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Gadowar Singh Sahota
Ring name(s) Gama Singh
Billed height 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Billed weight 225lbs (103kg)
Born December 8, 1954 (1954-12-08) (age 55)
Punjab, India
Resides Calgary, Alberta
Trained by Bill Persack
Stu Hart

Gadowar Singh Sahota (born in December 8, 1954) is a professional wrestler known as "Gama Singh". Sahota eventually wound up in Stu Hart's Stampede Wrestling in Calgary. Sahota worked Kuwait, Dubai, Oman, Australia, and Hawaii for Vince McMahon and the WWF from 1980-86.


Early life

His father emigrated to Canada from India and around 1963 his family joined him. Sahota went to school in Merritt, British Columbia and excelled in amateur wrestling.




Singh was working out at a Vancouver YMCA and there he met Bill Persack, an old time wrestler who had seen him wrestle in the amateur ranks. Persack trained Singh for six months and suggested it was time for him to go to Calgary and Stampede Wrestling.

Stampede Wrestling

Singh then went to Calgary and met Stu Hart and started working out with Carlos Belafonte. Gama Singh was and is one of the most hated wrestlers of all time. Gama Singh was so much hated that as soon as he would step outside his house in Calgary, Canada, he start to be called with racial slurs noting the fact that at Gama's time, wrestling was treated like a real life sport. And as he soon as he would walk into the Victoria Pavilion arena, people would start going "nuts" as if all the heel stints he did were "for real"! Calling him with racial catcalls. He was a wrestler who people most loved to hate.

World Wrestling Federation

In the early eighties, Vince McMahon, Jr. was expanding the WWF and was looking for an Indian to take the Middle East. Singh had just started working for Jack Tunney in Toronto and agreed to the tour.

Singh worked Kuwait, Dubai, Oman, Australia and Hawaii for Vince McMahon and the WWF from 1980-86. He would have some great matches against Don Muraco, Rowdy Roddy Piper and "Cowboy" Bob Orton.

Semi retirement

Singh only wrestles on occasion, but mainly overseas. Its estimated that he wrestles three months out of the year, taking two to three trips overseas. While he was wrestling on tours around the world, he started investing money in real estate. After that, he also got involved in video store and gas station businesses. He is currently a renowned real estate developer in Calgary these days.

In wrestling

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