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G. V. Loganathan

Prof. G. V. Loganathan
Born April 8, 1954(1954-04-08)
Karatadipalayam, Gobichettipalayam Taluk,
Tamil Nadu, India
Died April 16, 2007 (aged 53)
Blacksburg, Virginia,
United States (Murdered)
Citizenship India
United States
Nationality Indian
Fields Civil and environmental engineering
Institutions Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)
Alma mater B.E., Madras University, 1976
M.Tech., Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, 1978
Ph.D., Purdue University, 1982
Known for Hydrology, water resources systems, hydraulic networks
Notable awards Wesley W. Horner Award (1996)

Gobichettypalayam Vasudevan "G. V." Loganathan (April 8, 1954 – April 16, 2007)[1] was an Indian-born American professor, whose most recent position was a professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental engineering, part of the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech, United States. He was a victim of the Virginia Tech massacre.


Life and career

Loganathan hailed from Karatadipalayam of Gobichettipalayam in Erode district in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. He completed his Bachelor of Engineering at PSG College of Technology affiliated to the University of Madras in 1976. He later did his M. Tech. at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and received a doctorate from Purdue University, United States studying under Dr. Jack Delleur.[2] His dissertation was titled Multiple objective planning of land/water interface in medium-size cities.[3]

G. V. Loganathan joined Virginia Tech on December 16, 1981[1] for his first job teaching civil and environmental engineering courses, and continued to teach at Virginia Tech until his death in 2007. His work focused on the areas of hydrology and hydraulic networks (pipelines). He co-authored a number of publications and books which have been particularly useful in the field of municipal water supply distribution networks, such as the 2002 AWWA book Prioritizing Main Replacement and Rehabilitation which has been used by organizations such as East Bay Municipal Utility District.[2] He received several Virginia Tech honors, including the Outstanding Faculty Award, the Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching, and Faculty Achievement Award for Excellence in Civil Engineering Education.[4][5] He also served as a member of the Virginia Tech faculty senate and a counselor in the Virginia Tech honor court.[6]

He was an active member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and Associate Editor of the Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, with expertise in the area of stochastic hydrology. His work at the university also involved collaboration with the National Weather Service office located on campus.[7] Loganathan also served on the American Society of Civil Engineers' Environmental and Water Resources Institute's Trenchless Installation of Pipelines Technical Committee, Environmental and Water Resources Systems Technical Committee and acted as vice chair for the Operations Management Technical Committee.[8]

He lived with his wife, Usha, and his two daughters, Uma and Abhirami, near the Virginia Tech campus.[9]


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Virginia Tech massacre
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G. V. Loganathan

At age 53, Loganathan was among the 32 people killed by Seung-Hui Cho in the Virginia Tech massacre on April 16, 2007. Loganathan taught an Advanced Hydrology class in Norris Hall's Room 206. On April 16, 2007, Cho entered Norris 206 and opened fire; Norris 206 was Cho's first target. Of the fifteen registered students in Loganathan's class, nine were killed and two more were injured.


Selected publications

Loganathan had published at least 62 papers, almost all in peer-reviewed journals. He also was a contributing author to at least one published book. This is a partial list of Loganathan's published articles [12] and books:

  • Kuo, Chin Y., K. A. Cave and G. V. Loganathan. (1988) "Planning of Urban Best Management Practices." Water Resources Bulletin, 24(1):125–132.
  • Kuo, Chin Y., G.V. Loganathan, W.E. Cox, S.P. Shrestha, and K.J. Ying. (1988) "Effectiveness of BMPs for Stormwater Management in Urbanized Watersheds." Document NA Bulletin 159. Virginia Water Resources Research Center.
  • Loganathan, G.V., E.W. Watkins, and D. F. Kibler. (1994) "Sizing storm-water detention basins for pollutant removal." Journal of Environmental Engineering, 120(6):1380–1399. New York: ASCE.
  • Loganathan, G.V., J. J. Greene, and T. J. Ahn. (1995) "Design Heuristic for Globally Minimum Cost Water-Distribution Systems." Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, 121(2):182–192. New York: ASCE.
  • V.K. Lohani, and Loganathan, G. V. (1997) "An Early Warning System for Drought Management Using The Palmer Drought Index.’" Journal of the American Water Resources Association, 33(6):1375-1386.
  • V.K. Lohani, G.V. Loganathan, S. Mostaghimi. (1998) "Long-term analysis and short-term forecasting of dry spells by Palmer Drought Severity Index." Nordic Hydrology, 29(1):21-40.
  • Deb, A.K., Grablutz, F.M., Hasit, Y.J., Snyder, J.K., Loganathan, G.V., and N. Agbenowski. (2002) Prioritizing Water Main Replacement and Rehabilitation. American Water Works Association Research Foundation. Denver, CO. 234 pp.[13]
  • Loganathan, G.V., Park, S., and Sherali, H.D., "A Threshold Break Rate for Pipeline Replacement in Water Distribution Systems", J. of Water Resou. Plan. and Mgmt., ASCE, vol. 128, no. 4, July 2002, pp.271-279.
  • Park, S., and Loganathan, G.V., "A Review and A Methodology for Scheduling Optimal Replacement of Pipes in Water Distribution Systems", Water Engineering Research, Vol.3, No.1, 2002, pp.63-74.
  • Geem, Z.W., Kim, J.H., and Loganathan, G.V., "Harmony Search Optimization: Application to Pipe Network Design", International Journal of Modelling and Simulation, vol.22, no.2, paper no. 205-2005, June 2002, pp.125-133.


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