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γ Pegasi
Observation data
Epoch J2000.0      Equinox J2000.0
Constellation Pegasus
Right ascension 00h 13m 14.2s
Declination +15° 11' 01"
Apparent magnitude (V) +2.83
Distance 335 ly
(103 pc)
Spectral type B2IV
Other designations
Algeneb, Algenib, 88 Peg, HR 39, HD 886, FK5 7, SAO 91781

Gamma Pegasi (γ Peg) is a star in the constellation of Pegasus. It also has the traditional name Algenib; confusingly however, this name is also used for Alpha Persei. It is known as 壁宿一 (the First Star of the Wall) in Chinese.

Gamma Pegasi is a Beta Cephei variable star that lies at the lower left-hand corner of the Great Square of Pegasus. Its magnitude varies between +2.78 and +2.89 with a period of 3.6 hours. It is 335 light-years distant and belonges to spectral type B2. It has a total luminosity of 4000 times that of the Sun with a radius of 4.5 times solar.The mass of γ Pegasi is 7 to 10 solar masses.

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