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Globi is a Swiss cartoon character often referred to as Switzerland's Mickey Mouse. He is pictured as an anthropomorphic blue parrot with a yellow beak wearing a black beret and a pair of red and black checked trousers. He was created by the Swiss cartoonist Robert Lips, as an advertising character for the Swiss department store Globus in 1932 for the company's 25th anniversary. He was originally planned to be called “Kimbukku”, but later renamed Globi after the local Basel German (Baseldytsch) dialect word for the department store that created him.

He initially appeared in a cartoon strip called “Der Globi”, and later appeared in a cartoon picture-book form called “Globi's World Voyage” in 1935. By 1944, the character got so big that Globus created a separate company to deal with, and in 1948 Globi had sold over one million picture books. He was tried in other markets such as the Netherlands, Belgium and Brazil, but did not do as well. In the 1970s, he was accused of being sexist, racist, and promoting violence, which was based on the attitudes of the forties and fifties, but these accusations did not hold.

Today, he is one of the most popular characters in Switzerland, with sales of over 9 million books, and in October 2003, Globi was given a full-length film, “Globi and the Stolen Shadows”. It was directed by Robi Engler in untypical Anime-style. Beside the books, there is also lots of Globi merchandise, including cuddly toys, crockery, cutlery, clocks, school equipment, card games, food, a Globi hotel called "Globischloss" in Disentis, and a themed bus. From December 2008, the Swiss town of Engelberg hosts a Globi theme park.

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Globi is one of the most famous cartoon figures in the Swiss-German part of Switzerland. It was created in 1932 by Globus in a promotion campaign. It is a blue human-like parrot with a black beret and trousers in black and red. It was so much liked by the children in Switzerland, that it got published independently in 1944. There are a lot of Globi cartoon books and tapes in Switzerland today. Its appearance has changed several times since his development.


Globi was created in 1932 by the Globusstore as a media vehicle for children. They especially wanted to address Globi to children. First the figure was named "Kimbukku". But because the habitants of the canton of Bale named the warehouse Globus: "Globi", they thougt that this name might be nicer than Kimbukku. The figure was immediately liked by the young customers. First "Globi" appeared as a comicstrip in the magazine "der Globi". In 1935 the first book "Globi the Childfriend" appeared. This book was sold over a million times. But it was only really successful in Switzerland. Until today 76 illustrated classic books have been published. The Globi books were always successful, but In the 70ies they were criticised because of racism, sexism and violence in books of the 40ies and 50ies. Today Globi is seen as politically correct. It started to be interessed in ecology and animal protection and got more and more the role of a role model. For example in a newer volume Globi accompagnes the little rhino Najma to Africa. The readers/children get to know about the problematic times of the life in the savanne of Africa for rhinos. There was also a film with Globi in the cinemas in 2005.


Because of the big success of Globi the costs for the warehouse became too big. Because of this the Globi Publisher AG was founded in 1944. Since the 1.January 2007 the Globi Publisher AG belongs to the Orell Füssli Pusblisher. The Publisher is actually active in the Swiss market. Beside a lot of books you can also buy Globi-dishes, cutlery, watches and alarm bells, plushglobis, drapery, school- and holidayutilities, lamps, cardgames and diverse food-articles in the Globi Publisher. Added to this different tourist attractions like a Globi-Hotel, a trail and a bus. From December 2008 there is going to exist a Globi winterpark in Engelberg. Beside of Globi also « Papa-Moll » and « Glöbeli » exist. Yearly over 80 000 Globi-Classic-Books, 40 000 other Globi-books, between 25 000 and 30 000 « Papa-Moll » books and 100 000 cassettes have been buyed. Today the Globi Publisher employs: 4 permanent employee, 2 exponents, 3-4 graphic artists and bookmakers and circa 10-12 illustrators and writers.

Booklist of most important and best-sold books

Globi’s Worldtour, Globi the Childfriend, Globi and Pinoccio in Venice, Globi and it’s Swiss adventure travel, Globi the farmer, Globi the soldier, Globi the postman, Globi the fireman, Globi in the Zoo, Globi and the railroad, Globi and panda, Globi and the madagaskarbird, Globi the knight, Globi in Paris, Globi and his adventures at the sea bottom.



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