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This article is about the mass murderer. For other uses, see George Banks (disambiguation).
George Banks
Birth name George Emil Banks
Penalty Sentenced to death
Date September 25, 1982
Location(s) Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, United States
Killed 13
Injured 1

George Emil Banks is a Pennsylvania mass murderer, given a death sentence but later declared by the court to be too psychotic to execute. Banks, a former Camp Hill prison guard, shot 13 people to death in 1982 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, including five of his own children. Banks said he killed his children because he felt they would be tormented by the cruelty of racial views against mixed race children. Since his conviction, Banks has tried to kill himself four times and has gone on hunger strikes that required him to be force fed. A psychiatric report filed in the case says Banks believes he is in a spiritual fight with an Antichrist in New York, that Pennsylvania was controlled by the Islamic religion and he has engaged in a "private war with President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky".


  1. Sharon Mazillo (24), Former girlfriend of George Banks and was engaged in a custody dispute over their son, Kissmayu Banks.
  2. Kissmayu Banks (5), The son of Sharon Mazzillo and George Banks.
  3. Scott Mazzillo (7), Nephew of Sharon Mazzillo.
  4. Alice Mazzillo (47), Sharon Mazzillo's mother.
  5. Regina Clemens (29), Girlfriend of George Banks.
  6. Montanzima Banks (6), The daughter of Regina Clemens and George Banks.
  7. Susan Yuhas (23), Girlfriend of George Banks, sister of Regina Clemens.
  8. Boende Banks (4), The son of Susan Yuhas and George Banks.
  9. Mauritania Banks (20 months), Daughter of Susan Yuhas and George Banks.
  10. Dorothy Lyons (29), Girlfriend of George Banks.
  11. Nancy Lyons (11), Daughter of Dorothy Lyons.
  12. Foraroude Banks (1), The son of Dorothy Lyons and George Banks.
  13. Raymond F. Hall Jr. (24), Bystander who had been attending a party across the street.

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