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Gangstar: Crime City
Developer(s) Gameloft
Publisher(s) Gameloft
Distributor(s) Gameloft, phone service providers
Designer(s) Gameloft
Engine Java
Platform(s) Mobile (Java ME)
Release date(s) 2006
Genre(s) Action/Adventure/Sandbox/Racing
Mode(s) Sandbox, Racing
Media Digital phone download
Input methods Keypad

Gangstar: Crime City is a 2006 mobile game developed and published by Gameloft. The game is about a gangster who explores the fictional town of Crime City looking for money, power, and occupation of other gangs. A sequel, Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A, was released on November 2008.[1]



Crime City is almost like a combination of Los Angeles and Miami (mostly Miami-based areas). Areas such as Ocean Beach (as used in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City) and Ocean Drive are examples. Policemen and their vehicles are like the LAPD. Like Grand Theft Auto, the game has a free-roam, sandbox-style structure, and allows the player to do whichever mission at his/her own leisure.


There are only three types of pedestrians in the game. Some of the simplified versions of the game have only one model for the Gangster pedestrian group.


The prostitutes usually carry money and are not hostile to anyone.


The Gang Members are usually hostile if provoked, some carry money or have a killing bonus.


The policemen almost always have money and killing a large enough number of policemen will raise the player's wanted level.


The number of the vehicles depends on the version of the game. For example, the scaled-down versions for low-end phones has only three vehicles - Horizon, Saga GT, and Police Car - in the freeroam mode.


Color: Blue
Horizon is the basic vehicle in the game, akin to Manana or Perennial of the Grand Theft Auto series. It cannot accelerate further than 139 kilometers per hour.


Color: Light-Blue
Evyl is another basic car present in the game. It is similar to Greenwood or Esperanto of the Grand Theft Auto series. Its highest speed is 166 km/h, like the Police Car.


Color: Black
The Pimpstar is an SUV, similar to the Rancher or Landstalker in the Grand Theft Auto series, and is based on the Hummer H2/H3. As suggested, its main use, although not shown, is pimping. Only the Gangster pedestrian group ever drives this vehicle. Its highest speed is 156 km/h.

Police Car

Color: Black + White
As suggested, the Police Car contains policemen, who will make an attempt to arrest you once the vehicle is stolen. More and more Police Cars show up as the player gains a higher Wanted Level. Its limit of speed is 166 km/h, like Evyl.

Police SUV

Color: Black + White
The Police 4x4 is the SUV version of the Police car. It is a Pimpstar with one white horizontal stripe and a light bar. Its limit of speed is 196.

Saga GT

Color: Blue + stripes
The Saga GT is the most basic sports car of the game, akin to the Deluxo or the Kuruma of the Grand Theft Auto series. Its highest speed is 176.


Color: Orange
This vehicle is based on the Lamborghini Gallardo. Its speed limit is 219 km/h.

Longhorn Vegas

Color: Orange with two white sprites
A variation of the Longhorn, used for street racing missions. Its highest speed is 275 km/h, so its the best and the fastest car in the game, along with its looks.


The weapon stores are similar to Grand Theft Auto's Ammu-Nation, although the player can buy additional health and bodyguards there. The selection ranges from the pistol, with infinite ammunition, the Uzi, which can be used for drive-by shootings, the AK-47 rifle, a pump-action shotgun, and the rocket launcher, which can only be obtained in certain places. Unlike in Grand Theft Auto, players are only restricted to using weapons; hand-to-hand combat and melee attacks aren't available in-game.


Most dialogue in the game is "street-like". Words such as "ho" (in the game it is censored as h*), "pimp", "brotha", and "homie" are often used throughout the game. As it seems, the dialogue is stereotypical "gangsta" dialogue.

Easter Eggs

  • The Miami-like part of Crime City includes an "Ocean Drive" area, complete with an "Ocean View" hotel.
  • Near the hotel a rocket launcher is located, possibly spoofing the fact that in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City the rocket launcher's spawn point was in a different hotel's pool.
  • If the player moves into another part of the city, the loading screen shows the vehicle the player has stolen and words from Crime City Police Department prompting the citizens to call 555-We-Tip if anybody spots it. 555-We-Tip is a fictional phone number in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, used in a mission of the same name for an arrest of a DA.

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