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Coordinates: 32°29′N 3°40′E / 32.483°N 3.667°E / 32.483; 3.667

Commune of Ghardaïa
بلدية غرداية
Map of Algeria highlighting Ghardaïa Province
Map of Ghardaïa Province highlighting Ghardaïa Municipality
ONS code 4701
Postal code 47000
Province Ghardaïa (seat)
District Ghardaïa (coextensive)
PMA Seats 15
Area 590 km² (228 sq mi)
Altitude 572 m (1879 ft)
Population 104 645 (2005)
Density 117/km² (459/sq mi)
Time Zone Central European Time (UTC+1)
M'zab Valley*
UNESCO World Heritage Site

Panoramic view of Ghardaïa (Tagherdayt) with the dry bed of Wadi M'zab on the right side.
State Party  Algeria
Type Cultural
Criteria ii, iii, v
Reference 188
Region** Arab States
Inscription history
Inscription 1982  (6th Session)
* Name as inscribed on World Heritage List.
** Region as classified by UNESCO.

Ghardaïa (Arabic: غرداية , Mozabite: Ghardaïa in Tifinagh.svg) is the capital city of Ghardaïa Province, Algeria. The city has a population of 104 645 (2005 estimate).



It is the traditional heart of the M'zab valley, home of the Ibadi sect in Algeria, and has preserved its original medieval architecture remarkably well; the valley of which it forms a part is an official World Heritage Site. Ghardaïa is renowned for its coarse goat hair carpets, generally with simple geometric patterns in black and white.[citation needed]

Images of Ghardaïa
Panoramic view of Ghardaïa (Tagherdayt) with the dry bed of Wadi Mzab on the right side.  
Market on the main square of Ghardaïa (1971)  
Market in Ghardaïa  
Traditional architecture  
Mausoleum of sheik Sidi Aissa (1971)  
Mosque in the city  


It is served by Noumérat - Moufdi Zakaria Airport (or simply Ghardaïa airport).

2008 floodings

The town was hit by flooding in October 2008 due to heavy rains.[1]


  1. ^ Deadly floods hit Algerian oasis

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