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Song by Elton John

from the album A Single Man

Released October 16, 1978
Recorded January-September 1978
Genre Gospel, country
Length 4:50
Label MCA (US/Canada)
Rocket Records
Writer Elton John, Gary Osborne
Producer Clive Franks, Elton John
A Single Man track listing
"Part-Time Love"
"Shooting Star"

"Georgia" is a song by Elton John with lyrics by Gary Osborne. It is the seventh track off his 1978 album, A Single Man.

Musical structure

As many of his other songs, John's main inspiration here is gospel. However, it has also got a certain "Southern" feel over it, adding a choir reminiscent of those heard in the slave plantations in the 1800s. John plays both harmonium and church organ on the song. There is also a pedal steel guitar featured, creating a country-esque feel. It also plays the solo. The heavy choir featured in the songs chorus features John's then-owned football team, Watford F.C..

The pedal steel guitar was provided by B.J. Cole, who had previously worked with John on his Tumbleweed Connection and Madman Across the Water albums.

Lyrical meaning

This song could easily be an homage to Ray Charles' "Georgia on My Mind". It basically just praises the state of Georgia, its weather, its people and the atmosphere. However, there seem to be a doubt from the writer:

"Times are changing down in Georgia, though not always for the best. Give me 35 good acres, Lord, and let the progress take the rest".

The song also appeared as the b-side to Elton's 1979 single, "Johnny B. Goode" from his disco album Victim of Love when released in the United States. It did not appear on any other album and was rarely, if ever, played in concert.




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