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Fong with flash-mounted Lightsphere
Gary speaks at SWPP Convention 2009, London

Gary Fong (b. December 6, 1960 in Seattle, WA, USA) is a photographer who ended his 20 year long career in 2002 to pursue other interests, including creating a product marketed as the solution to unflattering images lit with direct flash lighting called the "Lightsphere." Since introducing it in late 2004, more than 400,000 Lightspheres have been sold worldwide.

After inventing the Lightsphere, Fong built a veritable cottage industry around variations on his popular dome-shaped Lightsphere light diffuser including variations called, "The Origami" and "The Puffer".



Starting in a bedroom of his parent's apartment, Fong started shooting weddings for $150/no time limit. While this entry price severely undermined the pricing standards, he was able to sell comprehensive designs at an option that was far more costly than the basic package. He would go on to photograph such luminaries as, Sylvester Stallone, President Ronald Reagan, Hollywood Magnate Sidney Sheldon, Actress Lee Remick, Paul McCartney, Peter Criss (of Kiss), Bruce Lee, Todd Rundgren, Priscilla Presley, Pia Zadora, Michael Landon, Florence Henderson, Shelly Fabares, among many others.

Here Comes the Guide, a highly respected "bible" of wedding planning has said, "Every once in a while someone comes along to revolutionize an art form; for wedding photography, that someone Is Gary Fong."

His photographic images have been used for national ad campaigns for Fuji, Kodak, Canon and Hasselblad.

Fong was selected in the telecast, "Weddings 2000" as one of the top ten wedding photographers in the world. This live simulcast was broadcast to movie theaters around the world, and was a first of its kind.

Co Founder of Pictage, Inc.

Fong is also the co-founder of Pictage, Inc.'s Digital Photo Lab. With the advent of digital, Fong knew that online presentation of images would be best matched to an instant print delivery service. So, joining up with Pictage's online presence, Fong brought his own personal print lab into Pictage's headquarters, and installed it in the kitchen. Joining the Board of Directors and Senior Management team, Pictage started with seven employees in a small office, and within years the employee count would top 150, making Pictage the largest dedicated online digital/web solution anywhere in the United States. Apax partners invested $29 million dollars to acquire Pictage in 2006.


On January 19, 2009 Publisher's Marketplace announced the acquisition of world publication rights to, "Gary Fong's THE ACCIDENTAL MILLIONAIRE: How to Succeed in Life without Really Trying", described as "a humorous, poignant memoir of the man said to have revolutionized wedding photography", to Glenn Yeffeth at BenBella books, for publication in October 2009 (World).

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