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General Zahl
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Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Doom Patrol v.1 #121
In-story information
Full name Zahl
Notable aliases Captain Zahl
Abilities Military training

General Zahl is a DC Comics villain. He first appeared in Doom Patrol v.1 #121.[1]



General Zahl is a former Nazi U-boat captain who tangled from time to time with the Doom Patrol, originally as "Captain Zahl."

As a U-boat captain, Zahl was ruthless and effective, achieving the highest kill number of any commander in the German fleet. After the fall of the Nazis, Captain Zahl worked as a mercenary, until a conflict with the Doom Patrol forced him into retirement. Later, Zahl (now calling himself "General Zahl") assisted Madame Rouge in apparently killing the Doom Patrol. Madame Rouge had previously succeeded (also apparently) in destroying the other members of the Brotherhood of Evil.[1]

Years later, Changeling, Robotman, and the Teen Titans tracked down Zahl and Rouge. In the conflict, bullets ricocheted from Robotman's chest, killing Zahl.[1]

Powers and abilities

Zahl is a skilled military commander and soldier, but has no superhuman powers.


General Zahl apparently inspired the character General Skarr, originally featured on Evil Con Carne and now a supporting character on The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

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