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This is the German Army order of battle on the outbreak of war in August 1914.



The overall commander of the Imperial German Army was Kaiser Wilhelm II.

The Chief of the General Staff was Generaloberst Helmuth von Moltke the Younger, with General von Stein as Deputy Chief.

Departmental chiefs were Oberst Tappen (Operations Branch), Oberstleutnant Hentsch (Intelligence Branch), Major Nicolai (Secret Service), Oberst von Dommes (Political Section), Generalleutnant Siger (Field munitions), Major Thomsen (Air Service), Oberst Groner (Field Railways), and General von Schjerning (Medical Services). Generalmajor von Schoeler was Intendant-General (responsible for logistical supplies), and General von Claer was General of Engineers.

Western Front



Two independent cavalry corps served on the Western Front:

  • I Cavalry Corps (Freiherr von Richthofen)
  • II Cavalry Corps (von der Marwitz)
    • 2nd Cavalry Division
    • 4th Cavalry Division
    • 9th Cavalry Division

First Army

First Army was commanded by Generaloberst von Kluck.

Second Army

2nd Army was commanded by Generaloberst von Bülow.

Third Army

3rd Army was commanded by Generaloberst Freiherr von Hausen.

Fourth Army

4th Army was commanded by Generaloberst Duke Albrecht of Württemberg.

Fifth Army

5th Army was commanded by the William, German Crown Prince.

  • V Corps
  • XIII Corps
  • XVI Corps
  • V Reserve Corps
  • VI Reserve Corps
  • 33rd Reserve Division
  • IV Cavalry Corps
    • 3rd Cavalry Division
    • 6th Cavalry Division
  • 13th Landwehr Brigade
  • 43rd Landwehr Brigade
  • 45th Landwehr Brigade
  • 33rd Landwehr Brigade
  • 9th Bavarian Landwehr Brigade
  • 4 mortar battalions
  • 2 Pionier regiments

Sixth Army

6th Army was commanded by Rupprecht, Crown Prince of Bavaria.

Seventh Army

7th Army was commanded by Generaloberst von Heeringen.

Eastern Front

Eighth Army

8th Army was commanded by Generaloberst von Prittwitz.


  1. ^ Originally held back in Sleswig in case of British landings; moved up in late August.
  2. ^ Given by Edmonds as "3rd Guard Reserve Division".


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