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General Georgi Koskov
Character from the James Bond franchise
General Georgi Koskov by Jeroen Krabbe 2.jpg
Affiliation KGB/Brad Whitaker
Portrayed by Jeroen Krabbé

General Georgi Koskov is a fictional character and the main antagonist in the James Bond film The Living Daylights. He was portrayed by Jeroen Krabbé.

Koskov is a corrupt Soviet general in business for himself, who carefully plays both sides of the Cold War. Initially, Koskov gives the impression of a somewhat anxious pawn in the battle between the Soviet Union and the West, when he is, in reality, a mastermind using all means to his own advantage. He dotes on his mistress, Kara Milovy, giving her all manner of expensive gifts, but when necessary will readily sign her death warrant.

Koskov fakes his own defection using Milovy as a sniper to make it look real. James Bond is assigned in aiding him across the border into Austria. Koskov is, however, working with Brad Whitaker in an illicit arms and drug deal. At a safe house in England, Koskov falsely and deliberately fingers KGB head General Pushkin as the mastermind of "Smiert Shpionam" or "Death to Spies," a plot to kill off American and British spies, knowing that the setup will lead to Pushkin's assassination, with Bond acting as the assassin. With Pushkin dead, he then engages in a three-way arms deal with Whitaker and Colonel Feyador in Afghanistan, obtaning opium worth enough for Koskov to obtain a large amount of arms. Once the deal ends, Koskov will return to Russia with the arms and Bond in tow so he can gain control of the KGB. Luckily, Bond suspects the truth and helps Pushkin fake his death to force Koskov into the open. However, Koskov tricks Milovy into distrusting Bond and kidnaps them both, taking them to Feyador's airbase in Afghanistan via airplane from Tangier. However, they escape and Bond destroys the opium and later takes Whitaker down. It is then that Koskov is arrested by Pushkin, and it is implied that he is to be executed when Pushkin orders that he be put on the next plane to Moscow in a diplomatic bag. Koskov is one of the few Bond villains not to have been killed on screen.




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