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Gang bang pornography is a type of pornography that depicts an individual having sexual intercourse with multiple partners at once.

Though there have been numerous gang bang pornographic films since the 1980s, they usually involved no more than half a dozen to a dozen men. But starting with The World's Biggest Gangbang (1995), starring Annabel Chong, the pornographic industry began producing a series of films ostensibly setting gangbang records for most consecutive sex acts by one person in a short period.[1]

The films were financially successful, winning AVN Awards for the best selling pornographic films of their year; however the events were effectively un-officiated and the record breaking claims often misleading.[2]


World's Biggest Gangbang series

The events invited unpaid amateur participants, mixed with a few paid professional performers (who could be relied upon to provide better film footage). All were screened for venereal diseases ahead of time. Usually, the men would stand in line to have sex with the actress for a brief period of time, a few minutes or less, then get back into line for the next encounter. The actress could be engaging three to five men at a time, including masturbation and oral sex, and each sex act was "counted" as a separate instance, so a "record" of several hundred usually involved less than a hundred men. All amateur participants were required to wear condoms. The three movies in the World's Biggest Gangbang series were produced by John T. Bone. The first was World's Biggest Gangbang in January 1995. Initially aiming for 300, Annabel Chong had participated in 251 sex acts and stopped due to fatigue and pain.

Gangbang 2000

Two separate attempts were made at the Gangbang 2000 title, trying to reach that number of sex acts by the year 2000.

Porn star Candy Apples, who was a fluffer on the Houston event, tried to have her own record and video (to be called Gangbang 2000) on October 9, 1999, but it was broken up by the Los Angeles police after she got to 743 sex acts.[3]

Another attempt at Gangbang 2000 came on December 28-December 29, 1999 by British porn star Sabrina Johnson.[4] She was advertised as having reached 2000 sex acts over the course of two days in Belgium, but later stated that she had only had approximately 500 sex acts with a few dozen participants over both days.[5]

After 1999, the United States World's Biggest Gangbang series seemed to have fizzled out, and Europe started producing gangbang events.

Other gangbang records

The record for most women gangbanged by a single organized group of men is claimed by West Coast Gangbangs, organized by Rick Lee, who claims 400 women gangbanged by the group.

Victoria Givens [6] claimed the title of World Record Anal Gangbang on October 23, 2004 after having anal sex 101 times without lubrication. The previous claimed record holder, Brooke Ashley, had anal sex 50 times in 1998 in The World's Biggest Anal Gangbang, and claims to have contracted HIV from the intercourse.

In 1997, Jon Dough starred in a reverse gangbang in The World's Luckiest Man, where he had sex (mostly fellatio) with 101 women.

In September 2004, American porn star Ariana Jollee attempted the largest number of internal ejaculations (creampies) for the gangbang series Devils Films 50 Guy Creampie [7][8]. The gangbang, staged in Prague, Czech Republic had in fact a total of 65 participants attempting to ejaculate in both her vagina and anus, surpassing the previous attempt by Hungarian porn star Jennifer Red of 50 men in the first installment. Previous known attempt was by a Japanese amateur with 25 men ejaculating into her vagina only.

Ariana Jollee is also believed to have had the largest transsexual gangbang received by a female performer seen on footage. In 2005, Ariana gangbanged 15 Brazilian transsexuals for the movie Nacho Vidal's: Bang Bang She-Male.

On September 11, 2007, Canadian porn star Sabrina Deep attempted the largest and longest gangbang broadcast live on webcam [9]. The gangbang was staged in London, United Kingdom and had a total of 77 participants engaging with Deep in vaginal and anal sex for 8 hours consecutively. The event, which was broadcast live on webcam, was later depicted on a series of videos named The London Gangbang [10].

In October 2009, English porn star Ruby Reds attempted to set a UK specific gangbang record to be broadcast on British Sky channel Red Hot TV (UK) [11]. The gangbang, held at swingers club La Chambre in Sheffield,England with 45 participants over 5 hours and included 105 sex acts. Although this appears considerably less sex acts than previous record holders, it is claimed that Ruby Reds was trying to set a UK record, of which none previously existed, leaving her to set a brand new record.[12]

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