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Gems TV
Gems TV logo.svg
Launched 8 October 2004 (UK)[1]

29 November 2006 (USA)

Owned by Gems TV Limited
Picture format 576i (SDTV 16:9)
Country United Kingdom
United States
Headquarters Chanthaburi,Thailand
Formerly called
Gems TV Gold (UK only)
Replaced Factory Outlet (GTV 1)
Snatch It! (GTV 2)
Sister channel(s) Gems TV 2 (Deals Of The Day)
Website (UK) (USA)
Freeview (UK) Channel 30 (1) (00:00-02:00 on FIVER)
Available through US affiliates Check local listings
Sky Digital (UK & Ireland) Channel 652 (1)
Channel 656 (2)
Freesat (UK & Ireland) Channel 805 (1)
DirecTV (USA) Channel 233
Dish Network (USA) Channel 226
Virgin Media (UK) Channel 755 (1)
Channel 756 (2)

Gems TV is jewellery based, reversed auction shopping channel headquartered in Chanthaburi,Thailand. It first launched in the UK on 8 October 2004 on Sky Digital.[1] Soon afterwards, it launched on other platforms. It is currently available on Sky Digital, Virgin Media, Freesat and Freeview. The UK operations is based at Eagle Road Studios in Redditch, near Birmingham.

Gems TV launched initially in the US on 30 August 2007 on Dish Network and then subsequently in November 2006 on DirecTV. Gems TV was also available in Germany until June 2008.

For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2009, revenues amounted to $162.16 million, down 31% from the previous year, with a gross profit of $53 million.[2]


Brief History/Information

Gems TV buys cut and polished gems, handcrafts the products and then sells them through its television channels, hence its motto 'Cutting out the middlemen' and its claim that it can consistently undercut the High Street.

The company claims to sell the world's widest variety of gems, including rarities such as Block D Tanzanite. The channel utilizes a falling price auction game, known as Snatch It!.

Its two main competitors in the United Kingdom are The Jewellery Channel, another shopping channel which operates as an almost identical production, and also using falling price techniques and Rocks & Co, which is partly owned by JML Direct. Another channel, Jewellery Vault, launched shortly after Gems TV but has since closed down.

Its main gem production facilities are in Chanthaburi, Thailand. It has recently merged with Thaigem.

Gems TV launched a United States operation in November 2006. On television, the channel was available exclusively on DirecTV, but in 2007 The Jewellery Channel also started broadcasting on this service and other platforms across the entire US. On January 15, 2007, Gems TV also became available through select cable providers in the U.S. and some TV affiliates such as KLDT in Lake Dallas, Texas. The channel is also streamed live at the company's US website. On August 30, 2007, Gems TV became available on Dish Network.

Gems TV originated as the shopping channel Snatch It!. This channel was later bought by Thaigem and relaunched as Gems TV.

Gems TV currently employs around 1,100 people worldwide, many of whom work in Administration (Call Centre, Customer Services). Gems TV is expected to expand its TV line in Asia, however In May 2008 an announcement was made to staff in Gems TV's German operation that it was to be closed down.

Sister Channels

In the UK, Gems TV has a sister channel, named Gems TV 2 or as it is now often referred to Deals Of The Day and up until November 2009, a second sister channel, Gems TV 3.

Gems TV 2 launched on 12 May 2005, after replacing Gems TV's former sister channel, Snatch It!. During the closing down of Snatch It!, it was announced that the new channel was going to be called Gems TV Silver, after a successful trial of Sterling Silver jewellery a few months previous. However, it wasn't until launch that it was decided that Gems TV would become known as Gems TV Gold and the new channel to be simply known as Gems TV. After a few months into the new venture, it became apparent that the venture wasn't as successful as Gems TV Gold. It was then decided Gems TV Gold reverted back to Gems TV and the second channel becoming known as Gems TV 2 and that both channels would show a mixture of Gold and Sterling Silver jewellery. Since launch, the channel has used the same reverse auction format as Gems TV 1 and broadcast live between 08:00 to 02:00. In late 2008/early 2009, the channel reduced its live hours to 15:00 to 23:00. During its downtime, it simulcast Gems TV 3. It wasn't until 2009 that Gems TV was officially referred to as Gems TV 1 and its hours were extended to 07:00 to 02:00, despite the reduction on Gems TV 2.

On 31 July 2009, Gems TV 2 ceased all live output and moved the pre-recorded 'Deal Of The Day' material from Gems TV 3 to Gems TV 2. The channel is only available on Sky Digital 656, Virgin Media 756 and via a live stream on the website. The channel is now often referred to as Deals Of The Day.

Gems TV 3 was exclusive to Sky Digital 670 and relaunched on 14 January 2009. The channel was previously available between 2003 and 2004. Its format was different to its sister channels. Gems TV 3 used a fixed priced format to show a number pieces of jewellery for 24 hours, on a loop from 08:00 to 08:00 the following day or until the stock had run out. The channel was simulcast on Gems TV 2 when its live reverse auctions were off air, allowing the channels content to be available to Virgin Media viewers. A live stream was also available on the website. The channel was also known as the 'Deal Of The Day' channel.

On 1 August 2009, following the end of live output on Gems TV 2 the day before, Gems TV 3 started simulating Gems TV 1 24 hours a day and the 'Deal Of The Day' content moved over to Gems TV 2.

On 2 November 2009, Gems TV 3 was removed from Sky Digital channel 670.

It was announced by local news channel 8 KOLO in Reno Nevada that GemsTV USA will be closing it's doors next month (April 2010) after a 3 year run.


Complaints have been made to Gems TV UK and upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority for misleading customers in July and August 2005[3][4] and again in August 2008[5].

Several allegations have been made against Gems TV UK. The three main criticisms that were upheld were: that products supplied to customers were of inferior quality to those featured on air; that inferences that prices customers pay on Gems TV are lower than the high street were unsubstantiated; and that suggestions that some products had 'healing properties' were misleading and unacceptable.

Gems TV has also been featured on the BBC's "You and Yours" programme[6] for similar reasons.

On the 1 February 2010, the manufacturing operations at its factory in Chanthaburi, Thailand was closed down due to the change in sourcing and manufacture. The new strategic decision to fully outsource its gemstone jewellery supply was aimed at reducing operating costs, increaing supply, improving manufacturing flexibility and the main reason of increasing profit margins. This was one of the principles the company was originally well known for - Going direct to the mines and handcrafting gem set jewellery in their own in-house facilities. The consequence of this has resulted in a large number of redundancies. [7]


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