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Górnik Wałbrzych is a Polish men's basketball and football team, based in Wałbrzych, southwestern Poland, playing in Dominet Bank Ekstraliga (basketball) and regional 4th football league of the Lower Silesia region.


Best achievements


Team history

Gornik was founded in 1946, when former German city of Waldenburg become part of Poland. The most famous departments - basketball and football, were opened in the same year. The basketball team in 1956 won promotion to the Second Division, and in 1970 it appeared for the first time in the Polish First Division. Best years for Gornik's basketball team were the 1980s - in 1981, Gornik was second in Poland, in 1982 it won the championships of the country. In 1983, it was second again, and in 1986 - third. Then, in the 1990s, coal-mining industry of the city of Walbrzych collapsed and lacking sponsors, Gornik declined. Good times returned in the 2006/2007 season, when Gornik, with a new sponsor and under the name Victoria-Gornik, won promotion to the elite Dominet Basket Liga.

The football team of Gornik won in 1983 promotion to the Ekstraklasa and was an immediate sensation, winning the fall 1983 games. However, in the spring 1984 games, Gornik lagged and overall finished the whole season in the 6th spot. With its top star, Wlodzimierz Ciolek, Gornik spent 6 years in the First League, and was demoted in 1989, never to return to the highest level. It must be noted that Gornik's U-19 junior team was twice champion of Poland - in 1968 and 1973.

Current roster

  • 2009/2010
Head Coach: Poland Grzegorz Chodkiewicz Assistant Coach: Poland Arkadiusz Chlebda
Nr Nat. Name Born Height Position
Poland Sławomir Buczyniak 10.03.1984 5'9 G
Poland Mariusz Matczak 09.03.1986 5'9 G
Poland Krzysztof Jakóbczyk 03.12.1986 6'0 G
Poland Mateusz Bierwagen 09.03.1981 6'5 F
Poland Bartłomiej Ratajczak 1991 F
Poland Damian Pieloch 16.02.1989 6'5 F
Poland Stanisław Prus 30.03.1982 6'5 F
Poland Marcin Sterenga 30.06.1978 6'6 F/C
Poland Łukasz Grzywa 08.04.1986 6'9 C
Poland Adrian Stochmiałek 09.03.1983 6'5 F
Poland Bartłomiej Józefowicz 04.05.1980 6'3 G



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