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The Wack Pack is the name given to a wide assortment of personalities heard throughout the history of The Howard Stern Show. As a parody of the Rat Pack or Brat Pack, they are a considerable part of what the radio show became notable for. Members of the pack, known as "Wack Packers", tend to be unusual in some way such as being blatantly racist, mentally disabled, perverted or having a comical voice, appearance or ability. Not every regular guest on the show is considered a member, nor are any of the show's staff members.

Through their appearances on the radio show, some Wack Packers have gained notoriety for personal appearances around the country and occasionally, played small roles in films and television programs.



In the 1993 book Private Parts, Howard Stern lists early members of the Wack Pack, including Irene the Leather Weather Lady, who is essentially the first Wack Packer, having met Stern in May 1980 when he was broadcasting from WWWW in Detroit, Michigan. The introduction of Fred the Elephant Boy on the radio show on November 28, 1988 however, among a collection of others, made Stern call these group of show personalities as the "Wack Pack" on July 6, 1990 as documented in The History of Howard Stern.

On October 20, 2005, it was announced that the Wack Pack were to elect their own "Pope" from the group. In addition to the honour of "leading" the group, the winner would receive a $10,000 prize. The contest however, seemed to be scrapped, as it has not been mentioned on-air since the show's move to SIRIUS XM.

On June 19, 2006, the show organised a contest for the next Wack Pack member, with the winner receiving $10,000. The winner was Bigfoot.

Current Wack Packers

Ass Napkin Ed

Ass Napkin Ed is a caller from Buffalo who asked Howard for help with his hygiene problems. After a few minutes of conversation, it was learned that Ed lodged a napkin between his cheeks to keep from staining his underwear. His insanity generated a positive response and he was asked to make an appearance shortly after his call.[1] Ed has denied being part of the Wack Pack and insists he is just a "friend of the show".

Beetlejuice (Lester Green)

Crackhead Bob

Crackhead Bob first appeared on November 7, 1995, being the first in line at the release of Miss America, Stern's second autobiography, in New York City.[2][3] During a heavy binge on crack cocaine, he suffered a stroke that left him with a severely altered cognitive and speech patterns. Bob starred as himself in Stern's biographical film Private Parts.

Crazy Alice

Crazy Alice first appeared on July 30, 1997[4] as a caller who has a dislike for black people, although claiming to be half African-American and half Italian. She soon after made her first studio visit on October 7, 1997,[2] and got her nickname from her mood swings and rants, though she prefers her name to be "Angry Alice".[5] On January 2, 2007, Alice, along with Wack Packers Elliot Offen and Bigfoot, won the show's Football Pool contest, winning $8,300 each.[6]

Elliot Offen

"Elegant" Elliot Keith Offen is an eccentric personality known for his gangster persona, use of loud and profane filibustering, dubbed by Offen as "crescendo". During his early appearances, with his debut on July 25, 2000,[7] Offen dressed as a flamboyant, effeminate cross-dresser, much in contrast to his current, more intimidating, gangster persona. They generally involved Offen ranting and yelling about his "pristine physical conditioning," promoting health advice and describing his exercise regimen.

During the 2006 NFL season, Offen competed in a $25,000 football pool among several Wack Packers, during which he spent substantial time promoting his film Violet Dehumanizes Elegant Elliot and now defunct website. The pool concluded in a three-way tie for first place, with Offen, Crazy Alice and Bigfoot each collecting over $8,000 in winnings. Offen has not appeared on the show since the pool's end in January 2007.

Eric the Midget (Eric Lynch)

Eric the Midget is a dwarf born with a medical condition that confines him to a wheelchair. He insists that he not be called a midget, preferring to be called Eric the Actor. He is known for his devotion to American Idol and professional wrestling as well as his distinct squeaky voice. Eric has had acting opportunities and met celebrities due to his connection with the Stern Show. Eric's Stern Show claim to fame also results from accepting and declining invitations to become levitated with balloons.

On June 27, 2007, Eric vowed to never call into the show ever again after; according to Eric, Howard disrespected Chris Benoit and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). The alleged disrespect came from Howard's discussion of the fact that Benoit killed his family and himself. Because of Eric's obsession with the WWE, he took any negative comments about the Benoit murders personally. Howard, along with his staff and fans believe Eric won't live up to this and will be calling in to future shows. He did, in fact, call in again on September 11, 2007, and again the next day for a full hour claiming that he "wasn't calling into the show." Eric has since been a regular caller to the show and still does not understand why Howard doesn't put him on the air immediately. Eric has complained about the recent reports of his death. On February 25, 2008, Eric claimed that he would stop calling into the Stern Show. The next day, he called back into the show and again claimed he was done with the show. That night, he held a press conference to explain his reasons for being done with the show.

On November 3, 2008, Eric made his first live appearance in Studio 69. Other guests that were present at the time were Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks, TNA wrestler Kurt Angle, American Idol contestant Diana DeGarmo, High Pitch Erik playing his "Kelly Clarkson" character and two hookers, Hailey and Cherry, from The Bunny Ranch that banged Eric the night before in order to get a plug from Howard for the Nevada Whorehouse. A representative from the Real Doll company was also there to take Eric's measurements for a Real Doll facsimile that the Stern crew wanted to have in the studio to have sex with whenever the mood took them. At first, Eric refused to allow the measuring process, but after Howard promised to introduce him to Diana DeGarmo, Eric relented.

On November 19, 2008 Eric the Midget called the Howard Stern show and left a voice mail message that he "wanted to butt fuck Natalie and make her squeal like a pig" . The Natalie he was referring to was Dixie Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines, who Eric felt had made derogatory remarks about him weeks earlier. The next day Eric was given a chance to rescind these horrible comments, but instead chose to stand by his remarks. Stern later surmised that Eric's anger came from a deep hidden love he had for Natalie. Eric the Midget denied these claims.

Eve the Queefer

Eve the Queefer is capable of passing vaginal air on command.

Evil Dave Letterman (Dave Van Dam)

Evil Dave Letterman is able to accurately imitate the voice of American late night show host David Letterman, making his first appearance on the show on December 8, 1999 when calling in to bash Jay Leno, Letterman's rival show host. Because of such an impersonation, he is able to confuse people into thinking he is the real Letterman, and has managed to fool George Takei, Riley Martin and Mark Harris through prank calls.

When he sits in on a show, Evil Dave is given lines by the show's staff that the real Letterman would not say, and are usually anti-Semitic, racist, homophobic, paedophilia-inspired, sexually suggestive, homosexual, or autoerotic. It seems however, that Van Dam has difficulty reading words and names, ruining the punch line of many jokes. Although this is well received on the show.

Van Dam is also known for his tendency to be easily duped by the show's staff, and was once persuaded into creating bogus public service announcements and unnecessary apologies for people suffering from various illness. Van Dam describes his own physical appearance similar to that of American musician Edgar Winter.

Gary the Retard

Gary The Retard is a mentally challenged frequent guest of The Howard Stern Show. His thick glasses, cheerful attitude and toothless grin make him a favorite among Stern show listeners. He is frequently antagonized by Artie Lange, who often merely has to say "Retard!" to elicit an angry tirade from Gary. On August 12, 1998 he was scheduled to appear on the show but got lost at the airport. A listener who worked at the airport eventually found him and called the show. In 2003, Gary was a member of the show's weekly football pool along with Daniel Carver, Gary Dell'Abate's son Jackson, and a chicken named Sanders. Gary the Retard picked the Seattle Seahawks to win every week. He lives in Albany, Oregon and works at Burgerville, USA. Gary recently claimed to have a girlfriend who was just released from incarceration.

Gary is a frequent victim of pranks by staff members Sal "the Stockbroker" Governale and Richard Christy. Early in 2005 Sal pulled a prank phone call on Gary, using an assumed name and informing him that a flu was in his phone line, coming to "get him" and that he would have to repeat the phrase "Shoo, shoo, no retarded flu!" in order to keep it away. In doing this, the flu would be weakened. Gary was warned to be careful though and tried to disguise his voice. Since then, the "retarded flu" prank has been pulled on Gary numerous times, including at live appearances, and he always falls for it, chanting "Shoo, shoo, retarded flu!".

Gay Ramon(e)

Gay Ramon(e) is a frequent caller and guest of The Howard Stern Show. He often talks about his homosexual experiences and has participated on the show in various games in which straight men must do gay things in order to win prizes. In 2008 Gay won The Howard Stern Wack Pack Bowling Tournament wearing assless chaps

Goody Dickman

Goody Dickman sings songs about Artie Lange's eating habits. His famed song is "Artie Don't Eat That Hero", parody of the song "Billy Don't Be a Hero".

Hate Man

Hate Man is a caller who leaves strange racist messages, screaming "I love you monkey, monkey, monkey!" and the excessive use of the slur "nigger", in reference to Robin Quivers. He was heard previously on terrestrial radio and was heard on the Sirius show for the first time on June 7, 2006.

Hate Man has recently reappeared on Stern's Sirius show with his "monkey monkey monkey" tirades against Robin Quivers and perhaps moving towards an eventual in-studio appearance, although no one associated with the show had ever (knowingly) met him. Very little is known about him; in one voice mail he alluded to the possibility that he was or had been an NYPD officer.

Hate Man, however, is usually considered a caller, and not a Wack Packer.

High Pitch Eric

High Pitch Eric, is known for his trademark falsetto speaking voice and for his obesity, poor hygiene, willingness to submit to degrading acts just to please Howard Stern, and failure to return owed money and favors. He has used notoriety garnered from multiple appearances on The Howard Stern Show and asks for free money, services, event tickets and favors. He first appeared on the Stern Show on August 15, 1997, where he was brought in off the street into the studio because of his unusually high voice and "superfan" demeanor. High Pitch was recently confronted on the air by several businessmen he had scammed by writing bad checks for various services, such as limousine rides, a fully catered holiday dinner for his family, and an industrial coffee machine installed in his apartment. High Pitch Eric also professes ichthyophobia, and flees in terror whenever the show staff bring dead fish near him. He also has tried unsuccessfully to imitate other people such as Gary Dell'Abate and even Kelly Clarkson in a prank phone call to Eric the Midget; this is referenced in the chorus of "We Are The Wack Pack," a parody of "We Are The World," "We are the Wack Pack, strange and retarded, we are the ones who think High Pitch is Kelly Clarkson." This lead to his much played sound drop, "Who's High Pitch?" in response to Eric the Midget recognizing his voice to be High Pitch Eric, and not Kelly Clarkson. He has, however, somewhat successfully fooled Eric the Midget into believing he was former show staffer KC Armstrong. As "KC" he created another much used sound drop of him saying, "Nice!" in the manner that KC would use it to emphasize something nasty or inappropriate. He called into the show the morning of September 11, 2001 to discuss the extremely trivial matter of which television stations were still on the air.

In 2009, Eric was attached to an upcoming biopic called "High Pitch Comes Out of the Closet". The cast is rumored to also include at least two major male porn stars. As of September 22, 2009, no further information was available although the project was still rumored to have a green light and an early 2010 shooting schedule.

High Register Sean

High Register Sean is a Buffalo Bills fan known for his high-pitched voice while stuttering. He battled John the Stutterer in a political debate called "Point Counter Pointless" on 6/1/09. John stormed out and swore never to work with him again and told him to die.

Irish John

Irish John is a regular caller to the show who works selling and renting construction equipment in the Bronx. He hangs out with the likes of High Pitch Eric, Angry Black, Double A, Eddie the Produce Guy. Irish John and Joey Boots have had an ongoing feud because of Joey's accusations that he is trying to buy his way on to the show. This feud escalated during the High Pitch Erik Craptacular and almost came to blows. His brother was featured on the show because he dated and slept with former porn star Tabitha Stevens. Irish John was also called by Howard TV to take part in their first national commercial filmed in Bloomfield, New Jersey in early April, and is set to premiere in late April. Also featured in the commercial are Nicole Bass, Siobhan, Double A, High Pitch Erik, and Eddie the Produce Guy. After High Pitch Erik was evicted, Irish John invited High Pitch to live with him along with his dog. Irish John told Howard that the tenants in his building were complaining about the dog, and that he would keep them there out of spite. When asked about how it is living with High Pitch Erik, Irish John said he was pretty neat, but because of the frequent usage of the air conditioning, he equated it to living with Mr. Freeze. Artie told Irish John that the colder his place is, the better, this way whatever was festering on High Pitch Erik would not be able to come to life. On September 12, 2007, Irish John competed in a segment to win a date with the ex-wife of Jackie "The Jokeman" Martling, along with 2 other contestants. The date went to a listener to the show Paulie, who is also known for his threatening on air calls to former mobster-turned-artist Henry Hill of Goodfellas fame.

Jeff the Drunk

Jeff The Drunk is an alcoholic with a paralyzed arm, who frequently gets into trouble because of his alcohol and drug problems. His paralyzed arm is the result of an injury suffered in a car accident. In 2007, he underwent several surgeries to remove a large ulcer and graft skin on his buttocks. Jeff lives in a trailer with his brother (since the death of his mother). He claims to have changed his number since accidentally mentioning it on air. He is known for drunken rants featuring the epithet "little bitch" and the catch-phrase "ni-i-ice."

On March 26, 2007, televangelist Bill Keller — who was making a guest appearance on The Howard Stern Show — counseled Jeff and offered to get him a job as a carpenter's assistant — Jeff's life-long dream.[8]

Jeff the Vomit Guy

Jeff the Vomit Guy has appeared on the show to meet women interested in emetophilia, a vomit fetish; due to the difficulty of finding willing participants, he usually resorts to paying prostitutes to vomit on him. On the show, a number of guests and show members have vomited on him, a practice known as a "Roman Shower". Jeff insists that he is strictly heterosexual and is only aroused by women's vomit. Levy seems to feel this practice is normal, and that people who do not enjoy this fetish are abnormal. He is a former garbage man and postal worker who receives Supplemental Security Income (SSI). He has been a guest on the Jerry Springer Show and was featured in Hustler magazine.

Joey Boots

Joey Boots has been a long-time regular caller and show guest, and used to be a regular on the Super Fan Round Table that airs at 7:00 pm Eastern on Thursdays on Howard 101 on Sirius Satellite Radio, until he stepped aside from doing the show because of conceptual disagreements with the host Mutt of Stern Fan Network. According to show producers Joey's presence and disruptions on the round table are not missed.

John the Stutterer

John the Stutterer first appeared on August 18, 1999, as a contestant who won the Dahm Triplets Dating Game.[2] A long-time virgin who once kissed one of his cousins, he had a brief career in the porn industry and has a fetish in oral sex. In 2004, John took part in the show's "Get John's Job" contest.

He currently hosts a semi-regular radio show on Howard 101 called Straight Talk.

Junior the Farter

Junior the Farter is a young man who can fart on command. He holds the record for most farts in a five-minute period (505 during a pre-show warm-up, and 464 during the actual show). Howard Stern has compared Junior the Farter to Muhammad Ali. First appearance: 3/13/2002.

King of All Blacks

King of All Blacks is an Englewood, New Jersey garbage man, and a frequent Stern caller. He claims to be the only black home-owner in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood. He currently is involved in a lawsuit against his employer, the local sanitation department, claiming he was sexually harassed by his female supervisor, leading to his demotion from the position of street sweeper. His many years of work in the sanitation industry has given him the uncanny ability to identify peoples' race or ethnicity based upon the trash they discard, a skill at which he proved adept when Howard put him to an on-air test. He is known for his knowledge of fancy lifestyles and criticizes other blacks for having poor style and taste. He was born into a wealthy family, and admits that he looks down on people with less money. He is known for mentioning brand names of expensive items he owns, especially Moen faucets, wearing a fur coat, and having cosmetic surgery to improve his appearance. Recently, he had his own show on Sirius Howard 100 (Sirius Satellite Radio) but was quickly canceled. First appearance: 12/2/1993.

Mark the Bagger (Mark Rothenberger)

Mark the Bagger is grocery bagger from Collegeville, Pennsylvania, who worked at a local ACME supermarket (which has since closed) and is a newer member of the Wack Pack. Mark is best known for his high-pitched voice. (In a prank call often played in early 2006, Mark tells High Pitch Eric that he is the new High Pitch Eric, which set off an ongoing feud between them). He claims to be bisexual, having engaged in sexual relations with a single man and a single woman in his lifetime. He was introduced to the show by The Bloodhound Gang on January 26, 2006 when they pitched Howard for their own radio show, with Mark as the announcer. During the pitch, Mark showed his penis to Howard (upon request), who commented on its very large size. Almost two years elapsed before Mark reappeared, explaining that his mother did not allow him to go places without the Bloodhound Gang. Mark returned to the show on March 17, 2008 after an almost two year absence. He explained that the reason for his absence was that his mother was upset with his homosexual confessions from his previous appearances. He has a role in Bam Margera's upcoming film, "Minghags". Mark the Bagger used to be called Wawa Mark by Ursinus College students and is also known as Mark from the Park (because he was often seen in Collegeville Park sitting on the swings singing while listening to his tape player). He also appears in the Movie Bam Margera Presents: Where the #$&% Is Santa?, which is apparently based around a bet that Mark the Bagger will not find a woman before Bam gets the real Santa Claus to come back to his home.

Mariann from Brooklyn

Mariann from Brooklyn is a frequent caller obsessed with Howard Stern and Artie Lange. Due to her gravelly and grating voice, Fred plays sounds of crows cawing when she calls (She likes to sing the line, "All I need is Howard in my life" to the tune of Enrique Iglesias' The Rhythm Divine). The first time the Stern crew met her in person, they were shocked to discover that she is not ugly. She recently rode the Sybian fully clothed and did not like it.

Mariann called the show on September 12, 2001 to report her sister-in-law missing from the September 11, 2001 attacks, who worked at Cantor Fitzgerald. It was later revealed she had perished that day.

Her sympathy, guidance and friendship with Wack Packers has lead to her be referred to as "The Wack Pack Den Mother."

On May 17, 2006, she called the show and tried to talk to Artie Lange about the dysfunctional situation with his girlfriend Dana. Lange became defensive, calling Mariann an "unfunny cunt", to which everyone responded in mild disgust, as Mariann seems to have good intentions. She "diagnosed" Lange with "Sad Clown Syndrome". She did not ask for an apology, but instead participated in Lange's roast on the evening of June 8, 2006. The two have since patched things up, though they are still known to be critical and occasionally butt heads with one another. On July 23, 2008; she called to criticize Lange after he spent several minutes insulting frequent Wrap Up Show caller "Pittsburg Pete," Artie responded by impersonating her and accusing her of being best friends with High Pitch Eric. When she defended Eric's problems by comparing them to Artie's heroin abuse, Lange said "I do heroin to forget that I know High Pitch Eric." It was later learned that he was in the midst of a drug relapse at the time. [9]

Melrose Larry Green

Melrose Larry Green once carried signs promoting Howard Stern at the intersection of Melrose and Highland Avenues in Los Angeles, California, near his apartment. He appeared on Howard's show after hounding "Stuttering" John Melendez and Gary "Baba Booey" Dell'Abate in a coffee shop. He previously performed standup comedy in Los Angeles and handed out a business card proclaiming to be a "C.P.A., Piano Player and Marathon Runner"[citation needed]. He is well known for screaming "Good morning, murderer" as O.J. Simpson headed to the court house during his trial. He had stated that he would also stand outside and scream at Simpson during his robbery trial.

While frequently calling (and sometimes appearing on) Stern's show during the 1990s, Green's time on the show has been curtailed since about the year 2000, and is currently only heard on brief call-ins before Howard disconnects him. Like other Wack Packers, Green has vied for greater fame. He self-published his biography, made several personal appearances, and had a cameo in a Madonna music video. Politically, he is right-leaning, and is a harsh critic of Bill and Hillary Clinton. First appearance: 3/27/1992.

Miss Howard Stern

Andrea Brooke Ownbey (born February 28, 1983) is a former stripper from Georgia who won the title 'Miss Howard Stern' contest on February 8, 2002 during The Howard Stern Show broadcast from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ownbey first appeared on Howard Stern's show on January 22, 2002, where she was billed "The World's Dumbest Stripper". She was home-schooled from the age of 15; Stern asked her some general knowledge questions, of which she got 2 out of 8 correct. She lives with her father, who once bought her breast implants in an unsuccessful bid to get her to stop stripping. Ownbey is notable for her baby voice, her "thank you" catch phrase, and her table dancing.

On the July 19, 2007 edition of The Howard Stern Show, Ownbey admitted to recently having her fifth abortion. On October 31, 2007 the first episode of "The Miss Howard Stern Show", a reality show starring Ownbey aired on Stern's On-Demand television network, Howard TV. On June 4, 2008 edition of "The Howard Stern Show", Ownbey announced she had larger breast implants put in because she said, "I wanted silicone and I went a bit bigger.".

On June 22, 2009, the convertible Ownbey was driving hit a telephone pole. She was thrown from the car, and suffered serious skull injuries and needed fluid drained from her brain.[10]

Nicole Bass

Nicole Bass is a large female bodybuilder and former professional wrestler often teased for her masculinity and deep voice. Fred Norris often impersonates her voice, especially during her appearances, using an impersonation of Fred Gwynne's Herman Munster character from The Munsters. First appearance: 5/26/1994.

Rappin' Granny

Rappin' Granny (a.k.a. Fruity Nutcake) is a coquettish 87-year-old, who performs rap songs for the show.

On May 8, 2006, she rode the Sybian[11] and had an orgasm. Several staffers were especially upset by the use of a combination of the Sybian and a cane. On September 12, 2006, she came into the studio for her birthday, and rode the Sybian again, this time with her granddaughter, Stacey.


Siobhan (pronounced /ʃɨˈvɑːn/) is a male-to-female transsexual often mocked by Stern and staff. In October 2006, Siobhan had sex with Dave Caron known as 'KDK', co-founder of Prank Call Underground Radio, for the first time. Richard Christy, assigned to document the event, supposedly vomited at the sight of her.

High Pitch Mike, a news producer for Howard 100 News, had Siobhan sit on his face as part of a contest to win a 50 inch TV. Mike won, however the prize allegedly still sits in a box, untouched because of the trauma he suffered.

Sour Shoes (Michael DelCampo)

Sour Shoes (who got his nickname because of bad foot odor) is a caller from Mahopac, New York known for singing and playing songs on his keyboard, as well as his imitations of radio personalities and members of staff. He has the ability to recall and play most pop songs on request. While claiming on-air to be in his late twenties, he announced on May 17, 2007 to being 32-years-old. Sour Shoes lives with his parents and works part-time helping autistic children, and claims to have graduated from St. John's University with a degree in Communications. He also does a dead-on impression of sports radio host Scott Ferrall, managing to fool several people.

Sour Shoes was also known as "Mike from Mahopac" on the now defunct Mike and the Mad Dog radio show, where he did impersonations of broadcasting personalities John Sterling, Howie Rose and Bob Murphy. Sour Shoes will call as "Mike from Mahopac" to the Boomer and Carton morning show on occasion.

Speech Impediment Man

Speech Impediment Man (also known as SIM) is a stand-up comedian from Nashville, Tennessee, with a speech impediment, often seen wearing a Superman outfit with the letters "SI" on his chest logo. He appeared multiple times on the show, in 1996 and 1997, and joined the Howard Stern Vegas Special in 2004. Now a frequent caller on The Jay Thomas Show as "Michael the Brain Damaged Comedian".

Underdog Lady

Underdog Ladymy girl</ref>[12] is a woman who does performance art pieces focusing on the exploits of the cartoon character Underdog, and believes the character was underserved by being comically portrayed on television. She often asserts that Underdog deserves to be considered among the pantheon of great superheroes, and uses her performance pieces to emphasize this belief. After a falling out with Stern, whom she came to view as vulgar and crude, she described him in an interview as a "classic supervillain". During attempts at reconciliation, Stern often tries to curry favor by mentioning that his father Ben Stern did the audio for the Underdog cartoon show. She made her longest show appearance yet on October 5, 2006, in a nineteen minute telephone interview before hanging up abruptly. During the conversation, she reluctantly admitted to having no sexual feelings for men, and was told as a young girl by a health education teacher that such feelings were wrong. The following day, she left a voicemail confiding to Howard's producer Gary "Bababooey" Dell'Abate that she was "deeply troubled" by Stern's frequently sexually-oriented questions. Stern noted that a cartoon was playing in the background as she recorded her message. In late 2008 she was given her own show on Howard 101. First appearance: 3/3/1992.

Wendy the Retard

Wendy the Retard is a frequent guest who is mentally handicapped. She was rendered as such because her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck prior to her birth. She called into the Stern show for the first time February 26, 2002 and appeared in Studio as a guest for the first time May 23, 2003, where she played a dating game with Beetlejuice and Gary the Retard.

She enjoys bumper bowling and singing pop song karaoke in her bedroom, as well as playing the drums. In many of her on-air telephone calls, she answers "yes" to any question from Stern, no matter how insulting or sexual. Based on her recent conversations with Daniel Carver, she may also be a racist—or merely just impressionable.

In addition to her frequent appearances on the Stern show, she is also a frequent caller on a central Florida morning radio talk show The Monsters in the Morning (on Real Radio 104.1 as well as XM Channel 152).

Will the Farter

Will the Farter can fart on command. At birth, his anus was flawed, and after doctors corrected it surgically he gained the ability to suck in and expel air from his rectum at will. In November 2006, Will the Farter proposed to his girlfriend, with a beautiful diamond engagement ring, while on air in Howard Stern's studio at Sirius. She accepted.

Yucko the Clown (Roger Black)

Yucko the Clown is a foul-mouthed insult comedian who dresses like a clown. He is a street performer who has been featured in several show contests and bits including the World's Meanest Listener contest in 2002, where he ended as runner-up to winner "The Reverend" Bob Levy.

He wears clown make-up, including the signature red clown nose, and carries a bugle horn which he honks to punctuate a punchline. He also refuses to be photographed or videotaped without his clown makeup with the exception of the Stankervision promo images and internet sketches from The Damn Show. It has been noted on the show that Yucko has never once washed his clown outfit.

Yucko was featured on a sketch comedy show titled "Stankervision" on MTV2, but was not renewed for a second season. Many of the skits and gags featured originated on a DVD that Yucko produced called The Damn Show.

Former Wack Packers

Big Mike

Big Mike can fart at will.

Bigfoot (Matthew McGrory)

Known on the show as the original Bigfoot, Matthew McGrory was an actor and was known for his height (7 ft 4 in (2.24 m)) and large feet. After gaining attention in films such as Bubble Boy and Big Fish, he stopped appearing on the show. He later gained fame as Tiny in the Rob Zombie films House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects. He died shortly after filming of The Devil's Rejects ended in 2005.

Blue Iris

Blue Iris, (January 21, 1947–May 8, 2009)[1], real name Ellen Niermer Pinsky, was from Burbank, California, performed in "granny porn", and guest-hosted the Howard 100 program Tissue Time with Heidi Cortez. She rode the Sybian on April 6, 2006. She occasionally performed as a stand-up comic with her comedy troupe 'The Ding Dong Show'. She reportedly had shock therapy in her twenties. Iris's popular catch phrases (used during Stern Show prank phone calls) include "I love a black cock," "Can I put my finger in your ass?", "This is better than rejuvenation," "I'm getting myself hot!", "I'm wearing a negligee," "I'm massaging my breasts," "Black girls, Black girls" and "Hurry up sonny, I've got a hot shit in the chamber!"

Her first Stern appearance was on February 4, 2004. On October 18, 2006, Artie Lange engaged in a ten-second French kiss on-camera with Blue Iris, to settle a bet made with pro wrestler Chris Kanyon when the New York Yankees failed to advance past the New York Mets in the 2006 Major League Baseball playoffs. On January 30, 2007, "Howard 100 News" (on Howard Stern Sirius channel 100) reported that Iris was hospitalized after suffering a stroke. On January 31, 2007 she called Stern's show to explain that she was experiencing weakness on her left side, as well as impaired verbal and math skills. In 2008 she had a seven-pound tumor removed from one of her ovaries. In April 2009, she suffered a heart attack which left her brain-dead and on life support.[13] Her family later removed her from life support.

Clif Palate

Clif Palate, also known as Lispy Lynn to North Texas listeners, was a Wack Packer whose speech was very difficult to understand. "Clif" claimed to have a cleft palate which was never surgically corrected, and was therefore on SSI for not being able to find employment. He lived at home with his mother, much like Jeff the Drunk Curro.

On March 7, 2006, he that he lied about his cleft palate, but insisted he had a speech impediment from a partially paralyzed tongue. Stern briefly considered renaming him Pinocchio on account of his dishonesty. Just six hours after admitting to Stern he had no cleft palate, he apparently collapsed and died from complications related to myelofibrosis and aneurysms on his kidneys. Many local Stern fans attended his funeral.

Doug Bady

Doug Bady was a little person with muscular dystrophy who hated Jerry Lewis and once participated in a Stern Show stunt in which he was hidden inside a trunk while talking to befuddled passersby in New York City. He appeared on the Sam Kinison album Leader of the Banned, and died in 1996.

Dr. Remulak

Obsessive-compulsive caller who would incessantly repeat the phrase "I am Dr. Remulak." The only person who could produce any other response from Remulak was Stuttering John Melendez. Remulak would only have conversations with Stuttering John during the call screening process. If he slipped up and said something other than his name to anyone else, he would supposedly smack himself.

Remulak asserted that he was in fact a doctor and had OCD. He never appeared in the studio, and is rumored to be a friend of Melendez who would call to increase Melendez' airtime. Remulak was never heard after Melendez' departure from the Stern Show.

Gina Girl

Gina Girl (pronounced like the end of the word 'vagina'). Debuted on Stern as a protégé of Crazy Jerry. Around `88 or `89 Howard invited undiscovered potential Wack Packers to call in to try and get invited to the Christmas party show. With her weird speech impediment (combined with Jerry's prodding in the background) she expressed her desire to come to the Super Bowl party on the show and do what she called, "a `gina-dance" (Jerry was trying to get her to say: "vagina dance"). Everyone looked forward to seeing the person that matched that voice and she did not disappoint.

The infamous `gina-dance ended in a chorus of the entire room chanting, "put it on, put it on..." Howard said, "probably the only time in my life I've ever averted my eyes to the sight of a naked woman."

Later she spoke of her "Mini" skirt and her love for "Tom Fruise" (Cruise). Within weeks her guardian found out about this and ordered Howard not to have her on the show, which Howard reluctantly had to accept. Previously, recordings of her were no-longer played on the air, and her parts had been edited out of produced bits she was a part of (e.g., the Speech Impediment Christmas Carol). This changed on the May 29, 2008 edition of the "Dracula Gottfried Meets the Wack Pack" special in which Gina Girl's segments were played in full.

Jerry later went out and found a postal worker who also had mental problems called, Gina man and basically at Jerry's prompting would yell out non sequiturs, the most famous being "This is Mother Theresa speaking from the bed, God don't want me yet, man, I got more feet to taste." Jerry and Gina Man can be seen on Howard Stern's US Open Sores video. Jerry has since retired to Florida.

Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf

Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf was an alcoholic dwarf known for his tirades and ongoing feud with Beetlejuice. Hank was a Rock 'n' Roll trivia expert winning a contest against Gary Dell'Abate while so intoxicated that he was literally falling off his stool. His death in September 2001 from complications due to alcoholism were mourned on the Howard Stern show until it was wiped from the front pages by the events of September 11th, 2001.

Hate Woman

Hate Woman (or Hate Lady) is another caller who makes very vocal her disgust of Howard, in particular, of his face. Over the years, she has left numerous voicemails (and possibly emails, as Howard once alluded to) obsessing over how gross Howard's face is, how large his nose is, and how freakish he looks. She has also composed songs and poems to this effect. She is notable for her grating New York accent and her "Yaaawzzaa!". Her most famous phrase is "I saw you..." (sounds like "I soar you" )with heavy emphasis on the word "saw" and proceeds to say that she saw Howard here or there and that he is hideously ugly. Show staffer Artie Lange used to imitate her delivery of that line.

Ian the Drunk

Ian the Drunk was a very well-spoken, very well-educated, and very obviously-intoxicated-at-early-morning-hours Russian man who would call into the show to insult and ridicule Stern. True to form, Stern would allow Ian to rant and rave, but would turn down the audio from the microphones to the telephone. Show participants could then freely ridicule each statement from Ian, who believed he had a rapt audience (This gag was also played on celebrities such as Richard Lewis, and Dick Cavett on whom Stern once hung up in mid-sentence).

Perhaps his funniest show moment occurred in December 1993 when Howard called Joe Walsh to put him on the phone with Ian while ranting. Walsh, also inebriated, tried (unsuccessfully) to have a reasonably coherent conversation with Ian. Ian was oblivious to the fact that he was talking on the phone to a world-renowned rock star, and Walsh seemed equally oblivious to the fact that Stern and company were having fun at his expense (A few months later, Walsh entered rehab and rejoined The Eagles for a new album and tour. As part of his recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism, Walsh "abstained" from Stern's radio show, which he had often visited while stoned. He eventually returned as a Stern Show guest in 2005). Ian was last heard on the show in November 2005, when he declared that he was to be deported to Ukraine.

Irene the Leather Weather Lady (Irene De Cook)

Irene De Cook, who played the Leather Weather Lady in Howard Stern's Private Parts was a leather designer and costumer for several recording artists including The Romantics, Eric Burdon of The Animals, Alice Cooper and Blondie's drummer, Clem Burke. She is also a radio personality, a make-up artist (on-call for Pope John Paul II for his 1987 Papal visit), and works as a webmistress.

DeCook was heard on The Howard Stern Show in Detroit, Michigan on WWWW Radio as "The Leather Weather Lady" from May 1980 through January 1981 (making her effectively the first Wack Packer). She also guested on 89X (Detroit/Windsor) morning drive radio from 1991–1992 as "The Leather Weather Lady". She appeared on an interview for "The History of Howard Stern" that aired on December 17, 2007.[14]

Joe Cancer

Joe Cancer was facially and vocally disfigured by cancer. His last appearance occurred during the 'Artie Lange vs the WNBA' special from Las Vegas, Nevada. During this appearance, he mentioned that he was no longer receiving treatment, and that he had already outlived doctors' expectations. Joe Cancer's death was confirmed on the air before the Stern show moved to Sirius.[citation needed]

King of All Messengers

King of All Messengers was a phony phone caller, whose real name was Chris. (He has not been heard from in several years).

Ponce de la Phone

Ponce de la Phone, like King of All Messengers, was a practitioner of prank phone calls whose work on the show has not been heard since the 1990s.

Quentin the Stutterer

Quentin the Stutterer was a man with a severe stuttering problem who stopped appearing on the show in 1992 at the request of his wife. In March 1997, Quentin attended the premiere of Private Parts and was a guest at the after-party show. He once appeared on Howard's Channel 9 show as a contestant trying to win a date with Tawny Kitaen. Quentin still stutters at his job with Verizon, where he is a Foreman for Splicers and Linemen at the garage in Pomona, Rockland County, New York.

Slow Adam

Slow Adam appeared on "Politically Incorrect With The Wack Pack", a segment where Bill Maher hosted a parody of his show with guests Slow Adam, Daniel Carver, Gary the Retard and Beetlejuice. Adam has not been on the show since May 2002. Gary Dell'Abate, the producer of the show, mentioned in late 2001 that the owner of the particular group home in which Adam was living, The Lamb Foundation in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, would not approve of his appearances, essentially forbidding him to be on the show.

Ted the Janitor (Ted Green)

Ted the Janitor was a janitor at WXRK, who made popular the game "Road", which he wanted to play with Robin. The hypothetical game would be played by having a woman lie down, whereupon Ted would "blacktop" her—ie, throw his body on top of her. He was on the show occasionally for his unique voice or just for everyone to hear him hit on Robin. The most memorable bit he was in was "Sukhreet & Ted's Excellent Adventure", a spoof on the movie "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure". The 'Sukhreet' refers to Sukhreet Gabel, daughter of Hortense W. Gabel, a former New York State Supreme Court justice. The raspy voiced "excellent" Fred used to play often was taken from that bit. He was also used in the many parodies of New York's first black mayor, David Dinkins.

Vin the Retard

Vin the Retard is a man with cerebral palsy who had a stand-up comedy act. Despite his nickname and speech impediment, Vin appears to have possess normal intelligence.

Wheelchair Steve

Wheelchair Steve received sexual favors as a show bit, for which his parents expressed gratitude. Gary Dell'Abate mentioned him briefly during the June 5, 2006 show, during the Wackipedia discussion with Eric the Midget.

Yaqi (the Tickler)

Yaqi is a lanky, gray-haired purveyor of tickling fetish-themed DVDs. During Yaqi's visits, women (of whom Jenna Jameson was most notable) were strapped to a specially designed "Tickle Chair" and subjected to prolonged tickling at the hands of Yaqi and Howard himself; Howard continued this routine long after Yaqi stopped appearing on the show.

Yaqi was known for recording speeches which sought to legitimize tickling as a healthy, life-affirming activity suitable for man, woman and child. Yaqi was a regular guest in early 2002 and sporadically thereafter. In August 2004, Yaqi called in to the show claiming to be terminally afflicted with sarcoidosis.


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