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Origin South Korea
Genres R&B
Years active 1999–2005
Labels JYP Entertainment
Son Ho Young
Kim Tae Woo
Danny Ahn
Park Joon Hyung
Former members
Yoon Kye Sang

g.o.d. (지오디) was a K-pop/Korean pop music group currently on hiatus. The name was an acronym for Groove Over Dose. Their name was lower cased in purpose, to avoid confusion with God. The group was extremely successful, being one of the few groups to have an album become a "million seller" in K-pop. Some members have gone to solo careers. However it was stated multiple times that they would be coming back.



The group debuted with the single "어머님께" ("To Mother"). The music video featured actor Jang Hyuk. After winning the Daesang for the three major broadcasting systems in Korea for their multi-million selling 4th album, they began a "100-day Human Concert" where all the shows were sold out and each day had a different theme.

The five boys also appeared in a Korean TV series, in which they acted as a family to take care of a little boy named Han Jae Min. Every one of them had a duty (ex. Son Ho Young acted as 'mommy' and Park Joon Hyung as 'daddy').


Current members

Former members

  • Yoon Kye Sang - vocals


Chapter 1

Chapter 1, released in 1999, sold approximately 200,000 albums.

  1. Intro
  2. 관찰 (Observation)
  3. 날 기다려줘
  4. 작은남자들과 함께
  5. 난 너에게
  6. 어머님께
  7. 니가 다시 돌아올수 있도록
  8. 약속
  9. 왜 또 다시 난
  10. 나쁜여자

Chapter 2

Chapter 2, released 1999, sold approximately 750,000 albums.

  1. Exit, 20th Century-Enter The 21s
  2. 사랑해 그리고 기억해
  3. Dance All Night
  4. 모두 가져가
  5. 그대 날 떠난후로
  6. Say God
  7. 애수
  8. 기차
  9. Friday Night
  10. 21C 우리의 희망
  11. 다섯남자 이야기

Chapter 3 Lies

Chapter 3 Lies, released in 2000, sold approximately 1,920,000 albums.

  1. 파리 (intro)
  2. 촛불하나
  3. 니가 필요해
  4. 거짓말 (With 전지현)
  5. 돌아와줘
  6. 나와 함께 춤을 춰
  7. GOD 파티
  8. 장미의 전쟁
  9. 난 사랑을 몰라
  10. 사랑이 영원 하다면
  11. 하늘색 풍선
  12. 촛불하나 (instrumental)

Chapter 4 Road

Chapter 4 Road, released in 2001, sold approximately 1,800,000 albums.

  1. Intro
  2. 다시
  3. 바보
  4. 니가 있어야 할곳
  5. 슬픈사랑
  6. 나는 알아
  7. 모르죠
  8. 난 남자가 있어 (With 김정은)
  9. 가자
  10. 134 14
  11. 떠나지 못하는 이유
  12. 길 (Instrument)

Chapter 5 Letter

Chapter 5 Letter, released in 2002 sold approximately 750,000 albums.

  1. 이렇게 또
  2. 편지
  3. Report To The Dance Floor
  4. 기회를 줘
  5. 요즘
  6. 사랑이야기
  7. 0%
  8. 걸어선 안되는 전화
  9. 사랑?사랑!
  10. 더듬고 있어
  11. 눈치 없는 눈물
  12. 우리
  13. 5집을 내며

An Ordinary Day

An Ordinary Day, released in 2004, sold approximately 500,000 albums.

  1. 사랑이 전부였던 날
  2. 자유
  3. 사랑의 동그라미
  4. 반대가 끌리는 이유
  5. 익숙한 낯선 사람
  6. Loving You
  7. Tonight
  8. 절대 안돼 (Feat. 김진표)
  9. 헤어지지 말자
  10. 사랑이 힘들때 (Feat. 임정희)
  11. 헤어짐보다 아픈 그리움
  12. 한구석에
  13. 보통날
  14. 약속 (Narration. 강경헌)
  15. 사랑이 너무 아프던 날 (Narration. 김동윤)

Into the Sky

Into the Sky, released in 2005, sold approximately 250,000 albums.

  1. 1999년
  2. 만남
  3. 나 그대에게
  4. 니 맘을 몰라
  5. Falling
  6. It'S Alright Feat. G-Soul
  7. 무죄 (Narration 박수홍, 최성국)
  8. Stay The Night
  9. Change
  10. 유죄
  11. 2♡
  12. 하늘속으로
  13. 두개의 문 (Feat. J.Y.Park 'The Asiansoul')
  14. 2005년

2001 Live Concert

  • 2001 Live Concert, a live concert recording released in 2001 that sold approximately 150,000 albums.


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