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1998 Germany 2005
German federal election, 2002
All 603 seats in the Bundestag
22 September 2002 (2002-09-22)
First party Second party
Gerhardschroeder01c.jpg Edmund stoiber.jpg
Leader Gerhard Schröder Edmund Stoiber
Leader since 1999 1999 (CSU only)
Last election 345 (with Alliance'90/The Greens) 288 (with FDP)
Seats won 306 (with Alliance'90/The Greens) 295
Seat change -39 +7
Popular vote 22,592,874 22,013,162
Percentage 47.1% (with Alliance'90/The Greens) 45.9% (with FDP)
Swing -0.5% +4.5%

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The 15th German federal election, 2002 was conducted on 22 September 2002, to elect members to the Bundestag (lower house) of Germany.


Issues and Campaign

Several issues dominated the campaign, with the opposition CDU/CSU attacking the government's performance on the economy as well as campaigning on family values issues and against taxes (particularly on fuel). The government, on the other hand, was helped by broad support for its opposition to the Iraq War and by Gerhard Schröder's personal popularity relative to the opposition's candidate for Chancellor, CSU leader Edmund Stoiber.


Although the opposition gained seats, and the result was in doubt for most of the election night, the governing coalition retained a narrow majority. In particular, the SPD was able to partially offset declines in their vote share in the West with an increase in the East, with the PDS falling below both the 5% threshold and the 3-seat threshold, either of which is required to qualify a party for top-up seats. Consequently the PDS held only two directly-elected seats.

Party Party List votes Vote percentage (change) Total Seats (change) Seat percentage
Social Democratic Party (SPD) 18,484,560 38.5% -2.4% 251 -47 41.6%
Alliance '90/The Greens 4,108,314 8.6% +1.9% 55 +8 9.1%
Christian Democratic Union (CDU) 14,164,183 29.5% +1.1% 190 -8 31.5%
Christian Social Union (CSU) 4,311,513 9.0% +2.2% 58 +11 9.6%
Free Democratic Party (FDP) 3,537,466 7.4% +1.1% 47 +4 7.8%
Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS) 1,915,797 4.0% -1.1% 2 -34 0.3%
All Others 1,458,471 3.0%   0   0.0%
Totals 47,980,304 100.0%   603 -66 100.0%
Seat results -- SPD in red, Greens in green, PDS in purple, FDP in yellow, CDU/CSU in black


The coalition between the SPD and the Greens continued in government with Gerhard Schröder as chancellor.

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