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Galpa Holeo Saty
Directed by Tapan Sinha
Written by Tapan Sinha
Starring Bhanu Bannerjee,
Jogesh Chatterjee,
Bharati Devi,
Chaya Devi,
Ajoy Ganguli,
Rabi Ghosh
Release date(s) 1966
Language Bangla

Galpa Holeo Satyi (Bengali: গল্প হলেও সত্যি)is a 1966 comedy Bengali film directed by Tapan Sinha .The film is starring Bhanu Bannerjee,Jogesh Chatterjee,Bharati Devi,Chaya Devi,Ajoy Ganguli,Rabi Ghosh|,Rudraprasad Sengupta.


A new servant comes to a family which is suffering from internal tention within. The new servant-whose identity is itself under suspiscion-gradually becomes lovaable to all of the family members including the old ailing family head. The story unravells how this new man in their life help each of the family-members find out new meaning to their individual lives as well as find out the happiness of a close-knit family.Rabi Ghosh,in the character of the new servant, excels among all the steller actors. Later the film was remade in Hindi as Bawarchi starring Rajesh Khanna in the title role.

Apart from the central character of the servant,played by Rabi Ghosh,there are several established actors potraying a nice picture of regular daily life of kolkata's joint family.Bhanu Banerjee,Jogesh Chatterjee,Bankim Ghosh,Bharati Devi,Chaya Devi,Ajoy Ganguli,Chinmoy Roy,Partha amd more.


  • Servant->Robi Ghosh
  • Elder brother->Jogesh Chatterjee
  • Elder sister-in-law->Chaya Devi
  • Middle brother->Bankim Ghosh
  • Sister-in law->Bharati Devi
  • Yonger brother->Bhanu Banerjee
  • Elder brother's son->Ajoy Ganguli
  • Boss->Rudraprasad Sengupta
  • Thief->Chinmoy Roy
  • Orphan girl Krishna -> Krishna Bose

krishna bose was a budding actress during that era who had started her acting career as a child actrss . her acting was extremely subtle and elegant.

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