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Logo geneious.gif
Developer(s) Biomatters Ltd.
Stable release 4.8.2 / 30 November 2009
Operating system Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris
Platform Java
Type Bioinformatics
License commercial (Pro), free for academic use (Basic)

Geneious is a commercial, cross-platform bioinformatics application developed by Biomatters Ltd.



Geneious comes in a Basic version that is free for academic use, and a commercial Pro version with added features. Geneious bundles various bioinformatics tools under one hood with an easy-to-use email-client-like interface. See the release notes for a full list of features.

  • Fast de novo and reference assembly
  • Sequence searching (NCBI, PFam, Uniprot, BLAST) and publication searching (PubMed, Entrez)
  • Automated search agents and smart agents - smart agents can be trained to search for other related documents
  • Sequence alignment and sequence viewing - BLAST, MUSCLE, translation alignment, ClustalW on Greenbutton super-computer
  • Motif search and open reading frame prediction
  • Genome and protein annotations
  • Phylogenetic tree building UPGMA, Neighbour joining with bootstrapping and consensus trees, PAUP* and PhyML plugin
  • Contig assembly and chromatogram editing
  • in silico cloning and Gateway cloning - Restriction digest, insert and ligate into vector, add attB sites, PB reaction, LR reaction
  • PCR Primer design - designing and testing, degenerate primers, mismatches and multiple primer searching, implementation of Primer3
  • Protein structure viewer
  • Collaborate and share data over the internet
  • Teach bioinformatics - Create tutorials with direct links to material in Geneious
  • Public API to develop free bioinformatics plugin by the community
  • Sassafras K2 license server support
  • Various standard bioinformatics applications such as ClustalW, MrBayes, EMBOSS, Mauve, MUSCLE and PAUP*


As of 2009, Geneious has over 100,000 user downloads from over 900 universities and institutes in more than 50 countries. The commercial version, Geneious Pro, is used by researchers at all 20 of the world's top 20 universities, as ranked by Times Higher Eduction in 2009[1][2 ]. It has gathered attention on GenomeWeb,[3] BioInform, Bio-IT World[4] and bioinformatics blogs.[5][6][7]

Geneious was the #1 bioscience download on in 2006, and remains the #1 bioinformatics software download on to this day.


In 2009, Biomatters Ltd. was awarded the Westpac Emerging Exporter of the Year at the Air New Zealand Cargo Auckland Export Awards.[8]

Also in 2009, Biomatters Ltd. was awarded the Recruit IT Innovative Software Product Award at the PriceWaterhouseCoopers New Zealand Hi-Tech Awards for Geneious in conjunction with Massive software[9] and Geneious was a Global Finalist in the IT and Informatics category at the Bio-IT World Awards in Boston.

In 2007, Geneious was awarded the World Summit Award in the category e-science[10] and a Computerworld Excellence award for innovative use of ICT.[11]

Also in 2007, the co-founder of Geneious and Director of the Board at Biomatters, Dr Alexei Drummond won the Royal Hamilton Memorial Prize for Contributions to Computational Biology for developing Geneious.[12 ]


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