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G-13/White Widow hybrid

G-13 (Gaby) is a potent strain of cannabis that may or may not be the subject of urban legends.[1]



Origin Legends

It has been alleged that G-13 was created by the CIA who focused on hybridizing different strains of cannabis in the 1970s. Supposedly, these organizations bred a strain of cannabis through hybridization that was more potent than any other. It also supposedly has a concentration of THC of 28% (approx) by weight, which is one of the highest percentages of THC in a cannabis strains on the market today. One a supplier of G-13 seeds states that a single cutting of this strain was liberated from the government facility in Mississippi [2]. Although the University of Mississippi bred and farmed cannabis during the late 1960s and early 1970s, there is no evidence that these researchers bred high THC content cannabis.[3][4]

Because the sale of cannabis is illegal in the United States, it is monitored by the government; for this reason, it is common for vendors to exaggerate the qualities of their product, possibly accounting for the urban legends. Many cultivators and distributors of the strain continue to claim that it was developed through government experiments as evidence of its high potency.


Cannabis indica originated in Afghanistan.[5] Stories state that a potent Afghan strain was most likely the basis for the strain[1]; over time, the potent strain's qualities were exaggerated mostly into modern urban legends.

In popular culture

The G-13 strain was mentioned in the film American Beauty. In the film, a young dealer named Ricky Fitts (Wes Bentley) hands a bag of cannabis to Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey) and says, "This shit is top of the line. It's called G-13. It's genetically engineered by the U.S. Government. It's extremely potent, but a completely mellow high. No paranoia." It has been postulated that the late comedian, Bill Hicks is actually responsible for the G-13 reference, with American Beauty giving a sideways nod to one of his routines.

This strain is referenced in the song I Smoke Every Weed by Walker Young.

The nerdcore hip hop artist mc chris mentions smoking "Gen-13" in his song entitled "WiiD".


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