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Author Jacques Derrida
Original title Glas
Translator John P. Leavey, Jr. & Richard Rand
Country France
Language French
Genre(s) Philosophy
Publisher Galilee (Original French), University of Nebraska Press (English Translation)
Publication date 1974
Media type Print

Glas is a book by Jacques Derrida published in 1974. Following the structure of Jean Genet's Ce qui est resté d'un Rembrandt déchiré en petits carrés bien réguliers, et foutu aux chiottes, [What Remains of a Rembrandt Torn Into Four Equal Pieces and Flushed Down the Toilet] the text is written in two columns. The left column is about Hegel, the right column is about Genet. However, each column weaves its way around quotations of all kinds, both from the works discussed and from dictionaries. These quotations are written in a different font and separated from the text of each column. Yet the main text does not explicitly discuss the quotations as one would expect from a normal commentary. It is not clear to the reader what order they should read the passages in. Sometimes words are cut in half by a quotation which may last several pages.

Glas can be read as a way for Derrida to confront Hegel without being assimilated in Hegel's system as an anti-thesis.


  • Jacques Derrida, Glas, (Paris: Galilée, 1974)
  • Jacques Derrida, Glas, trans. John P. Leavey, Jr. & Richard Rand (Lincoln & London: University of Nebraska Press, 1986)

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