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Gene Simmons Family Jewels
Format Reality television
Created by Gene Simmons
Leslie Greif
Adam Reed
Starring Gene Simmons
Shannon Tweed
Nick Simmons
Sophie Simmons
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 60
Running time 23 minutes
Original channel A&E
Original run August 7, 2006 (2006-08-07) – present
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Gene Simmons Family Jewels is an American reality television series that premiered on A&E on August 7, 2006. The show follows the life of KISS bassist and vocalist Gene Simmons, his longtime partner Shannon Tweed, and their two children, Nick (born 1989) and Sophie (born 1992). The show is similar to The Osbournes in that it follows a rock star and his family through their everyday lives. Season four ran from June 7, 2009 until August 16, 2009.


Episode guide


Season 1 (2006)

  1. "Happily unmarried"
  2. "Driving crazy me"
  3. "Next Generation Rock Star"
  4. "Gene's Addiction"
  5. "Horsin' Around"
  6. "Food or mony?"
  7. "Fan...tastic"
  8. "Sexercise!"
  9. "Loose Change"
  10. "The Demon Lives"
  11. "Shrinkwrapped"
  12. "The Un-Anniversary"
  13. "Behind "

Season 2 (2007)

  1. "Under the Knife?"
  2. "A Bun in the Oven?"
  3. "Gene's Big Mouth"
  4. "Nice Day for a Facelift"
  5. "Face Off"
  6. "Stir Crazy"
  7. "Snowblind"
  8. "Coming Out Party"
  9. "The Wingman"
  10. "Growing Pains"
  11. "Master Gene Theatre"
  12. "British Invasion."
  13. "All Grown Up"
  14. "Rich Dad"
  15. "Alpha Male"
  16. "Sucker Bet"
  17. "...And They're Off!"
  18. "Trapped in Paradise"
  19. "Genetopia"
  20. "Fact or Fiction?"
  21. "Uncle Gene Wants You" - Gene and Sophie go to Camp Pendleton and train as U.S. Marines.
  22. "It Was A Very Good Year" - Recap of Season 2 and deleted scenes.

Season 3 (2008)

  1. "Gene's Best Friend"
  2. "Liar Liar Tongue on Fire"
  3. "The Brutal Truth"
  4. "Before The Flood"
  5. "Knock, Knock, Who's There?"
  6. "Swinging Gene"
  7. "Something's Fishy"
  8. "Nail Me"
  9. "Shannon B. Demille"
  10. "Lil Gene"
  11. "Ladies of the Night"
  12. "Sophie Couture"
  13. "Viewer Mail"
  14. "Mommy Makeover"
  15. "Gene the Apprentice"
  16. "Gene's Ego Trip"
  17. "Roasting of the Roast"
  18. "Shannon to the Rescue"
  19. "Homeymoon at Last"
  20. "Power Outage"
  21. "Nick after Dark"
  22. "South of the Border"
  23. "Happy Birthday...To Whom?"
  24. "Raw & Uncut"
  25. "X-Gene"
  26. "Homesick"
  27. "Fan Favorites"
  28. "Gene Harmony"
  29. "Gene Down Under" [1]

The season 3 DVD is missing the episode "Roasting of the Roast".

Season 4 (2009)

-Season 4 premiered on June 7, 2009 with a one hour premiere at 9:00 p.m. Two new 30-minute episodes air every Sunday at 9:00 p.m. on A&E, with the exception of "Godfather Gene" which is an hour long.

  1. "Sophie's Sweet 16" (June 7, 2009)- Gene throws Sophie her Sweet 16 party.
  2. "Memphis Blues" (June 14, 2009)- Gene and Nick visit Memphis, and Nick sings the blues.
  3. "Fireman Gene" (June 14, 2009)- Gene's mom sets him up to teach fire safety at a fundraiser.
  4. "Godfather Gene" (June 21, 2009)- Gene is chosen by "Uncle Tony" to be his grandson's godfather.
  5. "Economic Stimulus" (June 28, 2009)- Gene visits New York to ring the Stock Exchange bell.
  6. "Slumber Party" (June 28, 2009)- Gene has to monitor Sophie's slumber party.
  7. "The Night From Hell" (July 12, 2009)- Sophie puts a cheating boyfriend through the wringer.
  8. "Who Dunnit?" (July 12, 2009)- Shannon guilts the family into throwing a themed-party.
  9. "Grapes of Wrath" (July 19, 2009)- Gene doesn't want to offend an investor.
  10. "Puppy Love" (July 19, 2009)- Gene tries to find a new dog for his nephews, and lends them Snippy.
  11. "Dirty Little Secrets" (July 26, 2009)- Gene and Nick are both caught in embarrassing situations that they must hide from Shannon.
  12. "Movin' Out" (July 26, 2009)- Nick decides it's time to leave the nest after a foreign exchange student moves in for the summer.
  13. "Derby Queen" (August 2, 2009)- The 3 kids convince Shannon to return to acting.
  14. "Fresh Meat" (August 2, 2009)- While Shannon is recovering from an accident, Gene handles the day-to-day household chores; Nick entertains a friend and his mother.
  15. "Gene the Slacker" (August 9, 2009)- When Gene finds himself with a week of nothing to do, the family gets a sense of what it would be like if he didn't work so much and hatches a plan to show him their appreciation.
  16. "Rootin Tootin Gene" (August 9, 2009)- Gene travels to Nashville as a favor to KISS' manager and takes a promising but bickering country band under his wing.
  17. "Sex and Rock n' Roll" (August 16, 2009)- Nick's band hits a roadblock when all of their gear is stolen moments before their debut gig. Meanwhile Shannon convinces Gene to be social and attend a dinner party that unknowingly has another agenda.
  18. "Letters Lost" (August 16, 2009)- While Gene is in Japan filming a monster movie, Shannon and Tracy go antiquing and buy a piece of furniture that sends them on a search for its original owner.

Season 5 (2010)

-Season 5 is set to premiere March 21, 2010 on A&E. The season is reported to have 20 episodes.

DVD releases

Seasons one, two, and three have been released on DVD. A&E renewed the series for a second season featuring 20 episodes, which began on March 25, 2007. On June 8, 2007, A&E also renewed the series for a 24-episode third season. The show is the second highest rated show on A&E, only behind Dog the Bounty Hunter.[2] Season 2 premiered on March 11, 2008.[3] Season 3 premiered in June 2008. Season 4 premiered on A&E on Sunday, June 7, 2009 at 10 PM.[4]

In Australia, the show is shown on the Bio Channel every Wednesday at 8:30pm on Foxtel and Austar. All three seasons were played back to back ending on April 1, 2009.


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