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Ghetto Boys (Younger Ghetto Boys, Shower)
Founded 1980s
In New Cross, South London
Years active 1980s to present
Territory New Cross, Deptford in South London
Ethnicity Mostly Black British
Membership +200
Criminal activities Murder, Drug trafficking, Robbery.
Allies D-Block (Deptford), Peckham Boys (Peckham)
Rivals Cherry Boys (Charlton), Anti Shower (Catford)

The Ghetto Boys are a street gang based in New Cross and Deptford, South London[1]. The gang was formed on the Woodpecker Estate and its members are primarily of Black British origin. Most of the members hail from the London Borough of Lewisham. Members are thought to be as young as 12.[2]


The conflict between the Ghetto Boys and rival Peckham boys in 2006 drew widespread press coverage.Most of them are in prison. The dispute culminated in one person killed and two wounded in stabbings.[3] It is thought that the conflict between the two gangs had been ongoing for over 20 years[4], although it has now ceased.

Some members of the gang are known to carry arms such as Mac-10 sub-machine guns. [5] A member of the Ghetto Boys fired a shot at the 2004 Urban Music Awards, injuring accountant Hellen Kelly. Fortunately, the bullet hit the underwire in her bra, preventing any fatal injury.[6]


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  • [1]] London Gang resource site


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