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Gary Lee Bauer (born May 4 1946)[1] is an American politician notable for his ties to several evangelical Christian groups and campaigns. Bauer received a bachelor's degree from Georgetown College in Georgetown, Kentucky and a law degree from Georgetown University. He served as Ronald Reagan's Undersecretary of Education from 1982 to 1987, and as an advisor on domestic policy from 1987 to 1988.[1] While serving under Reagan, he was named Chairman of President Reagan's Special Working Group on the Family. His report, "The Family: Preserving America's Future," was presented to the President in December 1986.[2]

In Concord, New Hampshire during campaigning for the Presidency

Bauer served as the president of the Family Research Council from 1988-1999.[3] He resigned from this position to run for the Republican Party nomination for President of the United States. He dropped out of the race after the primaries in February 2000. In 1996, he founded the Campaign for Working Families (CWF), a Political Action Committee dedicated to electing pro-family, anti-abortion and pro-free enterprise candidates to federal and state offices.[4] In addition to serving as the chairman of CWF, Bauer is also the president of American Values, a non-profit organization committed to defending life, traditional marriage, and equipping children with conservative values.[5]. He also serves on the Executive Board of Christians United for Israel, a lobby group headed by John Hagee.[6] Gary Bauer was one of the signers of the Statement of Principles of Project for the New American Century (PNAC) on June 3, 1997.


Political positions

Bauer describes himself as pro-life. He is in support of repealing laws that allow abortion. He advocates for the Supreme Court's overturn of Roe v. Wade as the first step in the pro-life cause.[7] He wants to cut funding for Planned Parenthood and do away with any U.S. aid for abortions. Bauer also says that he would counsel raped family members against abortion.[8] He points to the Constitution and the Christian view of human life as reasons for not supporting euthanasia, stating that, "all people have immeasurable value because they have been created in the image and likeness of God." He is a supporter of the death penalty for death row inmates.[9] Bauer opposes cloning and embryonic stem cell research, but supports adult stem cell research. He supports a Constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, and prefers abstinence programs to comprehensive sex education programs. Bauer wants to remove from the tax code all economic disincentives to marry.[9]

On foreign policy issues, Bauer supports strong ties with Israel, would not trade with China until the country improves its human rights record, and supports full funding for the Iraq War. Bauer believes that America should advance and protect freedom worldwide and "bring the message of freedom to the Arab world".[8]

Bauer supports enforcing all laws against illegal immigration and that all immigrants should learn English and U.S. traditions.[8]
On economic issues, Bauer supports income tax cuts and decreased regulation of small businesses. He has stated that corporations should serve the U.S. as well as their shareholders, and has occasionally been critical of the World Trade Organization.

Presidential campaign

Bauer announced his presidential campaign in April 1999, running on a platform built mostly upon social issues like abortion and tax cuts.[10] Bauer endorsed John McCain when he pulled out of the race in February 2000.[11] In the fall of 1999, two senior members of Bauer's campaign staff raised questions about closed-door meetings between Bauer and a female campaign aide, Melissa McClard. Bauer's denial of any impropriety prompted two campaign workers to resign.[12] However, there was never any actual evidence brought against Bauer.[13]


Following an incident at a 2000 town hall event in which Republican primary candidate Alan Keyes crowd-surfed in the mosh pit of a group playing the music of rock band Rage Against the Machine, Bauer made a statement that "a band called The Machine Rages On - er - Rage Against the Machine, that band is anti-family, and it's pro-terrorist", which was quoted in the band's Sleep Now in the Fire video.[14]

While campaigning in Manchester, New Hampshire (at an event sponsored by Bisquick) during the 2000 Republican Primaries, Bauer fell off the stage while trying to catch pancakes he had flipped up into the air. Bauer wasn’t injured, and spoke of the event as a possible positive turning point in his campaign.[15]

Media activities

Bauer co-hosted a talk radio show with former Jerusalem Post CEO and President Tom Rose from March 2006 to March 2007 on WMET, a Washington, D.C. area radio station.[16] Bauer is also a frequent guest on many conservative talk-radio programs across the country.

Ecumenical relations

In November 2009, Bauer signed an ecumenical statement known as the Manhattan Declaration calling on evangelicals, Catholics and Orthodox not to comply with rules and laws forcing them to accept abortion, same-sex marriage and other matters that go against their religious consciences.[17]


Bauer is the author of several books, including:[18]

  • Our Journey Home, 1992
  • Children at Risk: The Battle for the Hearts and Minds of Our Kids, co-author with Dr. James Dobson, 1990
  • Our Hopes, Our Dreams: A Vision for America, 1996
  • Doing Things Right, 2001


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