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German Conservative Party
Deutschkonservative Partei
Founded 1876
Dissolved 1918
Preceded by Conservative Party (Prussia)
Succeeded by German National People's Party
Newspaper Kreuzzeitung
Ideology Conservatism, Christian ethics, Anti-liberalism, Protectionism, Monarchism, Federalism, Political Protestantism
Political position right-wing
International affiliation none
Politics of Germany
Political parties

The German Conservative Party (Deutsche Konservative Partei or DKP) was a German political party of the Second Reich, founded in 1876. It was generally seen as representing the interests of the East Elbian junkers and the Evangelical Church in Prussia, and had its political stronghold in the Prussian Diet, where the three-class voting system gave rural elites disproportionate power. Its policies generally embraced support for the powers of the monarchy and opposition to the introduction of electoral reform in Prussia (see Prussian three-class franchise), or true parliamentary government in Germany as a whole. In the 1890s the party, which had gradually been losing votes as Germans moved from rural areas to new industrial centers, also opportunistically embraced anti-semitism, but when this failed to halt the party's fall in the polls, this element of the program was de-emphasized.

The party was dissolved following the fall of the monarchy in 1918, and most of its supporters turned to the new German National People's Party. It had no connection to the Deutsche Rechtspartei, which used the name German Conservative Party in parts of the country.

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