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Republic of Ghana
Map of Ghana
Continent Africa
Geographic coordinates 8°00′N 2°00′W / 8°N 2°W / 8; -2
 - Total
 - % water
Ranked 77th
238,540 km²
3.5% (8,520 km²)
Coastline 700 km
Highest point Mount Afadjato, 880 m
Lowest point Atlantic Ocean, 0 m
Longest river Volta River Man Made
Largest inland body of water Lake Volta
Land Use
 - Arable land
 - Permanent
 - Permanent
 - Forests and
 - Other

12 %

7 % 22 % 35 %
24 % (1993 est.)

Climate: Tropical
HDI Index ----
Natural resources gold, timber, industrial diamonds, bauxite, manganese, fish, rubber, hydropower
Environmental issues drought, deforestation, overgrazing, soil erosion, poaching, habitat destruction, water pollution, drinking water
Satellite image of Ghana, generated from raster graphics data supplied by The Map Library

Ghana is a country in West Africa, along the Gulf of Guinea, just a few degrees north of the equator.

Location and size

Ghana, which lies in the center of the West African coast, shares 2,093 km of land borders with the three French-speaking nations of Burkina Faso (548 km) to the north, Côte d'Ivoire (668 km) to the west, and Togo (877 km) to the east. To the south are the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean.

With a total area of 238,533 square kilometers, Ghana is about the size of the United Kingdom, or slightly smaller than Oregon. Its southernmost coast at Cape Three Points is 4° 30' north of the equator. From here, the country extends inland for some 670 kilometers to about 11° north. The distance across the widest part, between longitude 1° 12' east and longitude 3° 15' west, measures about 560 kilometers. The Greenwich Meridian, which passes through London, also traverses the eastern part of Ghana at Tema.

Maritime claims:
contiguous zone: 24 nmi (44.4 km; 27.6 mi)
continental shelf: 200 nmi (370.4 km; 230.2 mi)
exclusive economic zone: 200 nmi (370.4 km; 230.2 mi)
territorial sea: 12 nmi (22.2 km; 13.8 mi)

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