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The following units and commanders fought in the Battle of Gettysburg of the American Civil War on the Union side. The Gettysburg Confederate order of battle is shown separately. When multiple names of commanders are shown, this indicates the succession of command through the three-day battle, (July 1–3 1863). The number of men (and for artillery, guns) present at the battle are given in parenthesis.


Army of the Potomac


General Staff and Headquarters

MG* George G. Meade, Commanding.

General Staff and Headquarters

  • Provost Marshal General: BG Marsena R. Patrick (1,528)
    • 93rd New York: Col John S. Crocker (148)
    • 8th U.S. (8 companies): Capt Edwin W. H. Read (401)
    • 2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry: Col R. Butler Price (489)
    • 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Companies E and I: Capt James Starr (81)
    • Regular cavalry (detachments from 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 6th Regiments) (15)
  • Chief of Engineers: BG Gouverneur K. Warren
  • Engineer Brigade: BG Henry W. Benham
    • 15th New York (3 companies): Maj Walter L. Cassin
    • 50th New York: Col William H. Pettes
    • U.S. Battalion: Capt George H. Mendell
  • Guards and Orderlies
    • Oneida (New York) Cavalry: Capt Daniel P. Mann (42)

I Corps

  • Total: 12,596 men
  • I Corps Commanders:
    • MG John F. Reynolds (k) Note: General Reynolds was commanding the "left wing" of the Army of the Potomac, with operational control over the I, III, and XI Corps, and Brig. Gen. John Buford's cavalry division.
    • MG Abner Doubleday
    • MG John Newton Note: John Newton replaced Abner Doubleday on the Second Day of Battle
  • General HQ: 1st Maine Cavalry, Company L: Capt Constantine Taylor (57)
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division:
     BG James S. Wadsworth (3,860)

1st Brigade ("Iron Brigade"):

   BG Solomon Meredith (w)
   Col William W. Robinson
   (1,829 engaged)

2nd Wisconsin: Col Lucius Fairchild, Maj John Mansfield, Capt George H. Otis (302)
6th Wisconsin: Ltc Rufus R. Dawes (344)
7th Wisconsin: Col William W. Robinson, Maj Mark Finnicum (364)
19th Indiana: Col Samuel J. Williams (308)
24th Michigan: Col Henry A. Morrow, Capt Albert M. Edwards (496)

2nd Brigade:

   BG Lysander Cutler

7th Indiana: Col Ira G. Grover (437)
76th New York: Maj Andrew J. Grover, Capt John E. Cook (375)
84th New York ("14th Brooklyn Militia") (Chasseurs): Col Edward B. Fowler (318)
95th New York: Col George H. Biddle, Maj Edward Pye (241)
147th New York: Ltc Francis C. Miller, Maj George Harney (380)
56th Pennsylvania (9 companies): Col J. William Hofmann (252)

Second Division:
     BG John C. Robinson (3,027)

1st Brigade:

   BG Gabriel Rene Paul (w)
   Col Samuel H. Leonard
   Col Adrian R. Root
   Col Richard Coulter
   Col Peter Lyle
   Col Richard Coulter (1,537)

16th Maine: Col Charles W. Tilden, Maj Archibald D. Leavitt (298)
13th Massachusetts: Col Samuel H. Leonard, Ltc N. Walter Batchelder (284)
94th New York: Col Adrian R. Root, Maj Samuel A. Moffett (411)
104th New York: Col Gilbert G. Prey (309)
11th Pennsylvania: Col Richard Coulter, Capt Benjamin F. Haines, Capt John B. Overmyer (292)
107th Pennsylvania: Ltc James MacThomson, Capt Emanuel D. Roath (255)

2nd Brigade:

   BG Henry Baxter (1,452)

12th Massachusetts: Col James L. Bates, Ltc David Allen, Jr (261)
83rd New York (9th Militia): Ltc Joseph A. Moesch (215)
97th New York: Col Charles Wheelock, Maj Charles Northrup (236)
88th Pennsylvania: Maj Benezet F. Foust, Capt Henry Whiteside (274)
90th Pennsylvania: Col Peter Lyle, Maj Alfred J. Sellers, Col Peter Lyle (208)

Third Division:
     MG Abner Doubleday
     BG Thomas A. Rowley
     MG Abner Doubleday (4,711)

1st Brigade:

   Col Chapman Biddle
   BG Thomas A. Rowley
   Col Chapman Biddle (1,387)

80th New York (20th Militia): Col Theodore B. Gates (287)
121st Pennsylvania: Maj Alexander Biddle, Col Chapman Biddle, Maj Alexander Biddle (263)
142nd Pennsylvania: Col Robert P. Cummins, Ltc A. B. McCalmont (362)
151st Pennsylvania: Lt Col George F. McFarland, Capt Walter L. Owens, Col Harrison Allen (467)

2nd Brigade:

   Col Roy Stone (w)
   Col Langhorne Wister
   Col Edmund L. Dana (1,314)

143rd Pennsylvania: Col Edmund L. Dana, Ltc John D. Musser (465)
149th Pennsylvania: Ltc Walton Dwight, Capt James Glenn (450)
150th Pennsylvania: Col Langhorne Wister, Ltc H. S. Huidekoper, Capt Cornelius C. Widdis (397)

3rd Brigade
2nd Vermont Brigade:

   BG George J. Stannard (w)
   Col Francis V. Randall (1,950)

12th Vermont: Col Asa P. Blunt (guarding baggage) (641)
13th Vermont: Col Francis V. Randall, Maj Joseph J. Boynton, Ltc William D. Munson (636)
14th Vermont: Col William T. Nichols (647)
15th Vermont: Col Redfield Proctor (guarding baggage) (637)
16th Vermont: Col Wheelock G. Veazey (661)

Artillery Brigade:

   Col Charles S. Wainwright (621)

2nd Maine Light, Battery B: Capt James A. Hall (117, 6 x 3" rifle)
5th Maine Light, Battery E: Capt Greenleaf T. Stevens (w), Lt Edward N. Whittier (119, 6 x Napoleon)
1st New York Light, Batteries E & L: Capt Gilbert H. Reynolds, Lt George Breck (141, 6 x 3" rifle)
1st Pennsylvania Light, Battery B: Capt James H. Cooper (114, 4 x 3" rifle)
4th US, Battery B: Lt James Stewart (123, 6 x Napoleon)

II Corps

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division:
     BG John C. Caldwell (3,400)

1st Brigade:

   Col Edward E. Cross (mw)
   Col H. Boyd McKeen (932)

5th New Hampshire: Ltc Charles E. Hapgood (182)
61st New York: Ltc K. Oscar Broady (104)
81st Pennsylvania: Col H. Boyd McKeen, Ltc Amos Stroh (175)
148th Pennsylvania: Ltc Robert McFarlane (468)

2nd Brigade ("Irish Brigade"):

   Col Patrick Kelly (532)

28th Massachusetts: Col Richard Byrnes (224)
63rd New York (2 companies): Ltc Richard C. Bentley, Capt Thomas Touhy (75)
69th New York (2 companies): Capt Richard Moroney, Lt James J. Smith (75)
88th New York (2 companies): Capt Denis F. Burke (90)
116th Pennsylvania (4 companies): Maj St. Clair A. Mulholland (66)

3rd Brigade:

   BG Samuel K. Zook (mw)
   Ltc John Fraser (975)

52nd New York: Ltc Charles G. Freudenberg, Capt William Scherrer (134)
57th New York: Ltc Alford B. Chapman (175)
66th New York: Col Orlando H. Morris, Ltc John S. Hammell, Maj Peter Nelson (147)
140th Pennsylvania: Col Richard P. Roberts, Ltc John Fraser (515)

4th Brigade:

   Col John R. Brooke (852)

27th Connecticut (2 companies): Ltc Henry C. Merwin, Maj James H. Coburn (75)
2nd Delaware: Col William P. Baily, Capt Charles H. Christman (234)
64th New York: Col Daniel G. Bingham, Maj Leman W. Bradley (204)
53rd Pennsylvania: Ltc Richards McMichael (136)
145th Pennsylvania (7 companies): Col Hiram L. Brown, Capt John W. Reynolds, Capt Moses W. Oliver (202)

Second Division:
     BG John Gibbon
     BG William Harrow
     BG John Gibbon (w)
     BG William Harrow


1st Brigade:

   BG William Harrow
   Col Francis E. Heath (1,378)

19th Maine: Col Francis E. Heath, Ltc Henry W. Cunningham (439)
15th Massachusetts: Col George H. Ward, Ltc George C. Joslin (239)
1st Minnesota & 2nd Company, Minnesota Sharpshooters: Col William Colvill, Jr., Capt Nathan S. Messick, Capt Henry C. Coates (330 + 32)
82nd New York (2nd NY Militia): Ltc James Huston, Capt John Darrow (335)

2nd Brigade "Philadelphia Brigade":

   BG Alexander S. Webb (1,208)

69th Pennsylvania: Col Dennis O'Kane, Capt William Davis (284)
71st Pennsylvania: Col Richard Penn-Smith (261)
72nd Pennsylvania (Zouaves): Col De Witt C. Baxter, Ltc Theodore Hesser (380)
106th Pennsylvania: Ltc William L. Curry (280)

3rd Brigade:

   Col Norman J. Hall (922)

19th Massachusetts: Col Arthur F. Devereux (163)
20th Massachusetts: Col Paul J. Revere, Ltc George N. Macy, Capt Henry L. Abbott (243)
7th Michigan: Ltc Amos E. Steele, Jr, Maj Sylvanus W. Curtis (165)
42nd New York: Col James E. Mallon (197)
59th New York (4 companies): Ltc Max A. Thoman, Capt William McFadden (152)


Massachusetts Sharpshooters, 1st Company: Capt William Plumer, Lt Emerson L. Bicknell (42)

Third Division:
     BG Alexander Hays (3,760)

1st Brigade ("Gibraltar Brigade"):

   Col Samuel S. Carroll (1,036)

14th Indiana: Col John Coons (236)
4th Ohio: Ltc Leonard W. Carpenter (229)
8th Ohio: Ltc Franklin Sawyer (209)
7th West Virginia: Ltc Jonathan H. Lockwood (319)

2nd Brigade:

   Col Thomas A. Smyth (w)
   Ltc Francis E. Pierce (1,134)

14th Connecticut: Maj Theodore G. Ellis (200)
1st Delaware: Ltc Edward P. Harris, Capt Thomas B. Hizar, Lt William Smith, Lt John T. Dent (228)
12th New Jersey: Maj John T. Hill (444)
10th New York Battalion: Maj George F. Hopper (provost guard) (82)
108th New York: Ltc Francis E. Pierce (200)

3rd Brigade:

   Col George L. Willard (k)
   Col Eliakim Sherrill (k)
   Ltc James M. Bull (1,508)

39th New York (4 companies): Maj Hugo Hildebrandt (269)
111th New York: Col Clinton D. MacDougall, Ltc Isaac M. Lusk, Capt Aaron P. Seeley (390)
125th New York: Ltc Levin Crandell (392)
126th New York: Col Eliakim Sherrill, Ltc James M. Bull (455)

Artillery Brigade:

   Cpt John G. Hazard (603)

1st New York Light, Battery B: Lt Albert S. Sheldon, Capt James McKay Rorty, Lt Robert E. Rogers (114, 6 x 3" rifle)
1st Rhode Island Light, Battery A: Capt William A. Arnold (117, 6 x 3" rifle)
1st Rhode Island Light, Battery B: Lt T. Fred. Brown, Lt Walter S. Perrin (129, 6 x Napoleon)
1st US Light, Battery I: Lt George A. Woodruff, Lt Tully McCrea (113, 6 x Napoleon)
4th US Light, Battery A: Lt Alonzo H. Cushing, Sgt Frederick Fuger (126, 6 x Three Inch Ordinance Rifles)

III Corps

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division:
     MG David B. Birney
     BG J. H. Hobart Ward (5,090)

1st Brigade:

   BG Charles K. Graham (WC)
   Col Andrew H. Tippin (1,516)

57th Pennsylvania (8 companies): Col Peter Sides, Capt Alanson H. Nelson (207)
63rd Pennsylvania: Maj John A. Danks, (246)
68th Pennsylvania: Col Andrew H. Tippin, Capt Milton S. Davis (320)
105th Pennsylvania: Col Calvin A. Craig (274)
114th Pennsylvania ("Collis' Zouaves"): Ltc Frederick F. Cavada, Capt Edward R. Bowen (259)
141st Pennsylvania: Col Henry J. Madill (209)

2nd Brigade:

   BG John Henry Hobart Ward
   Col Hiram Berdan (2,187)

20th Indiana: Col John Wheeler, Ltc William C. L. Taylor (401)
3rd Maine: Col Moses B. Lakeman (210)
4th Maine: Col Elijah Walker, Capt Edwin Libby (287)
86th New York: Ltc Benjamin L. Higgins (286)
124th New York: Col Augustus Van Horne Ellis (k), Ltc Francis M. Cummins (238)
99th Pennsylvania: Maj John W. Moore (277)
1st US Sharpshooters: Col Hiram Berdan, Ltc Casper Trepp (313)
2nd US Sharpshooters (8 companies): Maj Homer R. Stoughton (169)

3rd Brigade:

   Col P. Régis de Trobriand (1,387)

17th Maine: Ltc Charles B. Merrill (350)
3rd Michigan: Col Byron R. Pierce, Ltc Edwin S. Pierce (237)
5th Michigan: Ltc John Pulford (216)
40th New York: Col Thomas W. Egan (431)
110th Pennsylvania (6 companies): Ltc David M. Jones, Maj Isaac Rogers (152)

Second Division:
   BG Andrew A. Humphreys (4,960)

1st Brigade:

   BG Joseph B. Carr (1,718)

1st Massachusetts: Ltc Clark B. Baldwin (321)
11th Massachusetts: Ltc Porter D. Tripp (286)
16th Massachusetts: Ltc Waldo Merriam, Capt Matthew Donovan (245)
12th New Hampshire: Capt John F. Langley (224)
11th New Jersey: Col Robert McAllister, Capt Luther Martin, Lt John Schoonover, Capt William H. Lloyd, Capt Samuel T. Sleeper, Lt John Schoonover (275)
26th Pennsylvania: Maj Robert L. Bodine (365)

2nd Brigade ("Excelsior Brigade"):

   Col William R. Brewster (1,842)

70th New York: Col J. Egbert Farnum (288)
71st New York: Col Henry L. Potter (248)
72nd New York: Col John S. Austin, Ltc John Leonard (305)
73rd New York (Zouaves): Maj Michael W. Burns (349)
74th New York: Ltc Thomas Holt (266)
120th New York: Ltc Cornelius D. Westbrook, Maj John R. Tappen (383)

3rd Brigade:

   Col George C. Burling (1,396)

2nd New Hampshire: Col Edward L. Bailey (354)
5th New Jersey: Col William J. Sewell, Capt Thomas C. Godfrey, Capt Henry H. Woolsey (206)
6th New Jersey: Ltc Stephen R. Gilkyson (207)
7th New Jersey: Col Louis R. Francine, Maj Frederick Cooper (275)
8th New Jersey: Col John Ramsey, Capt John G. Langston (170)
115th Pennsylvania: Maj John P. Dunne (182)

Third Division:
     BG Washington Lafayette Elliott (Not at Gettysburg; division added afterward from VIII Corps.)

1st Brigade:

   BG William Hopkins Morris

10th Vermont: Ltc William Wirt Henry
151st New York: Col William Emerson
14th New Jersey: Col William Snyder Truex
6th New York Heavy Artillery: Col J. Howard Kitching

2nd Brigade:

   Col J. Warren Keifer

6th Maryland: Col John Watt Horn
110th Ohio: Col Joseph Warren Keifer
122d Ohio: Col William H. Ball
138th Pennsylvania: Col Matthew R. McClennan

3rd Brigade:

   Col Benjamin Franklin Smith

126th Ohio: Ltc William H. Harlan
106th New York: Col Edward C. James
67th Pennsylvania: Col J. F. Staunton
87th Pennsylvania: Col John W. Schall

Artillery Brigade:

   Cpt George E. Randolph (w)
   Cpt A. Judson Clark (616)

1st New Jersey Light, Battery B: Capt A. Judson Clark, Lt Robert Sims (143, 6 x 10pdr Parrot)
1st New York Light, Battery D: Capt George B. Winslow (116, 6 x Napoleon)
4th New York Light Battery: Capt James E. Smith (126, 6 x 10pdr Parrot)
1st Rhode Island Light, Battery E: Lt John K. Bucklyn, Lt Benjamin Freeborn (108, 6 x Napoleon)
4th US, Battery K: Lt Francis W. Seeley, Lt Robert James (121, 6 x Napoleon)

V Corps

  • Total: 10,997
  • V Corps Commander:
  • General HQ:
    • 12th New York Infantry, Companies D and E: Capt Henry W. Rider (109)
    • 7th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Companies D and H: Capt William Thompson (78)
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division:
     BG James Barnes (3,420)

1st Brigade:

   Col William S. Tilton (655)

18th Massachusetts: Col Joseph Hayes (139)
22nd Massachusetts: Ltc Thomas Sherwin, Jr (137)
1st Michigan: Col Ira C. Abbott, Ltc William A. Throop (145)
118th Pennsylvania: Ltc James Gwyn (233)

2nd Brigade:

   Col Jacob B. Sweitzer (1,423)

9th Massachusetts: Col Patrick R. Guiney (412)
32nd Massachusetts: Col George L. Prescott (242)
4th Michigan (Zouaves): Col Harrison H. Jeffords, Ltc George W. Lumbard (342)
62nd Pennsylvania: Ltc James C. Hull (426)

3rd Brigade:

   Col Strong Vincent (MW)
   Col James C. Rice (1,336)

20th Maine: Col Joshua L. Chamberlain (386)
16th Michigan: Ltc Norval E. Welch (263)
44th New York (Zouaves): Col James C. Rice, Ltc Freeman Conner (391)
83rd Pennsylvania(Zouaves/Chasseur): Capt Orpheus S. Woodward (295)

Second Division:
     BG Romeyn B. Ayres (4,002)

1st Brigade:

   Col Hannibal Day (1,553)

3rd US (6 companies): Capt Henry W. Freedley, Capt Richard G. Lay (300)
4th US (4 companies): Capt Julius W. Adams, Jr (173)
6th US (5 companies): Capt Levi C. Bootes (150)
12th US (8 companies): Capt Thomas S. Dunn (415)
14th US (8 companies): Maj Grotius R. Giddings (513)

2nd Brigade:

   Col Sidney Burbank (953)

2nd US (6 companies): Maj Arthur T. Lee, Capt Samuel A. McKee (197)
7th US (4 companies): Capt David P. Hancock (116)
10th US (3 companies): Capt William Clinton (93)
11th US (6 companies): Maj DeLancey Floyd-Jones (286)
17th US (7 companies): Ltc J. Durell Greene (260)

3rd Brigade:

   BG Stephen H. Weed (K)
   Col Kenner Garrard (1,491)

140th New York: Col Patrick "Paddy" O'Rorke, Ltc Louis Ernst (449)
146th New York (Zouaves): Col Kenner Garrard, Ltc David T. Jenkins (456)
91st Pennsylvania: Ltc Joseph H. Sinex (220)
155th Pennsylvania: Ltc John H. Cain (362)

Third Division:
     BG Samuel W. Crawford (2,949)

1st Brigade:

   Col William McCandless (1,235)

1st Pennsylvania Reserves (9 companies): Col William C. Talley (379)
2nd Pennsylvania Reserves: Ltc George A. Woodward (233)
6th Pennsylvania Reserves: Ltc Wellington H. Ent (324)
13th Pennsylvania Reserves: Col Charles F. Taylor, Maj William R. Hartshorne (298)

3rd Brigade:

   Col Joseph W. Fisher (1,709)

5th Pennsylvania Reserves: Ltc George Dare (285)
9th Pennsylvania Reserves: Ltc James McK. Snodgrass (322)
10th Pennsylvania Reserves: Col Adoniram J. Warner (401)
11th Pennsylvania Reserves: Col Samuel M. Jackson (327)
12th Pennsylvania Reserves (9 companies): Col Martin D. Hardin (373)

Artillery Brigade:

   Cpt Augustus P. Martin (432)

3rd Massachusetts, Battery C: Lt Aaron F. Walcott (115, 6 x Napoleon)
1st New York, Battery C: Capt Almont Barnes (62, 4 x 3" rifle)
1st Ohio Light, Battery L: Capt Frank C. Gibbs (113, 6 x Napoleon)
5th US, Battery D: Lt Charles E. Hazlett, Lt Benjamin F. Rittenhouse (68, 6 x 10pdr Parrot)
5th US, Battery I: Lt Malbone F. Watson, Lt Charles C. MacConnell (71, 4 x 3" rifle)

VI Corps

  • VI Corps Commander:
  • General HQ:
    • 1st New Jersey Cavalry, Company L: Capt William S. Craft
    • 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company H
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division:
     BG Horatio G. Wright

1st Brigade
(First New Jersey Brigade):

   BG Alfred T. A. Torbert

1st New Jersey: Ltc William Henry, Jr.
2nd New Jersey: Ltc Charles Wiebecke
3rd New Jersey: Ltc Edward L. Campbell
15th New Jersey: Col William H. Penrose

2nd Brigade:

   BG Joseph J. Bartlett

5th Maine: Col Clark S. Edwards
121st New York: Col Emory Upton
95th Pennsylvania (Zouaves): Ltc Edward Carroll
96th Pennsylvania: Maj William H. Lessig

3rd Brigade:

   BG David Allen Russell

6th Maine: Col Hiram Burnham
49th Pennsylvania (4 companies): Ltc Thomas M. Hulings
119th Pennsylvania: Col Peter C. Ellmaker
5th Wisconsin: Col Thomas S. Allen

Provost Guard

4th New Jersey (3 companies): Capt William R. Maxwell

Second Division:
     BG Albion P. Howe

2nd Brigade ("Vermont Brigade"):

   Col Lewis A. Grant

2nd Vermont: Col James H. Walbridge
3rd Vermont: Col Thomas O. Seaver
4th Vermont: Col Charles B. Stoughton
5th Vermont: Ltc John R. Lewis
6th Vermont: Col Elisha L. Barney

3rd Brigade:

   BG Thomas H. Neill

7th Maine (6 companies): Ltc Seldon Connor
33rd New York (detachment): Capt Henry J. Gifford
43rd New York: Ltc John Wilson
49th New York: Col Daniel D. Bidwell
77th New York: Ltc Winsor B. French
61st Pennsylvania: Ltc George F. Smith

Third Division:
     MG John Newton
     BG Frank Wheaton

1st Brigade:

   BG Alexander Shaler

65th New York: Col Joseph E. Hamblin
67th New York: Col Nelson Cross
122nd New York: Col Silas Titus
23rd Pennsylvania: Ltc John F. Glenn
82nd Pennsylvania: Col Isaac C. Bassett

2nd Brigade:

   Col Henry L. Eustis

7th Massachusetts: Ltc Franklin P. Harlow
10th Massachusetts: Ltc Joseph B. Parsons
37th Massachusetts: Col Oliver Edwards
2nd Rhode Island: Col Horatio Rogers, Jr

3rd Brigade:

   BG Frank Wheaton
   Col David J. Nevin

62nd New York: Col David J. Nevin, Ltc Theodore B. Hamilton
93rd Pennsylvania: Maj John I. Nevin
98th Pennsylvania: Maj John B. Kohler
102nd Pennsylvania: Col John W. Patterson
139th Pennsylvania: Col Frederick H. Collier, Ltc William H. Moody

Artillery Brigade:

   Col Charles H. Tompkins

1st Massachusetts Light, Battery A: Capt William H. McCartney
1st New York, Independent Battery: Capt Andrew Cowan
3rd New York, Independent Battery: Capt William A. Harn
1st Rhode Island, Battery C: Capt Richard Waterman
1st Rhode Island, Battery G: Capt George W. Adams
2nd US, Battery D: Lt Edward B. Williston
2nd US, Battery G: Lt John H. Butler
5th US, Battery F: Lt Leonard Martin

XI Corps

  • Total: 9,926
  • XI Corps Commanders:
  • General HQ:
    • 1st Indiana Cavalry, Companies I and K: Capt Abram Sharra
    • 8th New York Infantry (1 company): Lt Hermann Foerster

BG Adelbert Ames

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division:
     BG Francis C. Barlow (WC) (2,477)

1st Brigade:
   Col Leopold von Gilsa (1.136)

41st New York (9 companies)(Zouaves): Ltc Detleo von Einsiedel (218)
54th New York: Maj Stephen Kovacs, Lt Ernst Both (189)
68th New York: Col Gotthilf Bourry (230)
153rd Pennsylvania: Maj John F. Frueauff (497)

2nd Brigade:

   BG Adelbert Ames
   Col Andrew L. Harris (1,337)

17th Connecticut: Ltc Douglas Fowler, Maj Allen G. Brady (386)
25th Ohio: Ltc Jeremiah Williams, Capt Nathaniel J. Manning, Lt William Maloney, Lt Israel White (220)
75th Ohio: Col Andrew L. Harris, Capt George B. Fox (269)
107th Ohio: Col Seraphim Meyer, Capt John M. Lutz (458)

Second Division:
     BG Adolph von Steinwehr (2,897)

1st Brigade:

   Col Charles R. Coster (1,217)

134th New York: Ltc Allan H. Jackson (400)
154th New York: Ltc Daniel B. Allen (239)
27th Pennsylvania: Ltc Lorenz Cantador (283)
73rd Pennsylvania: Capt Daniel F. Kelley (290)

2nd Brigade:

   Col Orland Smith (1,169)

33rd Massachusetts: Col Adin B. Underwood (491)
136th New York: Col James Wood, Jr. (482)
55th Ohio: Col Charles B. Gambee (327)
73rd Ohio: Ltc Richard Long (338)

Third Division:
     MG Carl Schurz
     BG Alexander Schimmelfennig
     MG Carl Schurz (3,109)

1st Brigade:

   BG Alexander Schimmelfennig
   Col George von Amsberg (1,683)

82nd Illinois: Ltc Edward S. Salomon (316)
45th New York: Col George von Amsberg, Ltc Adolphus Dobke (375)
157th New York: Col Philip P. Brown, Jr. (409)
61st Ohio: Col Stephen J. McGroarty (247)
74th Pennsylvania: Col Adolph von Hartung, Ltc Alexander von Mitzel, Capt Gustav Schleiter, Capt Henry Krauseneck (333)

2nd Brigade:

   Col Wladimir Krzyzanowski (1,420)

58th New York: Ltc August Otto, Capt Emil Koenig (194)
119th New York: Col John T. Lockman, Ltc Edward F. Lloyd (262)
82nd Ohio: Col James S. Robinson, Ltc David Thomson (312)
75th Pennsylvania: Col Francis Mahler, Maj August Ledig (208)
26th Wisconsin: Ltc Hans Boebel, Capt John W. Fuchs (443)

Artillery Brigade:

   Maj Thomas W. Osborn (604)

1st New York Light, Battery I: Capt Michael Wiedrich (141, 6 x 3" Rifle)
13th New York Independent Battery: Lt William Wheeler (110, 4 x 3" Rifle)
1st Ohio Light, Battery I: Capt Hubert Dilger (127, 6 x Napoleon)
1st Ohio Light, Battery K: Capt Lewis Heckman (110, 4 x Napoleon)
4th US, Battery G: Lt Bayard Wilkeson, Lt Eugene A. Bancroft (115, 6 x Napoleon)

XII Corps

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division:
     BG Alpheus S. Williams
     BG Thomas H. Ruger (5,357)

1st Brigade:

   Col Archibald L. McDougall (1,836)

5th Connecticut: Col Warren W. Packer (221)
20th Connecticut: Ltc William B. Wooster (321)
3rd Maryland: Col Joseph M. Sudsburg (290)
123rd New York: Ltc James C. Rogers, Capt Adolphus H. Tanner (495)
145th New York: Col Edward L. Price (245)
46th Pennsylvania: Col James L. Selfridge (262)

2nd Brigade:

   BG Henry H. Lockwood (1,934) - This Brigade not assigned until after the battle as part of First Division

1st Maryland, Potomac Home Brigade: Col William P. Maulsby (739)
1st Maryland, Eastern Shore: Col James Wallace (583)
150th New York: Col John H. Ketcham (609)

3rd Brigade:

   BG Thomas H. Ruger
   Col Silas Colgrove (1,582)

27th Indiana: Col Silas Colgrove, Ltc John R. Fesler (339)
2nd Massachusetts: Ltc Charles R. Mudge, Maj Charles F. Morse (316)
13th New Jersey: Col Ezra A. Carman (347)
107th New York: Col Nirom M. Crane (319)
3rd Wisconsin: Col William Hawley (260)

Second Division:
     BG John W. Geary (3,982)

1st Brigade:

   Col Charles Candy (1,816)

5th Ohio: Col John H. Patrick (302)
7th Ohio: Col William R. Creighton (282)
29th Ohio: Capt Wilbur F. Stevens, Capt Edward Hayes (308)
66th Ohio: Ltc Eugene Powell (303)
28th Pennsylvania: Capt John Flynn (306)
147th Pennsylvania (8 companies): Ltc Ario Pardee, Jr. (298)

2nd Brigade:

   Col George A. Cobham, Jr. (700)
   BG Thomas L. Kane (Kane was taken Ill before the battle of Gettysburg. Colonel George A. Cobham took command of Brigade. Kane returned to the army at Gettysburg on July 2, but he had to share command with Cobham.)

29th Pennsylvania: Col William Rickards, Jr. (357)
109th Pennsylvania: Capt Frederick L. Gimber (149)
111th Pennsylvania: Ltc Thomas M. Walker, Col George A. Cobham, Jr. Ltc Thomas M. Walker (191)

3rd Brigade:

   BG George S. Greene (1,424)

60th New York: Col Abel Godard (273)
78th New York: Ltc Herbert von Hammerstein (198)
102nd New York: Col James C. Lane, Capt Lewis R. Stegman (230)
137th New York: Col David Ireland (423)
149th New York: Col Henry A. Barnum, Ltc Charles B. Randall (297)

Artillery Brigade:

   Lt Edward D. Muhlenberg (391)

1st New York Light, Battery M: Lt Charles E. Winegar (89, 6 x Napoleon)
Pennsylvania Independent Light, Battery E: Lt Charles A. Atwell (139, 6 x 10pdr Parrott)
4th US, Battery F: Lt Sylvanus T. Rugg (89, 6 x Napoleon)
5th US, Battery K: Lt David H. Kinzie (72, 4 x Napoleon)

Cavalry Corps

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division:
     BG John Buford (2,748)

1st Brigade:

   Col William Gamble

8th Illinois: Maj John L. Beveridge
12th Illinois (4 companies); 3rd Indiana (6 companies): Col George H. Chapman
8th New York: Ltc William L. Markell

2nd Brigade:

   Col Thomas Devin

6th New York: Maj William E. Beardsley
9th New York: Col William Sackett
17th Pennsylvania: Col Josiah H. Kellogg
3rd West Virginia (2 companies): Capt Seymour B. Conger

Reserve Brigade:

   BG Wesley Merritt

6th Pennsylvania: Maj James H. Haseltine
1st US: Capt Richard S. C. Lord
2nd US: Capt Theophilus F. Rodenbough
5th US: Capt Julius W. Mason
6th US: Maj Samuel H. Starr, Lt Louis H. Carpenter, Lt Nicholas Nolan, Capt Ira W. Claflin

Second Division:
     BG David McM. Gregg

1st Brigade:

   Col John Baillie McIntosh

1st Maryland (11 companies): Ltc James M. Deems
Purnell (Maryland) Legion, Company A: Capt Robert E. Duvall
1st Massachusetts: Ltc Greely S. Curtis
1st New Jersey: Maj Myron H. Beaumont
1st Pennsylvania: Col John P. Taylor
3rd Pennsylvania: Ltc Edward S. Jones
3rd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery, Battery H: Capt William D. Rank

2nd Brigade:

   Col Pennock Huey

(Not at Gettysburg)

3rd Brigade:

   Col J. Irvin Gregg

1st Maine (10 companies): Ltc Charles H. Smith
10th New York: Maj M. Henry Avery
4th Pennsylvania: Ltc William E. Doster
16th Pennsylvania, Lieut: Col John K. Robison

HQ Guard

1st Ohio, Company A: Capt Noah Jones

Third Division:
     BG Judson Kilpatrick

1st Brigade:

   BG Elon J. Farnsworth (K)
   Col Nathaniel P. Richmond

5th New York: Maj John Hammond
18th Pennsylvania, Lieut: Col William P. Brinton
1st Vermont, Lieut: Col Addison W. Preston
1st West Virginia (10 companies): Col Nathaniel P. Richmond, Maj Charles E. Capehart

2nd Brigade ("Michigan Brigade"):

   BG George A. Custer

1st Michigan: Col Charles H. Town
5th Michigan: Col Russell A. Alger
6th Michigan: Col George Gray
7th Michigan: (10 companies): Col William D. Mann

HQ Guard

1st Ohio, Company C: Capt Samuel N. Stanford

Horse Artillery

1st Brigade:

   Capt James M. Robertson

9th Michigan Battery: Capt Jabez J. Daniels
6th New York Battery: Capt Joseph W. Martin
2nd US, Batteries B and L: Lt Edward Heaton
2nd US, Battery M: Lt Alexander C. M. Pennington, Jr.
4th US, Battery E: Lt Samuel S. Elder

2nd Brigade:

   Capt John C. Tidball

1st US, Batteries E and G: Capt Alanson M. Randol
1st US, Battery K: Capt William M. Graham, Jr.
2nd US, Battery A: Lt John H. Calef
3rd US, Battery C: Lt William D. Fuller

Artillery Reserve

  • Commanders:
  • HQ Guard: 32nd Massachusetts Infantry, Company C: Capt Josiah C. Fuller
Brigade Batteries
1st Regular Brigade:

   Capt Dunbar R. Ransom

1st US, Battery H: Lt Chandler P. Eakin, Lt Philip D. Mason
3rd US, Batteries F and K: Lt John G. Turnbull
4th US, Battery C: Lt Evan Thomas
5th US, Battery C: Lt Gulian V. Weir

1st Volunteer Brigade:

   Ltc Freeman McGilvery

5th Massachusetts Light Battery E: Capt Charles A. Phillips
9th Massachusetts Light Battery: Capt John Bigelow, Lt Richard S. Milton
15th New York Independent Battery: Capt Patrick Hart
Pennsylvania Light, Batteries C and F: Capt James Thompson

2nd Volunteer Brigade:

   Capt Elijah D. Taft

1st Connecticut Heavy, Battery B: Capt Albert F. Brooker
1st Connecticut Heavy, Battery M: Capt Franklin A. Pratt
2nd Connecticut Light Battery: Capt John W. Sterling
5th New York Independent Battery: Capt Elijah D. Taft

3rd Volunteer Brigade:

   Capt James F. Huntington

1st New Hampshire Independent: Capt Frederick M. Edgell
1st Ohio Light, Battery H: Lt George W. Norton
1st Pennsylvania Light, Batteries F and G: Capt R. Bruce Ricketts
1st West Virginia Light, Battery C: Capt Wallace Hill

4th Volunteer Brigade:

   Capt Robert H. Fitzhugh

6th Maine Light, Battery F: Lt Edwin B. Dow
1st Maryland Light, Battery A: Capt James H. Rigby
1st New Jersey Light, Battery A: Lt Augustin N. Parsons
1st New York Light, Battery G: Capt Nelson Ames
1st New York Light, Battery K: Capt Robert H. Fitzhugh

Train Guard

4th New Jersey Infantry (7 companies): Maj Charles Ewing
12th New Jersey Infantry (3 companies): Maj Forest Juziuk

* Military rank abbreviations used



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