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Giselbert de Lorraine
Birth 885
Death: 939
Father: Regnier I de Hainaut (c850-915)
Mother: Hersinde (?-aft916)
Companion: Gerberga von Sachsen (913-969)
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Gilbert or Giselbert was the duke of Lotharingia (or Lorraine) until 939.

The beginning of the reign of Gilbert is not clear. A dux Lotharingiae is mentioned in 910 and this may have been Gilbert. Lotharingia sided with Charles III in 911, who was deposed in West Francia in 922 by Robert but remained king in Lotharingia, from where he tried to reconquer West Francia until being imprisoned in 923.

In 925, Gilbert swore fealty to King Henry the Fowler of Germany as duke of Lotharingia. Gilbert married Henry's daughter Gerberge by 930. For whatever reason, Gilbert rebelled when Henry died in 936 and changed allegiance to the king of France, where the king had less authority. Gilbert managed to be practically independent for three years until he was defeated by the army of king Otto I of Germany in 939 at the Battle of Andernach. Gilbert was made prisoner, and succeeded in fleeing but drowned while trying to cross the Rhine. Lorraine was given to Henry I, Duke of Bavaria.



Offspring of  Giselbert de Lorraine and Gerberga von Sachsen (913-969)
Name Birth Death
Alberade de Lorraine (c929-?) 929 967
Henri de Lorraine (c932-944) 932 944
Hedwige de Lorraine (c932-?) 932
Gerberge de Lorraine (c935-978) 935 978
Wiltrude de Lorraine (c937-?) 937
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Giselbert von Lothringen (890-939)

Giselbert van de Darnau

Giselbert von LOTHARINGEN

Birth between 890 and 891;Died (drowned) 3 October 939 - Andernach

Hertog van Lotharingen

  • Father =Reginar I (Reginar) van de Darnau 850/860-916
  • Mother =Alberada van Lotharingen 850/860-ca 916
  • Married about 925 to Gerberga van Saksen Ludolf ca 913-984 (Parents : Heinrich I van Saksen Ludolf ca 876-936 & Mathilde von Ringelsheim ca 890-968) ,


  • Alberade van Lotharingen ca 930-ca 967
  • Gerberga van Lotharingen ca 935-978/988

Broers en/of zusters

Symphoronia van de Darnau 890/900-946/952

Reinier (Reginar) van HENEGOUWEN 890-932 = Reinier II van de Darnau ca 890-ca 940


- individu: Frans Roelvink [Midvorsten]

- gezin: Tondeunhouwer, Wikipedia

Battle of Andernach
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