992
  • Future GPX Cyber Formula: A New Challenger (新たなる挑戦者 Aratanaru Chousensha)
    PlayStation, VAP
    Released: March 18, 1999
  • Future GPX Cyber Formula SIN Cyber GrandPrix 2 Boost Pack
    PC - Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows 98se Project YNP
    Released: around 2001/2002
  • Future GPX Cyber Formula: Road to the Infinity
    PlayStation 2, Sunrise Interactive
    Released: December 18, 2003
  • Future GPX Cyber Formula: Road to the Evolution
    Nintendo GameCube, Sunrise Interactive
    Released: July 29, 2004
  • Future GPX Cyber Formula: Road to the Infinity 2
    PlayStation 2, Sunrise Interactive
    Released: August 4, 2005
  • Future GPX Cyber Formula: Road to the Infinity 3
    PlayStation 2, Sunrise Interactive
    Released: October 26, 2006
  • Future GPX Cyber Formula: Road to the Infinity 4
    PlayStation 2, Sunrise Interactive
    Released: October 4, 2007
  • Shinseiki GPX Cyber Formula VS
    PlayStation Portable, Sunrise Interactive
    Released: July 10, 2008

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