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Ghost in the Machine

Theatrical poster
Directed by Rachel Talalay
Produced by William Davies
William Osborne
Barry Sabath
Paul Schiff
Aron Warner
Written by William Davies
William Osborne
Starring Karen Allen
Chris Mulkey
Ted Marcoux
Wil Horneff
Jessica Walter
Brandon Quintin Adams
Rick Ducommun
Nancy Fish
Jack Laufer
Music by Graeme Revell
Editing by Janice Hampton
Erica Huggins
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date(s) December 29, 1993 (U.S.)
January 1, 1994 (1994 release)
May 25, 1994 (VHS)
January 17, 2006 (DVD release)
Running time 104 min.
Language English

Ghost in the Machine (also known as Deadly Terror) is a 1993 horror/science fiction film from 20th Century Fox.



A serial killer named Karl Hochman (Ted Marcoux) is known as the "address book killer" due to his habit of stealing the address books of various people, from which he chooses his potential victims. He is nearly killed by a head-on collision with a truck. At the emergency room he is placed in a MRI machine, when a surge, caused by an electrical storm, transfers his mind into a computer. As a network-based entity he plots to continue his killing spree, using the electrical grid, appliances, and the computer network.

He obtains the address book of Terry Munroe (Allen) and begins to go through the list to kill off her friends. (In the film she has a son, Josh, played by Wil Horneff.) Aided by computer hacker Bram Walker (Mulkey), however, they manage to fight back and defeat the killer by introducing a computer virus that traps him at a physics laboratory. Hochman is forced to escape, existing in a form similar to the holograms in the Star Trek: The Next Generation holodecks. The heroes then proceed to activate an atom smasher which appears to draw in the killer and destroy him.


This film was filmed in Cleveland in color with Dolby SR sound.


The film was not generally well received by most critics. Common criticisms were of some sub-par acting and a weak, implausible plot that failed to build suspense.

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