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Getter Robot Hien: The Earth suicide
Getter Robot Hien ~The Earth suicide~ 02 (2008).JPG
Cover of the printed volume 2 (2008)
(getta^ robo hien ~the earth suicide~)
Genre Mecha
Author Go Nagai, Ken Ishikawa
Illustrator Naoto Tsushima
Publisher Japan Gentosha Comics
Magazine web comic MAGNA
Original run 2007-092008-12
Volumes 3
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Getter Robot Hien ~THE EARTH SUICIDE~ (ゲッターロボ飛焔 〜THE EARTH SUICIDE〜 Gettā Robo Hien ~Ji Āsu Sūsaido~ ?) is a Japanese manga created by Naoto Tsushima based on Ken Ishikawa's draft and notes after his death. It was a monthly serialized super robot manga continuing the Getter Robo mythos by way of the titular Getter Robo Hien. A total of 15 chapters were published the 28th of every month in Magna, a low-resolution free webcomic, only to be printed in higher quality in tankōbon volumes collecting five chapters each. (Note: the official Japanese title uses Robot, with T, as seen in the logo of the series.)



Hayato, one of the original pilots of Getter Robo, leads a new team of 3 youngsters who pilot Getter Robo Hien. Together, they face an army of plant monsters led by evil Professor Jacov. Jacov seeks to eradicate all human life, because he believes plants are the rightful heirs to the Earth due to the fact that getter rays influenced their evolution long before humans even existed.



Saotome Research Institute

  • Hayato Jin (神隼人 Jin Hayato ?): the Head of the Saotome Institute and ex-pilot of Getter.

Getter Team

  • Tsurugi Ryuga (竜牙剣 Ryūga Tsurugi ?): Pilot of Getter 1
  • Dan Amakusa (天草弾 Amakusa Dan ?): Pilot of Getter 2
  • Goki Hagane (鋼轟鬼 Hagane Gōki ?): Pilot of Getter 3

American Army

  • Rosario (ロザリオ Rozario ?): Excalibur's Main Pilot.


  • Professor Jacov (プロフェッサー ジャコフ Purofessā Jakofu ?): A mad scientist focused on world conquest.he seems to know when his creatures are killed.
  • Manius Jacov (マニウス·ジャコフ Maniusu Jakofu ?): Professor Jacov's son.


Getter Robo Hien

Getter 1

  • Attacks
    • Getter Tomahawk: A gigantic twin-bladed axe, and Getter-1's main melee weapon.
    • Plasma Nova: A giant plasma beam from the twin cannons inside Getter-1's shoulders.

Getter 2

  • Attacks

Getter 3

  • Attacks
    • Napalm Rain: Getter-3 launches an endless flurry of missiles launched from his arms, fingers, and many other spots.
    • Roaring Destruction of Heaven and Earth (天地轟橋 Tenchi Gōkai ?):

Old Getter Robo


Excalibur (エクスカリバー Ekusukaribā ?) is a Super Robot from the United States. It has an aerodynamic form and a humanoid form.

Humanoid form

  • Attacks
    • Justice: the Statue of Liberty changes form and becomes a giant beam cannon wielded by Excalibur.
    • Maximum Thunder:

Aerodynamic form

Excalibur II

Excalibur II (エクスカリバーⅡ Ekusukaribā Ⅱ ?) is a Super Robot from the United States. It has an aerodynamic form and a humanoid form.

Humanoid form

  • Attacks
    • Cross Judgement:

Aerodynamic form


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