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GIMP, or Gymp. (I) (Of somewhat doubtful origin, but probably a nasal form of the Fr. guipure, from guiper, to cover or "whip" a cord over with silk), a stiff trimming made of silk or cotton woven around a firm cord, often further ornamented by a metal cord running through it. It is also sometimes covered with bugles, beads or other glistening ornaments. The trimming employed by upholsterers to edge curtains, draperies, the seats of chairs, &c., is also called gimp; and in lace work it is the firmer or coarser thread which outlines the pattern and strengthens the material. (2) A shortened form of gimple (the O.E. wimple), the kerchief worn by a nun around her throat,. sometimes also applied to a nun's stomacher.

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Developer:The GIMP Development Team
Initial release:1995
Latest release:2.6.7 / March 17, 2009
Available language(s):Multilingual[1]
Use: Raster graphics editor

License:GNU General Public License
Gradients dialog in GNOME

The GNU Image Manipulation Program, or GIMP or "The GIMP", is a free software picture maker.

It is often used for making logos, making photographs bigger or smaller, changing colours, making many pictures part of one picture, making pictures nicer to look at, and changing file formats.

GIMP is often used as a free software alternative for the most popular Adobe Photoshop, but it is not made to be an Adobe Photoshop clone. The GIMPs mascot is a coyote named Wilber.

The GIMP was started in 1995 by Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis and is now taken care of by a group of volunteers as part of the GNU Project. The newest version of GIMP is v.2.6.7 and it was available since March 2009. The GIMPs license is the GNU General Public License, GIMP is free software.

File types

GIMP can be used for opening and changing many types of file formats. GIMPs own file format is XCF, which is the name of the building where GIMP was written.

Some file formats that GIMP can be used with are bitmap, JPEG, PNG, GIF and TIFF. GIMP can also read and write path information from SVG files and GIMP can read Adobe PDF files and the raw image formats used by digital cameras, but cannot write to these formats.


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