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growth differentiation factor 10
Symbol GDF10
Alt. symbols BMP-3b
Entrez 2662
HUGO 4215
OMIM 601361
RefSeq NM_004962
UniProt P55107
Other data
Locus Chr. 10 q11.22

Growth differentiation factor 10 (GDF10) is a protein belonging to the transforming growth factor beta superfamily that is closely related to bone morphogenetic protein-3 (BMP3). It plays a role in head formation and may have multiple roles in skeletal morphogenesis.[1][2] GDF10 is also known as BMP-3b, with GDF10 and BMP3 regarded as a separate subgroup within the TGF-beta superfamily.[2]

In mice, GDF10 mRNA is abundant in the brain, inner ear, uterus, prostate, neural tissues, blood vessels and adipose tissue with low expression in spleen and liver. It is also present in bone of both adults and neonatal mice.[2] Human GDF10 mRNA is found in the cochlea and lung of foetuses, and in testis, retina, pineal gland, and other neural tissues of adults.[3]


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