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Geniohyoid muscle
Geniohyoid muscle.PNG
Anterior view. Geniohyoid muscle labeled at upper center left
Extrinsic muscles of the tongue. Left side.
Latin musculus geniohyoideus
Gray's subject #112 393
Origin Symphysis menti
Insertion    hyoid bone
Nerve C1 and hypoglossal nerve (XII) via ansa cervicalis
Actions carry hyoid bone and the tongue upward during deglutition

The Geniohyoid muscle is a narrow muscle situated superior to the medial border of the mylohyoid muscle.


Origin and insertion

It arises from the inferior mental spine, on the back of the symphysis menti, and runs backward and slightly downward, to be inserted into the anterior surface of the body of the hyoid bone; it lies in contact with its fellow of the opposite side. It thus belongs to the suprahyoid muscles. The nerve supply to geniohyoid is from C1 running with the hypoglossal nerve.


During the first act of deglutition, when the mass of food is being driven from the mouth into the pharynx, the hyoid bone and with it the tongue, is carried upward and forward by the anterior bellies of the Digastrici, the Mylohyoidei, and Geniohyoidei. It also assists in depressing the mandible


It may be blended with the one on opposite side or double; slips to greater cornu of hyoid bone and Genioglossus occur.

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