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Generator Rex
Genre Animation General
Format Animation
Created by Man of Action
Country of origin  United States
Language(s) English, episodes are available in Spanish via SAP
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes TBA
Running time 30 Minutes
Production company(s) Cartoon Network Studios
Original channel Cartoon Network
Original airing April 23 2010
Status Upcoming Show
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Generator Rex is Cartoon Network's upcoming series in April 2010. "Generator Rex" is from Man of Action, creators of Ben 10. John Fang of Cartoon Network Studios serves as supervising director.



15 year old Rex is infected by nanites called evos and can now grow incredible machines out of his body. Recruited by an organization called Providence, he travels the world investigating a host of biological mutations that were created by the same nanites that gave Rex his powers.



Rex the titular character of the series is a Amnesiac Evo (apparently a slang variation of the word Evolution) like all of the "Evo's" he has suffered a unique mutation, his being the ability to grow machines out of his body for virtually any occasion and then absorb them back into himself when done. Agent Six believes that there is something wrong with him (aside from the amnesia and Nanites) and believes that the reason why he's struggling with his nanites is because of his inability to control his emotions. Rex often vents his frustrations (such as the size of his room and the "all work and no play" outlook of Agent Six) by riding around the Evo habitat on his motor bike and breaking out of the base to go on "Road Trips" with Bobo Haha.

Bobo Haha

Bobo Haha is an Evo (as apparent by his ability to talk) monkey who is Rex's sidekick. He wears a eye patch and fez. At one point he stated that he's a bad influence. Aside from the ability to talk he seems to be a completely normal monkey. In the concept art he's shown using a pair of laser pistols and it's likely the same goes for the series. He is voiced by John DiMaggio.

Agent Six

Agent Six is an agent of "Providence", a secret organization dedicated to capturing and deactivating the Evo's. He wears a green suit with a black tie and black sunglasses. Due to his strict by-the-book personality it's made clear that he only tolerates Rex and by extension any Evo on the side of good because they help stop the aggressive or dangerous Evo's. In the concept art he's shown using a pair of high-tech beyonettes. He is voiced by Wally Kurth.

Agent Seven

Agent Seven is a scientist for "Providence", a secret organization dedicated to capturing and deactivating Evo's. She is usually seen wearing a lab coat, an orange top, and knee-high boots. She is depicted as the polar opposite of Agent Six, as she is much more in-tune with her emotions, in response to Agent Six's stoic nature. She is the only one who sees Rex as more than a machine. She repeatedly tries to convice Six to try to relate to Rex, as she understands what he goes through with his amnesia and the pressure put on him by Providence. She may have a crush on agent Six as she tried to hold his hand but as of yet has been rejected due to his stoic nature.


A list of all the known Evo's beside Rex and Bobo Haha.

  • Tree evo - a tree like Evo slightly taller then a man shown living in the Evo habitat and attacking Rex and Bobo while they were joy riding around the habitat.
  • Mel - a crocodile Evo with multiple tongues easily the size of a train and as of yet the only Evo, besides Rex, to be named on screen. Seen trying to eat Rex and Bobo apparently because province forgot to feed it.
  • Promo Evo - a giant humanoid Evo with Greyish Blackish skin and a body covered in mutilated faces seen fighting Rex in a promo for the show.
  • Blob Evo - a Giant, obese, white skinned, humanoid Evo seen fighting Rex, Six, and Bobo in the promotional art.

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