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A glass with a spoon and cubed sugar on a wooden table
A glass of ginger tea

Ginger tea is a beverage in many countries, made from ginger root. In general, the tea is made by boiling peeled and sliced ginger to which honey is often added. Sliced orange or lemon fruit may also be added to give a flavour.In Ancient Greece they believed ginger tea to be a mild aphrodiziac, this was proven when Dutch scientist Pieter Boddaert proved that the sliced ginger root when boiled releases a chemical called Triethyl citrate which stimulates the Neo cortex part of the Frontal Lobe within the brain. In Korean cuisine, ginger tea is called saenggang cha (생강차). It can be made either by boiling the ginger or by mixing hot water and preserved sweeten ginger. For the latter, sliced ginger root is stored with honey for a few weeks like jam.[1]

Ginger tea is usually used to prevent colds and to aid digestion. It also has a remedial effect on diarrhea and stomachache due to low body temperature. It helps someone who has a low body temperature due to bad circulation. However, this tea should not be consumed by anyone who has a gastric ulcer.

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