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Galactic Bridges and Tails is a computer animation film created by astrophysicists Alar Toomre and Juri Toomre. The brothers created the film as a teaching aid for their landmark research paper of the same name, published in The Astrophysical Journal, detailing the collision of galaxies, or galaxy mergers. [Ref 1]


Film Simulation

The Toomre film contains both 2D and 3D computer graphics simulations with time-lapse of colliding galaxies. The animation compresses millions of years into a couple minutes. [Ref 2]


The Brothers Toomre programmed the animation with FORTRAN code, which sent character and vector info to a CRT-based ASCII character film recorder. The film recorder exposed multiple frames of 16mm film, creating the computer animation. [Ref 2]


In 2007, filmmaker Michael Lauter worked with the Brothers Toomre to digitally restore the 16mm original film and create a new HD video (1080p24) master. [Ref 2]

Derivative Simulations

Massachusetts-based MathWorks, has created a Simulink model titled Spiral Galaxy Formation Simulation for use within their MATLAB® programming environment. The company claims their computer animation model was inspired by the original Galactic Bridges and Tails paper and film. [Ref 3]


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