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Category Serif
Designer(s) Victor Gaultney
Date released 2003

Gentium (Latin for of the nations) is an open Unicode serif typeface designed by Victor Gaultney and released under the SIL Open Font License [OFL],[1] which permits modification and redistribution.

Gentium defines roughly 1,500 glyphs covering almost all of the range of Latin characters used worldwide, as well as monotonic and polytonic Greek, designed to flow in harmony with the Latin. Support for Cyrillic is under development.


History and related typefaces

Gentium comes with a second font, GentiumAlt (for Gentium Alternative), which contains flatter diacritics intended to improve the appearance of letters with multiple diacritics, as well as a glyph variant of the Greek circumflex that resembles an inverted breve. Since November 2007, a bold version of Gentium is available, but only in a separate "basic" font family that does not include the full range of glyphs, especially most Greek letters; these fonts are said to be in beta testing and are intended to provide a boldface weight for general applications in the interim while the full bold character set is developed.[2]


The Open Font License

The ongoing development of the font welcomes contributions from its users.[3] Gentium was released under the Open Font License on November 28, 2005. Other typefaces released under the OFL include Charis SIL and Doulos SIL.



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