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Galavisión USA logo.svg
Type Cable Television Network
Country United States

Headquarters: Miami, Florida

Availability National
Owner Univision Communications, Inc.
Launch date 1979
Official Website

Galavisión is a Miami, Florida based Spanish language cable network owned by Univision Communications, Inc. The station is unrelated to the Mexican channel of the same name, other than sharing the Televisa-produced programming.



In the early 1980s to mid-1990s, Galavisión would air a mix of Spanish and English language programs from the popular Kiki Desde Hollywood to an investigative magazine show, as well as the Miami produced variety entertainment show A Oscuras Pero Encendidos. As well as Televisa produced programs that first aired on Univision, with entertainment and some news programs from Televisa's all news network ECO, including an Entertainment Tonight-style program anchored by Pita Ojeda and Ilia Calderón.

Since the late 1990s, Galavisión airs a combination of classic comedy, telenovelas, and late night shows from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s that aired originally on Univision, with more present day offerings from news, sports and specials originating from Televisa's three stations, XEW-TV, 4TV, and Galavisión Mexico as well as two shows produced by Televisa's music network, TeleHit.

Galavisión has also expanded production of its own shows such as Acceso Maximo, En Casa Con Lucy, Delicioso (hosted by Ingrid Hoffmann), Vida Total, Decorando Contigo, Un Destino, Lo Mejor de Boxeo en Esta Esquina, the best of sister network Telefutura's Solo Boxeo series.

It should be noted that the Televisa produced programming is also crafted to fit strict broadcast standards.

Sports and News Programming

Galavision's coverage of soccer, produced by Televisa, is done with a secondary or "clean" feed in which any references to Televisa are not shown and Galavision supplants the feed with Univision's announcers and graphics. In the early days, Galavision would use the whole Televisa feed while covering any televisa promotions or sponsor tags with a green generic Galavision border logo.

As for news programming, Galavision, while owned by Univision Networks, has no news operations and instead airs newscasts from Televisa's channels XEW TV, 4TV, and Galavision.

Due to Mexico not observing daylight saving time the same day as the United States, the morning programs Primero Noticias is aired on an hour delay on Galavision.

Coming soon


  • Primero Noticias con Carlos Loret De Mola - 7:00AM-10:00AM (LIVE-produced by channel 2 XEW TV)
  • El Noticiero con Lolita Ayala 3:30pm - 4:00pm (LIVE-produced by XEW TV)
  • A Las Tres Con Paola Rojas - 4:00PM-5:00PM (produced by 4TV)
  • NXclusiva hosted by Juan José Origel, Aurora Valle, Joanna Vega-Biestro and Cynthia Urias and segment's with Blanca Martinez and Claudia De Icaza - 6:30/5:30c (produced by Galavision Mexico XEQ TV)
  • Las Noticias por Adela Micha - 10:30PM-11:35PM (produced by Galavision Mexico XEQ TV)
  • Noticiero Con Joaquín López-Dóriga - 11:35PM-12:35PM (produced by XEW TV)
  • Noticiero Televisa Deportes - Monday through Friday 12:30 AM-1:00 AM (produced by XEW TV)
  • Acceso Maximo (Total Access) con Carlos Calderon (Jueves/Thursday) 9pm/8c (produced by Univision/Galavision)


  • El Noticiero con Alejandro Cacho los Domingo - 12:00AM-12:30PM (Delayed-Produced by Galavision Mexico XEQ TV)

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