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Get Ed
Format Animated series
Created by Andy Knight
Starring Lyon Smith
Peter Cugno
Jennifer Dale
Tony Daniels
Megan Fahlenbock
Bailey Stocker
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 26
Producer(s) Jetix Concept Animation
Raintree Television
Walt Disney Pictures Pte Ltd.
Running time 30 minutes
Original channel Jetix
Original run July 11, 2005 (2005-07-11) – April 24, 2006 (2006-04-24)

Get Ed is an American, computer animated television series which debuted in the year 2005 that aired as a part of the Jetix programming block on the United States cable television network Toon Disney until the channel closed in 2009, and also used to run on the ABC Family channel before they switched over to a non-animated format. As of 2009, re-runs air on Toon Disney's succesor, Disney XD. It was Jetix's second original show.



In the series, Ed is an 'electro-genetically' enhanced teen who works for Dojo Delivery, a courier service, in the futuristic Progress City. Ed uses his cyber sleuthing skills to thwart identity theft and other information-based crimes. He and his courier pals Burn, Deets, Loogie (accompanied by his puppet Dr. Pinch), and Fizz, along with their friend and mentor Ol’ Skool, must battle the ultimate evil – Bedlam, an industrialist who has taken over a significant portion of Progress City, by means of stealing from, datamining, or outright destroying his competitors.

Major Characters

Ed- is the main character and protagonist in the show. He's a genetically engineered teen in a blue costume, made from the instructions of an ancient alien artifact found by Ol' Skool. As Ed tries to uncover his origins, he also works on the Dojo crew as a delivery boy. On top of delivering packages and figuring out his identity, Ed's side job is fighting evil. He has many 'toys' whose technology is far beyond our own, thought to be gifts from aliens for his use. He rides a hoverboard co-piloted by Torch, an AI represented as a little floating fireball hologram with a face. Ed can be a little dense and gullible sometimes, but sometimes he gets flashes of future events that help him and his friends. If it wasn't for his friends, Ed could have accidentally destroyed the world. Ed has a crush on Deets, and the feeling appears to be mutual.

Burn- is the warrior, the tough guy, the courageous muscle (as well as unofficial leader) of the Dojo. He takes pride in being the best of the Dojo group, however, with the arrival of Ed he's felt his role in the group is challenged. Because of this, he's hard on Ed every chance he gets. He rides a bike that is like a motorcycle but with only one flaming wheel. Burn wears a black costume with orange flames. He also hates a lot of other courier teams.

Fizz- while being the smallest member of the Dojo team, she's in no way unhelpful. She's the brains of the group, being most handy when it comes to technology, planning, and building new equipment for the Dojo. Her quick thinking saves the crew constantly. Her vehicle is a flying scooter, and wears a purple costume.

Deets- is the feminine touch of the Dojo. Fashion crazy, and constantly worried about her nails, however she'll kick butt if she needs to. She once worked for Bedlam because he captured her parents, then Ol' Skool helped her change and save her parents. She flies with a jet glider pack, and wears a pink costume. Her real name is Sarah. Deets has a crush on Ed, although this becomes apparent only in later episodes and because she kisses Ed.

Loogie- if he was a card in a deck, he'd be the joker. He's weird, smelly, gross, and sports an imaginary friend, a catfish puppet named Dr. Pinch he wears on his left hand with a bizarre, alter-personality that constantly criticizes himself (in other words, Loogie suffers from disassociative identity disorder — too many carnival rides left him loopy). Loogie sports rocket powered in-line skates, and wears a turquoise costume.

Ol' Skool- is the older, knowledgeable yet cool head of the Dojo, wise in the ways of delivery, among other things. Hence he is only known as Ol' Skool by his friends. He built Ed from an artifact he found in a warehouse and constantly says he knows more about Ed than he does. In appearance he's like a skateboarder with shades and dreads for hair and even in his beard. He even uses a skateboard- making him the only one who rides a vehicle that isn't technologically advanced. His real name is Anthony and he use to work with Bedlam but Bedlam betrayed him.

Bedlam- is a gluttinous, greedy bureaucrat who's bent on taken over control of all of Progress City and continue to seek information he desires. His interests however, have recently completely been focused on Ed and wants to know his connection to certain alien artifacts. He's collecting certain items, trying to make his own Ed like Ol'Skool did. He and Ol'Skool were once business partners until Bedlam cheated him and took the business all for himself, leaving Ol'Skool with nothing. Ol' Skool however went off on his own to start the Dojo.

Kora- is Bedlam's personal Artificial Intelligence construct. She exists within the computer of Bedlam's lair, as his personal digital slave, and only appears as an orange hologram of a female's upper torso. She's cunning, and brilliant to boot, sometimes making better schemes than Bedlam himself comes up with. But that doesn't mean Bedlam treats her any better than he does his other servants.

Crouch- is one of Bedlam's more frequently seen slave robots, with the head of a toaster. Not very well built, he's also not a very bright robot, constantly acting immature and fears Bedlam's wrath above all else. Because of his incompetence, he is met with the wrath and mocking of Bedlam very often. After being asked by Kora as to why he keeps him around, Bedlam later states, "I need the toast". He has a girlfriend named "Crumbelina".

DJ Dive- A radio host that knows everything going on in the city, even broadcasting Bedlam's moves during his attempted takeover. Like Ol' Skool, DJ Dive seems to know more about Ed than Ed. She knows more than a radio host should know. Her voice is similar to that of the caretaker.

DVD Releases

Title Label Release Date
Get Ed: Slammer Jamboree!!!!! Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment 23 December, 2009
Get Ed: Get Ready To Basics Shout Factory
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
MGM Home Entertainment
2 January, 2010
Get Ed: Brain Drain Ed!!!!! Shout Factory
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
MGM Home Entertainment
9 January, 2010
Get Ed: The First 5 Disc Hollywood Pictures Home Entertainment 13 January, 2010

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