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Geraldine Harris (born 1951), aka Geraldine Harris Pinch, is an author (of both fiction and non-fiction) and Egyptologist.[1] She is a member of the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford.

Her works include the Seven Citadels quartet and numerous information text books about Egypt.

Partial bibliography

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  • "Seven Citadels" series
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    • The Children of the Wind, Greenwillow, 1982.
    • The Dead Kingdom, Greenwillow, 1983.
    • The Seventh Gate, Greenwillow, 1983.
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  • Egyptian Mythology: A Guide to the Gods, Goddesses, and Traditions of ancient Egypt. Oxford University Press, 2004. ISBN 0-19-517024-5
  • Contributor to journals, including Folklore and Orientalia.


  1. ^ She uses her married name, Pinch, for academic Egyptology publications,and her maiden name, Harris, for material written for children.[1]

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