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Gastric volvulus
Classification and external resources
ICD-10 K31.8
ICD-9 537.89
DiseasesDB 32054
eMedicine med/2714 radio/296

Gastric volvulus or volvulus of stomach a twisting of all or part of the stomach by more than 180 degrees with obstruction of the flow of material through the stomach, variable loss of blood supply and possible tissue death. The twisting can occur around the long axis of the stomach, this is called organoaxial or around the axis perpendicular to this, called mesenteroaxial. Obstruction and ischemia are more likely in organoaxial twisting than with mesenteroaxial. About one third of the cases are associated with a hiatus hernia. Treatment is surgical.

The classic triad of gastric volvulus, described by Borchardt in 1904, consists of severe epigastric pain, retching without vomiting and inability to pass a nasogastric tube.


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