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Garyu is a brief villain in the No Need for Tenchi graphic novel series by Hitoshi Okuda. He appears in the volumes Ayeka's Heart and No Need for Endings. Garyu is the prince of the distant planet called Oku II. Garyu kidnapped Ayeka from Earth through hyperspace and the Tenchi gang began their search for their beloved Ayeka.

The motive for this kidnapping is that Garyu has a burning passion for Ayeka, the origins of this come from when he visits Jurai on a diplomatic trip. Garyu criticizes that Jurains are foolish to keep trees and plants for aesthetics and oxygen saying they take up too much space. Two children were playing with their pet bird nearby and the bird flew towards Garyu. Garyu without hesitation smashes the bird to the ground. Ayeka sees this and demands Garyu to apologize. Garyu senses Ayeka's strength and presence intrigues him but he refuses to apologize. Ayeka furious walks up to him and slaps him in the face. This was the first time he had ever been hit. Everyone had always feared his power and ability but not Ayeka. He has never stopped thinking of Ayeka ever since and his passion for her brings him to kidnap her and brainwash her to love him.



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