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Gerbert is a Christian-based children's television series, the namesake of which is a puppet reflecting moral positivity. The Gerbert TV series was created by HSH Educational Media Inc. in 1987. The TV series first aired on The Family Channel. Gerbert was performed by Andy Holmes. Along with Andy, other writers include Greg Perkins and Mark Holmes. The first shows were taped in Virginia Beach, Virginia at the CBN studios and all other shows were taped in Irving, Texas at the Studios at Las Colinas. A number of years later, Barney was also produced at the Studios at Las Colinas.

Brad Smith and Chris Christian were executive producers of the series and owned HSH Educational Media Inc. The music was primarily written by Joe Ninowski, Chris Christian, and Andy Holmes which was owned and administered by LCS Music Group Inc. in Dallas, Texas. Joe Ninowski and Chris Christian were the series music producers.

Nelson Coates served as the series' original Art Director/Designer. Mark McCord was Art Director for the last two seasons. Mark McCord also created "insert segments" including "McCordians" and "Binney Brush".

Gerbert's friends include Miles, Stu, his teacher Miss Deegan, and a variety of multi-ethnic children. Gerbert teaches children about kindness and friendship, and the importance of loving your neighbor. He continually shares the love he has for all types of people on the show. Despite his physical differences from the other characters, who are all live actors, it is never acknowledged that he is any different from his friends or classmates.

His show first aired in the mornings on the old CBN Cable network (now ABC Family) from 1988-1991, and was also sold as a video series in WalMart and Christian book stores. Gerbert has aired on Christian television stations and networks continuously since its 1988 debut. A secular version, with the religious material edited out and replaced, was produced for PBS in the mid-1990s.

At the end of many episodes of Gerbert, the camera would zoom into a dark hole in a hollow tree, cutting to a 3-4 minute episode of Ploom. Ploom was a white, plume-like puppet who could speak only in nonsense syllables.

Gerbert's adventures

Gerbert goes on various adventures, which are shown in his television series. In one episode, "Loving my Neighbor", Gerbert is sad because he thinks that his friends and neighbors have forgotten his 5th birthday. He sulks in his room, talking to his stuffed lion Roary. Meanwhile, Miles, Miss Deegan, and company are planning his surprise party. Gerbert is pleased when he later finds his room decorated and ready for a party. He opens gifts such as a dollar-store porcelain animal, a black and white photo, and a football (that is too big for him). Everyone sings an upbeat birthday song to Gerbert and, after donning some 3-D glasses, he sings about friendship. Sadly, another problem arises when the group is playing a game and they go outside before Gerbert gets a turn. He stays in his room until Miles comes and comforts him. Gerbert makes it clear that he is happy to have his neighbors, and that it doesn't matter that their gifts aren't the greatest in monetary value.

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